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Motorcycle Mojo Magazine August 2020

Motorcycle Mojo Magazine has a primary focus on bringing our readership compelling and informative, family oriented articles on interesting people, great places to travel, history and new products on the market. Our trusted and respected product reviews quickly made Motorcycle Mojo a favourite resource for all motorcycle enthusiasts

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the rush of acceleration

I have to admit that while I like speed, in my book there is nothing quite like acceleration. Speed will get you into trouble – and not only with the law. Speed can also get out of hand very quickly, as corners and vehicles can get in your way unexpectedly fast. Acceleration, on the other hand, is, in its most basic form, a pure adrenalin rush that pushes you back into the seat or tries to pull your arms out of their sockets. And it can be repeated over and over. In this issue, we feature two motorcycles that use a supercharger for an additional boost in power. One is a 1929 BMW R57 with a 494 cc boxer-twin engine; the other is a 2020 Kawasaki Z-H2 powered by a state-of-the-art…

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the motorcycle’s rotary connection

For a brief time in the mid-1970s, motorcycle manufacturers looked into new ways to make power, reduce weight and improve gas mileage and reliability. Two- and four-stroke motorcycles were the norm at the time, but a handful of bike makers began experimenting with another type of internal-combustion engine: the pistonless rotary engine, otherwise known as the Wankel engine (named after its German inventor, Felix Wankel). While the rotary engine promised many advantages over the reciprocating internal-combustion engine, history and testing proved otherwise, and only a few rotary-powered motorcycles ever made it to production — and even then, only briefly. A rotary engine works on the same principles as a four-stroke engine in that it converts the pressure of expanding gasses into rotating motion. And like a four-stroke, a rotary engine draws…

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threads by the numbers

1949 The year the international governing body known as the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme was created. The FIM provided the racing community with the opportunity to harmonize rules and regulations so that certain events would count toward the official FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix. MotoGP is the top division regulated by FIM since 2002. 58 The percentage of all the motorcycles in the world that are in the Asia/Pacific and Southern and Eastern Asia regions, excluding car-centric Japan. 30 Studies conducted by the Motorcycle Clothing Assessment Program (aka MotoCAP) – a consortium of government agencies, private organizations and motorcycle stakeholders in Australia and New Zealand – show that up to 30 per cent of motorcycle clothing fails during crashes. MotoCAP tests jackets, pants and boots in a standardized scientific manner and lists the…

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say what?

editor@motorcyclemojo.com WRONG NUMBERS FOR NORT ON Good summary of the Norton story (“History Repeats,” May 2020), especially the Stuart Garner era. However, one of the Fast Facts in the article has two glaring errors. The first Norton Commando was shown at the motorcycle show at Earl’s Court in November 1967, not in 1961 as the article states. Second, between 1968 and1975 there were approximately 55,000 Commandos produced (with some assembled from leftover parts from 1976 until 1978), not 500,000 as mentioned in the article. JOHN KERR VIA EMAIL I read Alan Cathcart’s “History Repeats” about Norton in the May issue. It was stated in Fast Facts that the Norton Commando was introduced in 1961. Did I miss something? I never saw a Commando before 1968. RON WESTLING VIA EMAIL I sourced that information directly from the official…

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where's the food? your picks

From Keith Openshaw Hippos Diner This diner is located at 2472 North Shore Dr., Lowbanks, Ont., and is motorcyclefriendly with parking designated for motorcycles. Sample the freshly caught Lake Erie perch and pickerel. Beverages include water, pop, juice or favourite alcohol beverage for your adult passenger. There is indoor and outdoor seating, and I usually sit right by the lake and listen to the water lapping against the breakwater. The ride on Hwy 3 to Hippos is a nicely paved road along the Lake Erie shoreline.…

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unorthodox, yet effective

When I asked Kai, my eight-year-old daughter, what she thought was the hardest part of riding a motorcycle, without hesitation she said: “Tight turns.” I laughed and told her that she wasn’t alone, and that many adult riders also struggle with the same issue. Kai began riding about three years ago. She currently rides a Suzuki DR-Z70 and has experience on trails and kids’ motocross tracks. She can navigate a variety of corners, berms and even small jumps. However, during our most recent riding session at a friend’s small backyard track, I noticed she was indeed having some trouble on the very tight turns. Two corners on the little track are considerably tighter and more difficult than any she had tackled before, and she was getting frustrated. Her issue was that…