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April 2019

NZ4WD is for people interested in 4WD vehicles and the lifestyle activities associated with them. It covers a range of topics of interest to the 4WD vehicle buyer and driver. It aims to provide a wide range of information covering vehicle selection (new and used), 4WD destinations both New Zeland and International, accessories and upgrading, 4WD clubs and 4WD sport, lifestyle activities associated with 4WD, adventure and track stories and technical articles

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steering wheel or keyboard, you choose!

I see, a month or so ago, a mean-spirited reader took a poke at the Ford Ranger Raptor cover pic and story in the Feb issue of the mag...His beef, or so it would appear, was that the mag was wasting his time by writing what he termed ‘advertorial’ on the latest hi-tech (4x4) ute.In support of his claim (about how shit poor old NZ4WD is in comparison with other 4x4 titles) he posted a picture of the cover of a recent US 4x4 mag, with a gravity-defying shot of a 4x4 that was obviously not a ute inching its way up a rock face in (I’m guessing here) Utah.Usually this sort of pathetic ‘nah, nah, nah, nah, nahing’ flies straight over the top of my head. But when…

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suzuki extreme 4x4 challenge

It’s that time again, time for the 2019 Suzuki Extreme 4x4 Challenge. The day is Sunday, the date April 28.The Suzuki Challenge is an annual made-for-television 4x4 Trials showcase created and hosted by local 4x4 Trials guru Dan Cowper and his business, Cowper Trucks, at 2278 SH3 Turakina (near Whanganui, Ed).Come along and check out this unique and exciting motorsport event which this year will pitch NZ’s top 10 trucks as qualified in the National 4x4 series against insanely steep hills, jumps, bottomless bog holes and the speed course. 2018 event winners Scot and Jarred Biggs with just part of the large crowd fanned out behind them. The event has been specially created for spectator viewing and TV film production. For the last four years the Suzuki Extreme…

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latest ram ute ready to rumble

The black sheep of the RAM family, the RAM 15000 ‘Black Pack,’ is now in 13 New Zealand RAM showrooms across the country.The RAM 1500 Black Pack lives up to its name with 20-in. black alloy wheels, black front and rear bumpers, a black grille, darkened headlights and black-on-black badging – with one exception.That exception hints at how the RAM 1500 Black Pack has the power to back up its dark good looks with the one badge not blackened stating – in red – 5.7 litres, the capacity of the awesome 291 kW Hemi V8 engine.Based on the RAM 1500 Express, the RAM 1500 Black Pack has the Quad Cab with an interior space of 3.3 cubic metres while out back is a huge 1.9m (six foot four inch)…

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‘ya got to laugh…

OK, let’s get one thing straight before we go any further. There is absolutely nothing funny, or for that matter, even slightly amusing, about dementia, or its most common form, Alzheimer’s disease.If you know someone who suffers from any sort of degenerative brain disease, which affects that person’s ability to function in society, you will know that.So please, this little story is not meant to denigrate in any way those with dementia. Kiwis, however, are masters of the subtle art of black humour... as this great T-shirt (spotted by NZ4WD correspondent Ashley Lucas) and its message is wont to prove.That message is a salient one as well... encouraging us all to stay active and positive for as long as possible because none of us ever know what’s around the…

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dorothy’s emotional landie reunion

Retired UK pensioner Dorothy Peters, 87, enjoyed a literal drive down memory lane in December last year when Land Rover took her off-roading in one of the earliest Land Rovers in existence. Dorothy Peters today. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, the retired employee got to go off-road in the vehicle she worked with 70 years ago. The surprise day sparked a wave of emotional memories. And with #16, the very same Series 1 in 1946. In July 1946 at the age of 15, Solihull-born Dorothy joined the service department at the Lode Lane factory working alongside the first Series Land Rovers to be built at the site. Last June, Dorothy went to Land Rover’s 70th celebration event in Solihull, UK, with a photograph album of her…

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arctic amarok unveiled

Volkswagen has joined the (now rather long) lineup of companies availing themselves of the services of Icelandic company Arctic Trucks to produce an Amarok ute suitable for use in extreme polar environments. Lift kit and 70-series 17-in A/T tyres give AT35 a boost off-road. The unique ute, built in partnership with local Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles dealer, Hekla, is currently being put to work in Iceland as a support vehicle for winter driving experiences, leading customers out onto the snow and ice.Officially labelled the Volkswagen Amarok AT35, it features a raft of updates including a 25 mm front and rear suspension lift and new flared fibreglass fender flares and mud flaps trimmed to accommodate the larger wheels and the 315/70R17 all terrain tyres. White out.…