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Mountain Bike Rider March 2019

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd mbr is the UK's leading magazine for trail riding, mountain bike enthusiasts. Published since 1997, mbr aims to inspire readers to just get out and ride! with every issue, by providing the very best expert advice about where, what and how to ride. Every edition delivers the ultimate mix of inspirational riding features, with extensive bike and product reviews, along with superb advice and reader involvement - plus free pull-out route guides.

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warm up your skills this winter

After being sidelined with the lurgy for most of December, it was such a relief to get back on the bike to kick off the new year. And better still, the trails were actually dusty in places, which helped to offset the depressing loss of fitness. At the end of that first ride back, a couple of mates and I ended up having an impromptu jib session in the car park. It was hardly 50:01 stuff, and the sight of three supposedly grown men trying to out-trick each other in a rural car park must have been quite bizarre, but it was great fun and genuinely useful in terms of developing riding skills. This is something Sim Mainey has been exploring with his ‘Trials to Trails’ feature on p44, using…

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big picture

Mountain biking is a release; resetting the mind and body. Regular exercise stimulates the growth of neurons in the brain, boosting memory. In the body, inflammation and insulin resistance are reduced. Mood and sleep improve, stress and anxiety are reduced. The most beneficial rides are those that push beyond your comfort zone, covering new ground. I am a strong advocate of dawn raids as they seem to provide the ultimate reset. Navigating new ground beneath the stars, for the cloak to be lifted at sunrise, offers its own micro-adventure. For those willing to make the sleep sacrifice, it’s a small price to pay.…

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pace of change

A decade ago Pace was a small company at the cutting edge of bike design, producing its own forks and full-suspension bikes. Then it got out, selling the fork design to DT Swiss and retreating along a much more traditional path with steel-framed hardtails. Now Pace is back with the RC 295, a 29er full-sus trail bike made with a full carbon-fibre frame, modern geometry and sizing, and this is just the beginning: boss Adrian Carter has big plans for more suspension bikes, more carbon and more passion. This is the kind of story they make Hollywood movies about. The big question, then, is why has Pace returned? “We wanted to diversify into trail centres and also just to kick back for a while,” explains Adrian. The brand runs the Dalby…

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beyond long, low and slack

Geometron Bikes has become synonymous with long, low and slack geometry, pushing the limits, challenging convention and introducing downhill-bike dimensions to trail bikes. It isn’t the only brand doing this, or even the first (think Mondraker’s Forward Geometry and Gary Fisher's Genesis before that), but Chris Porter’s brainchild has helped popularise the idea that most riders are on bikes that are too small. So what happens now the industry has begun to catch up and long-low-slack has started to become mainstream? That’s always been Geometron’s distinguishing feature, the brand’s USP if you like, but almost all new trail bikes and enduro bikes have been stretched and raked. Where does that leave Geometron? The answer comes in the shape of the G1, a bike that can grow or shrink its rear end to…

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hot stuff

MOST WANTED THULE VELOSPACE XT 3 AND BACKSPACE XT, £575 AND £495 Thule’s latest towbar rack is the VeloSpace XT, and it works almost exactly like previous generations of their premium racks, with the bike sitting on a wheel tray and an arm grabbing the frame and keeping it upright. Why is it our Most Wanted this month then? Well, it’s seriously big and burly. Bikes are longer than they’ve ever been, putting some models and sizes beyond the scope of bike racks from just a few years ago. But the VeloSpace can still accommodate wheelbases up to 1,300mm, meaning almost everything will fit. Most other racks don’t take this kind of weight either; the Thule can handle a 30kg bike individually, and will carry a maximum of 60kg across its three-bike capacity,…

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all-weather rides

HAWKSHEAD GRIZEDALE MASHUP, LAKE DISTRICT 22km (13 miles) This mashup of natural trails with sections of the Grizedale Red is good when the weather’s bad. From Hawkshead (Landranger 97/ SD353980), take lanes NW to Knipe Fold, track NW to NY336005, then BW N over Arnside to the A593. Head W towards Langdale, then BW W to Stang End. A great track leads S to Hodge Close and another continues SW over Holme Ground. Continue onto the main road again and head S to Low Yewdale. Take a track SE then road S to ride around the tip of Coniston Water then a lane N to SD325982. Take the fire road up into the forest and link forest roads to SD340979, where you follow the North Face Trail to a fire road.…