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Peppermint Magazine Summer 2018

Peppermint is an Australian quarterly print magazine focused on style, sustainability and substance. Covering slow food, ethical fashion, natural living, health and beauty, diversity, social entrepreneurs and more, it was created for the rapidly growing number of individuals who appreciate design and creativity, but also care about social and environmental issues and things that matter. With diverse, carefully curated content and beautiful photography – including fashion profiles and shoots, inspiring and informative editorials, and thought-provoking features – Peppermint is a celebration of all that’s good in our changing world.

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issue 40 summer 2018

“We need to change apathy into empathy, indifference into empowerment and anger into action” Unless you are living under a blissful wifi-free rock, you’ve likely seen the alarming headlines about the report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warning us that we have a mere 12 years to keep temperatures from rising within 1.5 degrees celsius or we’ll be looking at a global catastrophe. Only half a degree more and we’ll be staring down the barrel of droughts, floods, extreme heat, the decimation of coral reefs and severe poverty for hundreds of millions of people. So, you know, relatively important if you value, erm… life. It’s pretty easy to hear these terrifying facts and want to bury our heads in the sand (although those pesky rising sea levels will…

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peppermint gives back

At Peppermint we’re committed to supporting social and environmental charities. For our summer issue Peppermint is planting 100 trees through Carbon Neutral, to help reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions through biodiverse reforestation plantings that also restore habitat for native animals. PEPPERMINT CHARITY CONTRIBUTIONS AS OF NOV 2018: $19,172 PEPPERMINT IS PROUDLY CERTIFIED CARBON NEUTRAL BY CLIMATEFRIENDLY.COM Peppermint is printed in Sydney at PMP Limited – an ISO 14001 environmentally accredited company – using Australian-made, PEFC-Certified paper from well-managed forests that comply with environmentally sustainable practices.…

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dear peppermint

Dear Peppermint, I’ve never done this before, writing in to a magazine, but when I read the first page written by the editor I felt like maybe there was some hope. For the past week I’ve felt nothing but hopeless. I was in a car accident – we were hit on the highway by a truck that came out of nowhere and we were flung across all five lanes. Thankfully I’m alive and my boyfriend is alive, but I’ve felt hopeless and sad, unsure of why it happened and why I didn’t die, when everyone who witnessed the accident said I should have. Just reading the first page of this magazine alone gave me a feeling of hope; I felt the warmth of happiness in my body. I just want to…

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PRINTS CHARMING The dynamic shapes and bold colours that feature in The Print Society’s soft homewares are made to be an endless source of joy for your abode. Designed and made in Sydney, eye-catching patterns are block-printed or silk-screened by hand onto natural materials, including linen, silk, hemp and yak wool, using non-toxic inks. When you need to switch things up, just flip it and reverse it – double-sided cushions transcend seasons by easily allowing you to change up your style. theprintsociety.com.au JEWELS TO FAWN OVER Hand-made by designer Emma Barnes in her London studio, each and every piece of Wild Fawn jewellery is crafted using only recycled silver and fair trade gold. Prioritising ethics throughout the entire lifecycle of her jewellery, Emma’s status as a Registered Fairtrade jeweller ensures no workers are exploited…

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fashion spotlight: daria andronescu

Why did you decide to start Wonder Wardrobe? I’ve been working as a personal stylist since 2009, and I’ve learnt that people are buying way more clothes than they need but still have nothing to wear. I decided to create an intelligent, easy-to-follow online course that shows people all over the world they don’t need lots of clothes to look amazing. How do you aim to help people? I show them how much more they can do with less, and how to make better, longer-lasting fashion choices. I also show people that they can save lots of time and money with a fully interchangeable, ethical and sustainable wardrobe. What are your three top tips for a wonderful wardrobe? Only choose the clothes you truly love. Creating an impersonal ‘basic’ wardrobe that isn’t true to your…

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artist spotlight: lauren siemonsma

Tell us about your work… I design and hand-make ceramic and sterling silver jewellery that showcases Australian natural materials. I predominantly use a textural, iron-rich stoneware clay and a fine white clay. Both have an element of paper within them – making them stronger but lighter in weight, so perfect for jewellery. What do you most love about what you do? Honestly, so many things. I love that I’ve found something that inspires and challenges me, and creates opportunities I’d never have dreamed of. However if I had to pick one thing, it’s the people I’ve met along the way – I’ve never felt so inspired and supported, and a part of something so exciting. Why do you think it’s important to support small makers? I think supporting small makers and buying ethical and sustainable…