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Mountain Bike Rider February 2019

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd mbr is the UK's leading magazine for trail riding, mountain bike enthusiasts. Published since 1997, mbr aims to inspire readers to just get out and ride! with every issue, by providing the very best expert advice about where, what and how to ride. Every edition delivers the ultimate mix of inspirational riding features, with extensive bike and product reviews, along with superb advice and reader involvement - plus free pull-out route guides.

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happy trail hunting

Danny has succumbed to man flu and is currently wrapped up in bed flicking through back issues of the mag, his feet warming on an e-bike battery. So I’ve taken the mbr reins this month, and I want to talk about land. Bear with me. There’s no new supply of it (unless you live in Dubai), so I’m constantly delighted in how new places to ride keep cropping up, month on month, year on year. Take this month’s feature The Inbetweeners (p54) for example, it’s all about a new trail linking Slovenia to Serbia, a week of full-on mountain descents and epic scenery that we’re all now queuing up to ride. Who knew? Closer to home, we’ve put together our 2019 Riding Hotspots (p12), featuring new trails like Bomper at Black Mountains,…

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2019 riding hotspots

TWEED VALLEY This year marks a decade for Tweedlove, one of the UK’s best bike festivals. To celebrate, there’s a wicked-looking new enduro planned. Called the Transcend Epic, it’s more like the Trans Provence than a traditional race, with two days of uplifts and shuttles taking riders into the forests around Glentress and stretching down the River Tweed to Yair. Away from racing, by the summer Glentress should also have 16.5km of new trails up and running, as part of a new investment including eco-cabins nestling in the Buzzard’s Nest freeride and skills area. Couple all that with the new bike-trains (see page 22) and it’s a great time to head north of the border. QUEEN ELIZABETH COUNTRY PARK Sheltering under the beech trees at QECP is a new trail called the Blue.…

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tech head

This is a helmet for those of us who YOLO when they’re solo. Whether that’s sneaking in a quick blast on the way home from work, or an all day epic escape, pretty much all of us have ridden on our own at some point. Well, Specialized has just brought out a new helmet range targeted at those occasions, designed to mitigate some of the risk of having a bad spill with no one around to help out. The technology is called ANGi (Angular and G-Force Indicator), and Specialized has buried it inside the Tactic, the Ambush and the Dissident helmets. THE TECH It’s basically a sensor using an accelerometer and a gyroscope to measure impact and rotational forces, and ANGi works something like this: if the sensor detects you’ve had a crash…

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hot stuff

MOST WANTED 100% BRISKER GLOVES, £26.99 The Brisker Glove from 100% is hands down (or should that be hands inside) the best winter glove we’ve used because it carries its bulk in the right places. For years winter gloves were insulated and padded front and back, meaning you kept warm but lost that vital connection with the bar you enjoyed with a thin-palmed glove. The alternative was to use a lightweight glove, restore feel, only to lose it again through numb fingers. Then along came the Brisker, with its excellent single-layer Clarion palm that feels as good as any summer glove, paired with an insulated soft-shell back hand and neoprene cuffs to keep you warm. The Brisker doesn’t make the mistake of trying to keep you dry (gloves that do tend to be…

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winter bluebird days

NORTHERN DARTMOOR CLASSIC 30km (19 miles) We just love this route — enthralling riding in equally amazing settings. The South-West also tends to have milder winters than most of the UK. North Bovey (Landranger 191/SX740838) is easily accessible as a start point. Head E then SE over Hunter’s Tor and drop before cutting back S then W then S then E into Lustleigh. A BW leads SW from SX783806 to a bridge. Then climb W to Water. Take tarmac S then SW onto Black Hill, where a track leads W to Leigh, looping S around Greator Rocks to Hound Tor. NW To Jay’s Grave, then W and continue to Grimspound and down to the road. Head N briefly, then loop W around Headland Warren to Bennett’s Cross and climb back E…

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trails by rails

Taking your bike up to the Highlands by rail is about to get a whole lot better, after Scotrail confirmed to mbr that it would introduce new cycle-specific carriages to ferry riders to the Highlands. The plan is to convert five carriages into dedicated bike and snowsport transport, with far more room inside for equipment, so instead of having to cram into a pokey bit of corridor outside the toilets we’ll have proper racking. Half the seats are coming out, meaning you’ll still be able to sit within sight of your bike, and there’s even a plan for catering. Don’t expect silver service though; think sandwiches and a coffee machine. The carriages will operate from Glasgow up to Oban, Fort William and Mallaig, bringing Glencoe and Kinlochleven into range. They’ll also work…