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Peppermint Magazine Issue 46 - Winter 2020

Peppermint is an Australian quarterly print magazine focused on style, sustainability and substance. Covering slow food, ethical fashion, natural living, health and beauty, diversity, social entrepreneurs and more, it was created for the rapidly growing number of individuals who appreciate design and creativity, but also care about social and environmental issues and things that matter. With diverse, carefully curated content and beautiful photography – including fashion profiles and shoots, inspiring and informative editorials, and thought-provoking features – Peppermint is a celebration of all that’s good in our changing world.

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9 min
a better block

It all began when Teun was investigating the cocoa industry for Keuringsdienst van Waarde, a popular consumer watchdog TV program in the Netherlands. His goal was to educate his audience, but in the end, he was the one whose eyes were opened the widest. Beneath the shiny wrappers and saccharine advertising, Teun discovered the chocolate industry was rife with inequality, child labour and modern-day slavery. He reached out to big brands for answers, and to lobby them to source slavery-free cocoa, but his concerns fell on deaf ears. Frustrated, Teun took matters into his own hands: he filmed himself eating 17 chocolate bars, hired a lawyer and took himself to court for ‘knowingly purchasing illegally produced products’. To back up his case, Teun travelled to Ivory Coast to find former child…

3 min
my cup of tea

Tell us about the journey that inspired Tielka? I fell in love with tea in the northern winter of 2002 when visiting a friend’s café in Kielce, Poland. I was handed the most lovingly put together, extensive tea menu, filled with thoughtful descriptions. I was captivated – I had never seen tea treated with such dignity and respect. I tried a tea – admittedly a sweet fruity concoction – but I was delighted and that got the ball rolling. Six years after my first tea experience, I remember standing in my sister-in-law’s kitchen as she lamented over the poor, tasteless selection of stale organic teas available in Australia, and nothing fair trade. After a little research, I discovered that there were no organic, fair trade loose leaf tea companies in Australia. So…

1 min
free sewing pattern!

peppermint + common stitch LOUNGEWEAR SET High on comfort, low on effort – our luxe loungewear pattern ups the ante in the stay-at-home outfit stakes! We worked with Alison Pollard and Charlotte Mackay of Brisbane-based sewing pattern and sustainable fashion brand Common Stitch to create this beautiful free pattern for you! With a short-sleeved drop-shoulder top and relaxed-fit cropped pants (with pockets!), it’s the ultimate lounging staple. Layer it with a chunky knit cardigan for cooler days, mix-and-match with separates for jaunts out of the house, or wear on its own for lazy days at home. We used the Lola ‘Musk’ Lightweight Linen from Potter and Co. Head to our website and download this exclusive Peppermint pattern to sew your own – we can’t wait to see your creations! DOWNLOAD THE PATTERN: PEPPERMINTMAG.COM/SEWING-SCHOOL #peppermintpatterns #peppermintloungewear…

1 min
start the spread

bread-on.earth Tell us about Start the Spread? I’d been living and working in New York for the last five years, and returned to Sydney for a short break to find myself stranded once coronavirus hit. With a lot of time on my hands, I was baking regularly, and began drying out my excess sourdough to send to interested friends and strangers. A friend in New York – who runs the community art project, Bread On Earth – had started mailing dried sourdough around the world, so I offered help. I’m bringing my part of the project to an end for now, but Bread on Earth is mapping the spread of this culture worldwide. Why is baking and sourdough so symbolic right now? We’re experiencing a need for security and comfort – an urge to…

1 min
peppermint + you = good things

Here at Peppermint, we care deeply about not just elevating others making change, but actually making a difference ourselves. We believe that business can be a force for good and be driven by profit for purpose. We’ve donated more than $20k to charity, and for every new subscription we now plant a tree. We print in Australia on carbon-neutral paper and mail subscriptions plastic free. We use 100% renewable energy for our office. We’re offsetting our emissions through Carbon Neutral on a reforestation biodiversity project, which works with Traditional Owners in revegetating degraded farmland with native trees for carbon sequestration. And we couldn’t do this without you. Together, we can change the world.…

3 min
moonlit magic

“I feel a sense of integrity and responsibility within my work. If I can use my drawings to help those people or things that I care for and am passionate about, then I feel pretty fulfilled at the end of the day.” How would you describe your aesthetic? I make digital drawings that are composed of lines, in a sort of etched style, and behind those lines are warm block colours. I take inspiration from my home and the incredible land on which we live, retro textiles and clothing, passionate conversations about ideas and pretty much anything that sparks a fire in my belly. Why the name Moonshine Madness? It all kicked off on a road trip to Melbourne in 2009 after a failed business idea to open a cafe (dodged a bullet there).…