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NZ Export and Trade Handbook

NZ Export and Trade Handbook 2017

The handbook is an ideal resource for any company that participates in or wishes to commence exporting or importing (or wishes to export to or import from New Zealand)

New Zealand
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from the editor

It’s all in the approach I’ve had two very fleeting visits to China, and what struck me as I looked around Shanghai was how totally different the market was to New Zealand. And Shanghai is considered to be China’s most Western-like metropolis. Head to the smaller cities and back-blocks of the country and you’re in for an even bigger culture shock. One can only imagine the many commercial and cultural challenges that await our exporters when they dip their toe into the China market for the very first time. In this issue of the New Zealand Export and Trade Handbook we’ve compiled a special chapter on the China export opportunity and how to succeed at it. There are contributions from a number of leading experts on the China market whom I’ve made contact with…

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why trade is so important

It is a privilege to introduce the New Zealand Export and Trade Handbook. Exports and trade are important to this country. New Zealand needs to trade. With only 4.7 million people and representing 0.25 percent of the world economy, we won’t get rich selling to ourselves. This is why the government is committed to the high-level Business Growth Agenda goal of increasing the ratio of New Zealand’s exports to GDP from 30 percent to 40 percent of GDP by 2025. Exporters make a significant contribution to our prosperity. Exporting is a major source of jobs. In many of New Zealand’s regions, over one-in-four jobs are in export-related sectors. Internationally connected businesses also offer significant benefits to our economy. They grow faster, innovate more and bring more capital and jobs into New Zealand. They also attract skilled…

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persistence achieves dreams

In a strange old year that 2016 turned out to be, I’m looking forward to a great 2017. In moving among a good many, and varied, Kiwi exporters in the second half of 2016 I detected an extremely optimistic outlook for 2017. Kiwis are scarcely put off with issues such as Trump promising to dump the US out of the TPP, Brexit, and even the resignation of John Key in early December. We are growing as an exporting nation, making those enduring relationships in important foreign markets and generally sharpening our offerings. The odd distraction is no longer deterring us from our prime objectives. As an exporting nation we are keen to continue to show that we can compete with the best, given even terms. However, one area that we are not progressing as…

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china: our largest trading opportunity

When Helen Clark’s Labour Government signed the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China in 2008, New Zealand’s export fortunes took a significant turn for the better. New Zealand’s export trade to China – a nation of 1.4 billion people – doubled from 2009 to 2014. It has almost tripled in the past decade, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Total two-way trade in goods and services rose from $8.2 billion in the year ended June 2007 to $23 billion in the year to June 2016 (Source: Statistics NZ). It is fair to say that the impressive growth in New Zealand’s total global exports since 2008 is largely due to our trade with China. So what are the opportunities in this vast market? Damon Paling, the trade commissioner in Shanghai for New Zealand Trade…

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support from nzte

New Zealand exporters typically move through four growth phases (below) and NZTE has a team in mainland China supporting customers along the way. NZTE Business Development Managers assist with opening up new offline and online distribution channels, providing support at trade promotions, completing market research, and developing distribution and pricing strategies. NZTE also engages with an external network of approximately 12 Beachheads advisors. Two Beachheads advisors with HR expertise were appointed in 2016, to help those customers operating in Phases 3 and 4. In 2016 NZTE established a new e-commerce programme leader and a data analyst, both based in Shanghai. NZTE has also relocated a Business Development Manager from Beijing to Chengdu. The e-commerce programme role enables NZTE to provide customers with updates on regulatory change, introductions to market spaces, digital agencies,…

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international trade

According to Statistics New Zealand, in the year ended December 2015 New Zealand businesses earned around $69.3 billion through exporting their goods and services. The country boasts an extremely export-driven competitive economy. Its export performance contributes around 30 percent of New Zealand’s GDP and enables many jobs. Total imports for the same year totaled some $66.6 billion. The government has set an ambitious target to increase the ratio of exports to GDP to 40 percent by 2025 and whilst it is putting resources in place to help achieve this goal, through negotiating further ‘free trade agreements’ and encouraging business delegations; a collaborative private and public sector approach will be essential to achieve this goal as a reality. New Zealand is recognised internationally as a country that is innovative, creative and demonstrates ingenuity in…