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22-28th January 2022

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from the editors

IT HAS BECOME a cliché to say we are living in a golden age of TV, but what we really mean is that we are enjoying a golden age of television drama. Driven by the streaming giants with their bottomless budgets and star pulling power, this rich seam has also been sustained by terrestrial television’s desire to respond in kind. We’re barely three weeks into the new year and already the BBC and ITV have served up The Tourist, Four Lives and Anne. This week another treat starts on ITV, starring Vicky McClure and brought to you by the makers of Line of Duty. Trigger Point tells the story of a police bomb disposal unit and McClure gives another powerful performance, as explosives officer Lana Walsh. It’s an unvarnished portrayal of…

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watch, listen, stream…

Television Your TV guide starts on p39 ▸ 1 The Responder Monday, Tuesday 9.00pm BBC1 A new kind of police drama: Martin Freeman is superb as a Liverpool copper working nights but falling apart inside. Is he also on the wrong side of the law? It’s a wrenching story that starts with two episodes this week. INTERVIEW P12 ▸ 2 Trigger Point Sunday 9.00pm ITV It all goes down to the wire in a fraught new thriller from Jed Mercurio’s stable that sees Vicky McClure playing a bomb disposal expert. Hers is a risky business — and it’s about to become even more dangerous… INTERVIEW P8 ▸ 3 Only Connect Monday 8.00pm BBC2 A landmark for TV’s toughest quiz: it’s the 400th edition and the series 17 final. As ever, Victoria Coren Mitchell keeps things quirky while two very sporting teams —…

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what i’m watching…

JASON ISAACS “I’ve been watching Daisy Haggard in Back to Life, which I think is fantastic,” says the actor. “I think she’s enormously talented and the comedy is unique in tone. I’ve also been watching a fantastic four-part documentary series called The Surgeon’s Cut on Netflix because I’m about to play a surgeon…” My magical career — p34 JAY BLADES “I’m watching loads,” says the Repair Shop host. “The Tourist, The Girl Before and I’m back on series one of Peaky Blinders. I’ve seen it all before but I’m getting back into it ahead of the new series.” Learning to read at the age of 51 — page 20 Peaky Blinders…

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don’t forget the holocaust

THERE ARE NO words to describe what I experienced in the concentration camp at Belsen. I was 19 in 1944, and had already survived a year at Auschwitz because I could play the cello. The SS liked to hear some music after sending thousands of people to their death each day. Auschwitz had the gas chambers and all the apparatus and beautifully advanced techniques to murder people; at Belsen they didn’t need that, because people just perished. There was no food, no water, and thousands of half-dead people, just miserable skeletons, arrived there every day on the death marches. Those of us who could still walk were given some string: we were to tie the arms of the dead together and drag them along the road to a big ditch. But…

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from the rt archive… 23—29 january 1993

WHAT WE WATCHED Lenny Henry was really cooking back in 1993 as he starred in Chef!, a new sitcom about a tyrannical king of the kitchen. “There weren’t any black chefs around two years ago, although there are one or two now,” said the star. “He’s just a black guy who’s worked his goolies off to become a chef de cuisine. No one comments on his colour, which I think is much more subversive than him banging on about issues. There was an idea to have him in a funky Harlesden bistro, but that would have ghettoised him. I’m much happier with him in this posh Oxfordshire restaurant. Just being there is a political statement.” WHAT YOU SAID Lovejoy, the lighthearted drama about a roguish antiques dealer, debuted in 1986. However, it took…

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keeping it real

STARTS THIS WEEK 1 TRIGGER POINT Sunday 9.00pm ITV IN TERMS OF on-screen tension, television drama probably doesn’t get much tighter than Trigger Point, which is set in the world of the Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad. Just imagine being called out to a home-made bomb. Your job is to defuse it. You’re holding your “lucky” wire clippers. Your life could go either way; and this isn’t a wartime situation. This is your day job. This is what Trigger Point is all about, and it’s gripping. “I didn’t know anything about bomb disposal before,” says Vicky McClure, who plays explosives officer Lana “Wash” Washington in the six-part ITV drama. “I knew there were people who dealt with bombs, but I had no understanding of their role. It’s a fascinating job, because it seems like…