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Mountain Bike Rider October-18

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd mbr is the UK's leading magazine for trail riding, mountain bike enthusiasts. Published since 1997, mbr aims to inspire readers to just get out and ride! with every issue, by providing the very best expert advice about where, what and how to ride. Every edition delivers the ultimate mix of inspirational riding features, with extensive bike and product reviews, along with superb advice and reader involvement - plus free pull-out route guides.

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disconnect to reconnect

Summer 2018 will go down in history as one to remember, so I hope you’ve all been out enjoying the sunshine, creating your own special riding memories. For me though, autumn is the best time of year to ride, because the temperatures are cooler, the vegetation dies down so you can really release the brakes and exploit the dry trails and nature puts on its most spectacular glad-rags in a last big blow-out before winter arrives. That shouldn’t signal the time to hang up your SPD shoes though. Well actually it should, because winter is the perfect time to add a new string to your bow — such as learning to ride flat pedals. Why? Well it’s a great skill to have that teaches you so much about how to control…

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big picture

We battled upwards through steep, damp woodland, emerging to a blanket of grey. Dreams of a sunset on the western flanks of Helvellyn above Thirlmere were fading fast. The hollow reservoir beneath told of a baking summer passed. A spindly letterbox in the infinite grey gave us hope, with the sun in close proximity. Our summit effort blessed us with potent bursts of gold — but it was the afterglow and complementary reflection that would leave us speechless. Tristan Tinn Living in a city with 10 million people, one of the things I love most about mountain biking is the direct connection it gives me with nature. And here in Santa Caterina Valfurva, Italy, even though it looks like we’re riding through a lunar landscape, it’s plant Earth at her finest. In…

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rogate reborn

It’s no secret that the UK boasts some of the best year-round bike parks. But it’s not just the big, destination playgrounds like BikePark Wales or Revolution that make the bike park movement so unique. A growing number of spots are small but perfectly formed and there are now dozens of these lesser-known gems dotted around the country — all the product of hard work and commitment. Rogate, nestling in the South Downs hills of West Sussex, is exactly this kind of bike park. It’s well established with a loyal group of riders, and has big plans. We caught up with Sam Bowell, Rogate’s site manager, to learn more about the new-look park, and the secret behind this exciting and popular mtb hot spot. Rogate might only have a diddy hill to…

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the trails

The single blue-graded trail at the park, Bottle Rocket, is enough to keep most riders entertained all by itself. Top to bottom, it’s perfect for a good warm-up, and gives an insight into pumping and cornering on Rogate’s trademark dirt. It’s also a great introduction to riding, bike park style. The red-graded runs are challenging but fun. These trails are designed for the intermediate bike park rider to build confidence, with plenty of technical rooty sections, progressive drops, and jumps. Far Beyond Ridden is one of the more challenging black-graded runs and is an absolute old-school delight. Fast, furious and fun — you can hear the hollering for miles as riders negotiate the tricky roots and then get fired down the track over a series of incredible features, to be deposited…

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great whyte

While there are plenty of 29ers with over 160mm of travel, the 170mm club is about as exclusive as it gets. There are only three members (as far as we know) and all have paid their subs and joined just this year. The YT Capra 29 CF Pro Race is club president, but now the new boys are the Scott Ransom (see page 28) and Whyte’s G170 29, an out-and-out gravity machine complete with coil shock and 170mm travel that is just a hair’s breadth away from being a downhill bike. The G170 was launched last year with 27.5in wheels and we absolutely loved it, thanks to its blend of great geometry and plush suspension it earned a perfect 10 rating. For 2019 that bike gets a 180mm fork, but the…

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yeti untamed

Yeti has a brand new bike out. It’s called the SB150, it’s available in ASBO orange as well as the classic turquoise hue, and we think it’s sexy as hell. Calling it the SB150 marks a departure from the old imperial nomenclature to a metric format, and also denotes that this bike is a 29er — Yeti’s 27.5in wheel model names will still use inches. This bike is the successor to the SB5.5 that had 5.5in of travel, but the move to metric brings 10mm more bounce to the SB150 (we measured ours at 149mm in the workshop). What remains is Yeti’s unique Switch Infinity moving suspension pivot design. The bike is more heavily stacked up front, with 170mm of travel that gives the bike a seriously raked-out geometry — try a…