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July 2020

First launched in 1970, Psychologies magazine has always been about ensuring you reach your potential - focusing on what’s really important in life. Written by experts in mental health and wellbeing, Psychologies is the go-to magazine for those who want to get the perfect balance between mind and body. With thought-provoking articles that cover all aspects of life, from home and family to work and travel, Psychologies celebrates modern, confident women who want to excel in all areas of their life. Psychologies magazine is published in nine countries, including the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Russia, China, Romania and Mexico - helping thousands of women maintain a healthy mind, body and life. Written for women who want an inspiring read that gives them more than just fashion and beauty, you’ll love your digital subscription to Psychologies magazine.

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don’t feel alone… reach out to others

We have created a wonderful ‘Psychologies’ Connected Community group on Facebook to spread kindness and offer support to each other. Join us and feel the love, humour and camaraderie. ‘Psychologies’ is the UK’s biggest and bestselling mindful living magazine and the ‘Psychologies’ Connected Community group aims to connect all our readers, their friends and family. • Daily inspirational and uplifting content • 1pm live broadcasts with top experts, columnists, coaches and therapists • How to create positive, healthy and happy habits • Learn to be resilient, resourceful and courageous • Take the opportunity to connect with the Psychologies team and our amazing ambassadors • Access free online events, courses and webinars • Your place to feel safe, boosted and connected to your tribe of Psychologies readers and friends JOIN US TODAY: facebook.com/groups/ psychologieslifelabs…

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Jade Purple Brown Illustrator Jade is an artist and designer from Chicago who lives in New York. She uses strong figures, vibrant colours and messages of optimism to create empowering artwork, and has attracted a range of international clients. This month, we feature a beautiful illustrated quote from Jade’s new book, Words To Live By (Chronicle, £12.99), in The Fix. The perfect opening to Psychologies, we think! Kim Morgan CEO of Barefoot Coaching Kim is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of coaching and coach training and an International Coach Federation Master Certified Coach. Author Kim writes a monthly column for Psychologies(page 34) and is the creator of a collection of coaching cards. She draws on her extensive experience of what works to make great leaders, successful individuals, productive teams, happy families, outstanding organisations and brilliant…

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all change

In this time of transition, we’re gathering the tools we need to help us navigate the future. First, take a breath and reflect… We invite you to complete five coaching exercises to get clear about the impact the last few months have had on you, and decide what’s next (page 18). What changes, if any, do you want to make? How might you build a better life going forward? Worried about your job? Kim Morgan, our life-coaching columnist, offers confidence-building tools for finding your next fulfilling role (page 34). Feel like you’re having a midlife crisis and want to make a big leap? UK Council for Psychotherapy therapist Melissa Cliffe takes us through five steps to transformation (page 26). Feeling anxious? Our 16-page Dossier investigates the many ways you can reach…

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share with us…

@button03_4: Thank you @PsychologiesMag for the latest issue – never has a magazine resonated so much as right now. @julietjuggles: For all those now working from home or who are thinking about changing direction to start a business, here is a piece I wrote for @PsychologiesMag online about how to thrive working alone. See psychologies.co.uk @CallieDiNello: A lovely tea break this morning reading @Jini_Reddy’s ‘Magical realism’ article in the May issue of@PsychologiesMag. I can’t wait to read her new book ‘Wanderland’. @attentive_art: Lovely to find a spot of sunshine to read @psychologiesmagazine with a cup of tea and a cat. @brandon mayhair: Recently, we’ve had to adjust to a slower pace, and self-care is important. We subscribed to @psychologiesmagazine just before the lockdown started. Right now, it’s coming in really handy to read at…

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TIME OFFLINE I look forward to purchasing my copy of ‘Psychologies’ every month – there is always an article that resonates with me or inspires me. I particularly liked the ‘How to… Not always be working’ piece in the March issue. I am constantly checking my phone and emails, even when I get home from work. My children are always telling me to stop looking at my phone. From now on, I’ll make a concerted effort to separate my work from home life. My phone will be left in a drawer while I enjoy quality downtime time with my boys. Thank you! Sara WE’RE HERE FOR YOU These are comments from members of our free ‘Psychologies’ Connected Community Facebook group. Join us for friendship and support! • THE NEW GROUP IS WORKING a treat! I’ve…

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photo competition

MY MENTAL HEALTH has been like a rollercoaster over the past few years, with constant ups and downs. This photograph was taken one evening after a difficult shift at work, when I was tempted to go home and fall back into cycles of isolation and self-criticism. Instead, I went for a walk on my local heath and felt a sense of calm amid the natural beauty. This picture inspires me when I need a mental health check-in. Rachel WOULD YOU LIKE to showcase your photographic talent in ‘Psychologies’? What moment has made you feel inspired, grateful or moved this month? Capture it and tell us why. We’ll print the winner, plus you’ll receive a free copy of our latest bookazine, ‘Find Your Calm’, worth £6.99. Share your photograph with us and explain…