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Planet Rock Issue 11

Planet Rock is the magazine where Rock Lives! From Motörhead to Pink Floyd, stopping at The Magpie Salute along the way, it brings you the very best in rock music past and present. See it! Feel it! Hear it! Live it!

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“Oh no, not another fuckin’ hat!” Odd to think that a long-forgotten ’70s variety hall joke was the original inspiration behind the legendary heavy metal icon which graces this issue’s cover. Eddie The ’Ead has been Iron Maiden’s mascot since their earliest gigs in London’s East End so it seemed only appropriate to put him front and centre in our tribute to our Band Of 2018. Alongside our 18-page tribute to Britain’s greatest metal band, we bring you choice articles on Joe Bonamassa, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Halestorm and more, and a chance to win our Top 20 albums of the year. Well, it’s almost Christmas, innit? As we ease into the festive season, we’d also like to invite you please to log on to www.planetrock.com/survey to share your views on this…

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this month’s iron men include…

Tom Spencer is a West London-based musician/artist. He makes rock’n’roll lifestyle-inspired stained glass panels, under the banner tattooglass.com, and he is also the singer/guitarist in The Professionals. His work can be seen on the front cover of this issue. Gianandrea Traina is a London-based photographer whose work has been internationally published. He creates engaging images across the photographic spectrum, and shot Kris Barras in this issue. Follow his most recent project on Instagram @the_atomic_lens_project Jason Redwood is an LA-rooted artist, working mostly in embroidery. He is inspired by music and art from the ’60s to the 2040s, and when not creating works of embroidery he spends most of his time trying to raise a human being. See his ‘Eddie’ embroidery on page 80. Dirk Oliver Götz is a German-based photographer. In 1989 German…

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may this be love

LEGENDARY US photographer Baron Wolman is presenting every frame of film he ever shot of Jimi Hendrix in a special hardcover book to be published independently in 2019. Jimi Hendrix 1968-1970 will feature all 442 images taken by Rolling Stone magazine’s former chief photographer across his four encounters with the guitar god. The deluxe book will also feature archive material, reprinted Rolling Stone profiles of Hendrix and a new interview with Wolman. “To this day, I still believe it was impossible to take a bad photo of Jimi Hendrix,” he tells Planet Rock. “I hope that this book demonstrates his many sides. Quiet and very thoughtful off-stage, he was a man possessed on-stage by invisible artistic powers that drove him to make music, to entertain, and to perform. “Hearing him play was…

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nowhere men

ON OCTOBER 25, just one week after announcing a January 25 release date for his band’s third album Ride To Nowhere, Inglorious frontman Nathan James revealed that guitarists Andreas Eriksson and Drew Lowe plus bassist Colin Parkinson had left the band. The news came as a shock to fans of the London-based quintet, not least because all three musicians were heavily involved in the writing of the follow-up to Inglorious II, and had spoken about their excitement at the prospect of premiering the new songs on the band’s planned UK and European dates in January and February “I didn’t see this coming at all,” James admits, speaking exclusively to Planet Rock. “It was a big surprise to me, and a really odd time for the guys to choose to do this.…

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stained class

When most magazines wish to display a stained-glass window as a cover image, they would turn to an illustrator. Planet Rock, however, is not most magazines, and so we commission London artist Tom Spencer to produce a unique, bespoke window for the cover, referencing the artwork of Iron Maiden’s first four albums. “The original sketch ends up as my cutter guide for the glass shapes,” says Spencer, who specialises in making rock’n’roll-inspired art, and also fronts The Professionals, featuring former Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook. “It’s then used as the grid to build the panel, and the cut glass pieces are painted on. These then go in a kiln. Then I build it, using lead, solder and cement.” To see more of Tom Spencer’s work visit www.tattooglass.com…

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10 things we learned about led zeppelin on tour

1 Led Zeppelin’s supports act at their third show, in Horslunde, Denmark in 1968, included The Ladybirds, a group of topless, singing go-go dancers – “in hot pants, white boots and little else” apparently. 2 Not everyone was a Robert Plant fan. Early live reviews described the budding vocalist as “a Rod Stewart parody”, “a beautiful but bad singer” and “a demented Shirley Temple”. 3 Before Zeppelin’s summer 1970 performance at the Bath Festival, late-arriving bassist John Paul Jones was ferried to the site by Hell’s Angels to ensure the show began on time. 4 Zeppelin played Stairway To Heaven live for the first time at Belfast’s Ulster Hall in 1971. “It featured some nice finger-style work,” reckoned the man from Melody Maker. 5 Guitarist Jimmy Page once turned up two hours late after…