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August 2021

Motorcycle Mojo Magazine has a primary focus on bringing our readership compelling and informative, family oriented articles on interesting people, great places to travel, history and new products on the market. Our trusted and respected product reviews quickly made Motorcycle Mojo a favourite resource for all motorcycle enthusiasts

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remember when?

My cousin sent me this picture of my uncle Royce Arnold taken in Italy in 1944. I believe the bike is a Harley-Davidson WLC. He enlisted in 1939 and was sent for training in England. Initially, he was assigned to the tank core, and was then transferred to the fifth field ambulance division and trained to be a dispatch rider. In 1942, his unit was dispatched to Libya in the battle against Rommel. From there, they were sent to Sicily and then mainland Italy, where there was fierce fighting all the way to Rome. Submissions to Remember When? are always welcome. If your photo(s) is printed we will send you $25.00 High resolution digital photos are acceptable as well as prints. If you wish the print back please include a self-addressed…

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next issue

THE SAGUENAY FJORD As Jeff Davison crossed the St. Lawrence River on a ferry from Riviére-du-Loup, the Laurentian Mountains loomed closer and closer. On the north side of the river he discovered perfect pavement, endless twists and abrupt elevation changes. This was the beginning of a 300 km loop through scenery custom-made for National Geographic, he thought. And the fjord was pretty impressive, as well. THE UPSIDE-DOWN INDIAN Alan Cathcart delves into an in-depth history of the Indian Motorcycle Company’s four-cylinder engine and how early American four-cylinder motorcycle manufacturers such as Henderson, Excelsior and Ace played a part in Indian’s survival. He also takes a close look at the introduction of Indian’s unusual — but more powerful — 436 model, dubbed the Upside-Down Indian.…

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how to rev up a hot summer night

I grew up three tobacco fields behind Brantford’s legendary Sunset Drive-In. With binoculars, I could zero in on the grainy screen and enjoy silent movies from our front step. Our family also went as frequently as we could to the drive-in, entertained by the dancing hot dog snack reel at intermission — and by couples not-so-secretly making out. The garbled audio receiver that my dad hung from the window of our Cutlass Supreme seems prehistoric in an era where you can simply tune into a FM channel. One summer, my siblings and I were amazed to see a motorcycle rumble into the drive-in. How cool, we collectively thought, as we sat in the stuffy confines of our car with an obstructed backseat view. A motorcycle seemed like the ultimate way to…

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canadian retailer directory

Island BMW - Victoria, BC Tel: (250) 474-2088 High Road Vancouver - Vancouver, BC Tel: (604) 731-5505 High Road Langley - Langley, BC Tel: (778) 366-1999 Kelowna Motorrad - Kelowna, BC Tel: (250) 860-1111 Argyll Motorrad - Edmonton, AB Tel: (780) 435-6811 Blackfoot Motorrad - Calgary, AB Tel: (403) 243-2636 european Motorrad - Saskatoon, SK Tel: (306) 934-3717 Wildwood Motorsports - Winnipeg, MB Tel: (204) 477-1701 BMW Motorrad Barrie - Barrie, ON Tel: (705) 881-1420 Budds’ Motorrad - Oakville, ON Tel: (905) 845-3577 BMW toronto - Toronto, ON Tel: (416) 623-4269 Maranello Motorrad - Toronto, ON Tel: (416) 238-7898 Wolf BMW - London, ON Tel: (519) 951-9482 Ottawa Motorrad - Ottawa, ON Tel: (613) 731-9071 Gabriel BMW Moto - Montréal, QC Tel: (514) 712-7777 Moto Vanier - Québec, QC Tel: (418) 527-6907 Estrie BMW - Sherbrooke, QC Tel: (819) 821-3595 Carrier BMW - Drummondville, QC Tel: (819)…

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fast facts

DRY STONE WALLS When clearing forests to make new fields, farmers would dispose of the rocks from the soil along the edges of the fields, creating these dry stone walls. It is estimated that, when wall-building peaked in the mid-1800s, there were around 386,000 km of stone walls in New England. That amounts to roughly 400 million tons of stone, or enough stone walls to circle the earth nine and half times. Many of these stone walls have since been reclaimed by forest. AN OFFICIAL MIT MEASUREMENT In 1958, MIT Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity pledge Oliver R. Smoot laid down on the Harvard Bridge that crosses the Charles River between Cambridge and Boston, so that his 5' 7" height could be recorded in paint for the full length of the bridge. When the…

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A battery is an integral part of your bike, and even if it’s a maintenance-free type, it still requires some care. Maintenance-free batteries need an occasional charge, and should be disconnected if the bike sits idle for more than a month. Motorcycles draw some current with the ignition switch turned off, which will eventually drain the battery. Disconnecting it eliminates this problem. If you do leave the battery connected while the bike sits, you should give it a monthly low-amperage charge — about two amps overnight. Or you can choose to leave the battery connected to a smart charger, like those made by TecMate or Battery Tender, which will supply only the current needed to keep the battery full. Leaving a battery connected to a standard charger for an extended period…