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Issue 1906

People is the only mag for readers who like to see ALL of their favourite celebrities. It’s got jokes, puzzles, raunchy celebrity photos and big prize giveaways.

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war on blondes!

Porn star Giselle Palmer clearly isn’t a natural blonde (© HARD X) WHAT the fug is going on, Hollywood? Firstly, Avengers: Infinity War DOESN’T get nominated for a Best Picture award at this year’s Oscars. And now some of moviedom’s SEXIEST BLONDES have turned into BRUNETTES!It began last month when Australian superstar Cate Blanchett ditched the golden locks for the BAFTA award ceremony in London.The domino effect quickly kicked in with Emilia Clarke, Emma Stone and Charlize Theron ALL packing away their bottles of PEROXIDE and darkening their hair, thereby DARKENING the moods of blonde-loving, heterosexual blokes around the world! For the love of Shane Warne, WHY?Well, according to Cate and Emilia’s personal hair colourist Nicola Clarke, Cate made the change because she’s portraying a brunette in…

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she’s no saint

MULTI-AVN-nominated Samantha Saint isn’t just a talented cum-guzzling FUCKSTER; she’s also warm, funny and can talk intelligently for hours about a range of subjects from politics to astrophysics. But we just talked to the 31-year-old Memphis belle about BLOWIES ’cos we’re THICK. WHAT’S your fave on-set sexual activity, Sam? “I love sucking cock. It really TURNS ME ON pleasing a man and challenging myself to take as much of it as I can DOWN MY THROAT.” How do you like to be dicked? “I love being in doggy so I can get the ROUGH FUCKING that I enjoy and still be able to play with MY PUSSY at the same time.” Were you a fan of stick flicks before you started your career? “Before I got in the industry…

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full frontal

OSCAR WORTHY VANITY FAP THE Oscars have come and gone again this year and, like everybody else, we could barely stay awake watching the SNOOZEFEST. So it was PURE LUCK that we stumbled across this NIP SLIP of 28-year-old Aussie supermodel Shanina Shaik on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. BATGIRL SEXTON LEGS SEPPO model Shauna Sexton hit the headlines last year when it was revealed she’d shacked up with ex-Batman Ben Affleck. Tragically, they split up when he recently checked into rehab…probably for SEX ADDICTION (and who can blame him). But you can see why Benjamin went there after eyeballing the May 2018 edish of Playboy. COMIC BOOBS SUPER TITS! THE dark, quirky…

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sharing the love

BUBBLY Stormi Maya is an actress, rapper and – best of all – NUDE MODEL. She recently shared these pics of her GETTING WET. FASHION model Constance Jablonski is SO FRENCH she cuddles BREAD and BAGUETTES in her BIRTHDAY SUIT. We’ve no friggin’ idea why… but we’ll nibble on a slice of Constance spread on toast any day of the week. …

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risque business

THEY say any publicity is GOOD publicity, which is probably why a new nail salon in Perkins, Ohio has called itself Hand Jobs Nails & Spa! Amid local outrage and media attention, owner Dawn Moon is rubbing her hands with glee and RAKING IN THE DOSH. “If you get your nose done it’s called a NOSE JOB, right?” the clever businesswoman laughed. “Well, you come in here and get your HANDS done. You think of something like that and don’t know if you’ll ever do it, but I did.”Not surprisingly, the town council has received some complaints from members of the FUN POLICE and Dawn might be forced to rename Hand Jobs to something a little less naughty.But she reckons she’s just being “playful” and the wowsers should go…

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porn watch

ROMANCE ’N’ROOTING Jade (far left) and Val get sensual... and nude Y’KNOW, it’s not all TRIPLE ANAL, guys and gals SLAPPING each other’s bums and LITRES OF SPOOF being blasted onto a chick’s ace when it comes to modern-day porno. Hell, no!Sometimes, we just wanna sit back with our missus and watch a grumble flick that’s a bit more…ROMANTIC.That’s where Sensual Moments Vol. 7 from Erotica X comes in.The beautifully shot WANKING AID presents four scenes featuring couples BANGING each other senseless in very loving, VERY ATHLETIC possies.Two couples meet at a photography workshop and wind up having a go at both soft-core and HARDCORE shutter-buggery.A rich cougar decides to get some VERY PERSONAL service from a studly waiter with good manners and a BIG…