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NME Gold Liam Gallagher

NME Gold Liam Gallagher

NME Gold Liam Gallagher

My Heroes, My History, My Life In Music By Liam Gallagher

United Kingdom
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“i’ll tell it how it is”

WELCOME to NME Gold – a new publication where the present meets the past, to make great music together. For the duration of this first edition, LIAM GALLAGHER is in charge. From the extensive archives of NME (and its sister title, Melody Maker), Liam has painstakingly put together a selection of legendary features about his heroes, his esteemed contemporaries, and the artists who have influenced him to become the icon that he is today. Never mind a day in the life – it’s a life in music, in 100 pages. It is, if you like, a printed mixtape. In it you’ll find Liam’s choices from historic pieces about longtime heroes such as THE BEATLES, the SEX PISTOLS and JOHN LENNON, but also bands whose influence on him have maybe been a little…

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“i don’t agree with people not having anything to say…”

BEING in magazines, doing interviews, is where it’s at. I love doing interviews, man. Way more important than videos: videos can fuck off. I’m arsed about that. Interviews are as important as the records and stuff: it’s where you get to say your bit. I’m not one of those people who’s going to walk around onstage talking between songs about what they’re about. I ain’t got time for that shit. Once I’ve got you there, I want to get fucking rocking. It’s non-fucking-stop, the solo thing; I haven’t had a fucking minute to myself. Which I love because there’s nothing worse than being fucking bored. I think the gigs have been getting better, the crowd have been responding to all the new tunes, and obviously the Oasis ones… It’s good to…

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Every single oasis song that I sang is potentially on the set list for December tour as you fucking were LG x 10:41 AM - 31 Aug 2017 Stuck on the runway some doughnut smoking hes been slung off I mean smoking on a flight how very dare he as you were LG x 6:38 AM - 5 Jul 2017 PUB 6:23 AM - 29 Jun 2017 Happy 50th rkid stay young LG x 12:16 AM - 29 May 2017 The refs a massive cunt 9:08 AM - 23 Apr 2017 Good morning Good morning Good morning Good morning Good morning ah LG x 9:29 PM - 6 Mar 2017 Fucking hell man is it me or has every 1 turned into a massive cunt where’s me bunker as I fucking woz LG x 4:32 PM…

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material world

Where are you and what are the vibes like? I’m in my flat in Highgate, and the vibes are pretty windy, man. It’s a good job I’ve got short hair at the moment or I’d be at fucking war with the universe. Now I’ve got my short hair, I don’t care. But when you’ve got long hair and the wind’s up, it’s fucking havoc. Clothes I’ve got these Pretty Green, like, Indian moccasins with tassles down the back which are pretty fucking Jimi Hendrix so I’m having them at the moment. Then just a pair of normal Lee jeans, and I always wear Sunspel T-shirts, ’cos they’re thin. And then my Stone Island... smocks, I guess they’re called, they’re the ones, I can’t get them off my back. Thin as well, so good…

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“you have good days being a greengrocer…”

“ Someone over there will think I’m a thick idiot. Someone over there will think I’m a top singer. Someone over there I really do know will think I’m a fucking wise man.” (NME, 1995)“ I love the countryside. I’m mad for it. I wouldn’t get bored, I’d get a giant fulllength mirror, stand in front of it, and have a ruck with myself.” (MELODY MAKER, 1995)“ I had a top chat with Julian Lennon. He said, ‘I’ve been looking out for you lot. I think you’re great.’ I started going on about his old boy, as you do, ’cos I’m mad for it.” (NME, 1995)“ I suppose I do get sad, but not for too long. I just look in the mirror and go, ‘What a good-looking fuck you…

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“you need the fucking attitude, man”

IN THE same bright orange cagoule that he wore during the One Love Manchester benefit concert in June, you can, as he walks down Highgate Road towards the Bull & Last, make him out a mile off. But even dressed all in black or grey, and even with his head now fully shaven, Liam Gallagher would be unmistakable: the feet at 10 to two, the arms dangling by his sides, the slightly menacing swagger still undimmed, 23 years and four months on from the opening frames of the “Supersonic” video that first beamed out his silhouette into the world. Liam Gallagher is now, as you will already be aware, a solo artist: the solo artist he once swore he would never become (“Because I’m not a cunt,” he famously tweeted back…