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Mountain Bike Rider December-18

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd mbr is the UK's leading magazine for trail riding, mountain bike enthusiasts. Published since 1997, mbr aims to inspire readers to just get out and ride! with every issue, by providing the very best expert advice about where, what and how to ride. Every edition delivers the ultimate mix of inspirational riding features, with extensive bike and product reviews, along with superb advice and reader involvement - plus free pull-out route guides.

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editor’s choice 2018

Welcome to our first ever Editor’s Choice special. It’s a compendium of all the bikes and products that made an indelible impression on us in the last 12 months and won our coveted 10/10 rating as a result. There’s a real mix of kit on show, with bikes from £500 right up to a cool seven grand, and products as diverse as chain lube to e-bike control switches. Looking at all the bikes laid out on the page, I’m struck by just how many models are well-established at the top of their game. There’s the Voodoo Bizango that first won our Hardtail of the Year test back in 2013 and has won it every time it’s participated since. Whyte’s 901 and Vitus’s Sentier and Nucleus have also emerged victorious in multiple…

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big picture

With a new mountain side to try and unlock, the riders at Red Bull Rampage raised the bar once again this year. The riding was wild, there were no serious injuries and we all enjoyed the annual controversy over the winner (in this case Brett Rheeder). Rampage 2018 was also notable for the rise of the young guns. A new generation of fearless shredders, such as Adolf Silva here, set to spearhead freeride into the next decade. Peter Morning/Red Bull Content Pool Autumn is a really special time to ride, especially if you’re lucky enough to be in the mountains. As the forests begin to turn from a carpet of greens to reds, oranges and yellows, the landscape becomes even more spectacular, especially when the russet tones contrast against the drab grey…

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we’ll take it...

Evil has a new bike out, with 140mm travel, 29er wheels, full carbon frame and a name that makes it sound like a 70’s horror film. Called The Offering, Evil says it’s a trail bike that can be ridden all day, and that climbs like an angel and descends like a devil… If that’s the case, we’re ready for possession. If the current crop of Evil bikes is anything to go by, it’ll be a stunning ride: we loved The Calling — Evil’s shorter-travel 130mm bike with 27.5in wheels because it really did descend like a dream, and pedalled back up nicely too. This 140mm bike will come with a 140mm fork too, a break from the norm for Evil, with its penchant for mismatched travel. The Offering’s most out-there feature is…

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evil range explained

In our experience Evil does a great job of making high-end bikes and sensational videos to promote them, but the website isn’t the easiest thing to navigate around. So here it is, The Offering sits between the 160mm-travel The Wreckoning (pictured) and 120mm The Following in Evil’s range of 29in-wheeled bikes. The Calling and The Insurgent are 27.5in bikes with 130 and 160mm travel respectively. Then there are bikes with LB or MB in their title, which stands for Little Better, or More Better’er — basically version two models.…

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In 2017 British bike builders proved that steel remains a great material to make bikes from. We all knew that decades ago, of course, as hardtails have traditionally taken advantage of the material’s compliant nature. But it wasn’t until last year that full-suspension steel bikes began to impress us. We saw the Starling Murmur 29, Production Privee Shan No5, Cotic FlareMax, Swarf Cycles 29er FS prototype and Stanton Switchback FS all vying for attention, and those were just the pick of the bunch: there are dozens of small-to-tiny manufacturers building full-sus steel bikes. And what makes them so exciting is their blend of modern geometry — long, low and slack — and compliant steel. And now there’s a new steel bike to sharpen you up, the Cotic RocketMax. Picking up from the…

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hot stuff

MOST WANTED TROY LEE DESIGNS STAGE RACE HELMET £275 What kind of helmet should you use when the way down is gnarly but the pedal up is brutal? A trail where you’d be under-dressed in an open face lid, but stifled in a full-face downhill helmet? Increasingly, these seem to be the kind of trails we’re all seeking out, challenging the stellar performance of modern trail bikes and our growing riding skills, but increasing the risks of crashing too. Troy Lee Designs has its own solution to the protection problem called the Stage Race Helmet, a downhill-certified lid with full-face protection that’s almost as light as an open-face. This Race version comes in two loud colours, but if that’s too shouty for you there’s a Stage Stealth too in grey, black or…