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January 2020

Runner's World is an inspirational and motivational magazine for runners of all ages and abilities. In every issue of Runner’s World we inform, advise, educate, and motivate runners of all ages and abilities. We help every runner achieve their personal health, fitness and performance goals. Runner’s World shows you the best ways to get the maximum amount of benefits from running in the minimum amount of time. Big promise? Definitely. But you don’t have to take our word for it – we’d like to prove it to you!

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runner’s world

Andy Dixon EDITOR-IN-CHIEF EDITORIAL JOE MACKIE Deputy Editor KERRY McCARTHY Commissioning Editor RICK PEARSON Section Editor JOHN CARROLL Chief Sub Editor ART WAYNE HANNON Creative Director JACK TENNANT Art Editor DIGITAL BEN HOBSON Digital Editor JANE MCGUIRE Deputy Digital Editor CONTRIBUTORS JO PAVEY Contributing Editor CHLOE BROTHERIDGE, LAUREN CLARK, ROISÍN DERVISH-O’KANE, STEPHEN GLENNON, JENNIFER HATTAM, BETH JANES, CHRIS MCDOUGALL, SAM MURPHY, KIM PEARSON, EMILY PRITCHARD, R W SCIOLO, CHARLIE WATSON HEARST UK JAMES WILDMAN CEO, Hearst UK | President, Hearst Europe CLAIRE BLUNT Chief Operating Officer ROBERT FFITCH Chief Strategy Officer ALUN WILLIAMS Managing Director, Health & Fitness SURINDER SIMMONS Chief People Officer SOPHIE WILKINSON Head of Editorial Operations CLARE GORMAN Chief Operations Director JUDITH SECOMBE Managing Director, Hearst Brand Services JANE SHACKLETON Brand Development Director, Health & Fitness PHILIPPA TURNER Senior Marketing Executive CLIENT DIVISION ANDREA SULLIVAN Director of Health & Sport DENISE DEGROOT Director of Travel JIM CHAUDRY Director of Motors PETER CAMMIDGE Director of Finance NATASHA BAILEY Client…

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editor’s letter

CHRISTMAS IS A GREAT time for many things – parcel-delivery companies, middle-aged men’s sock drawers and Noddy Holder’s bank account, to name just a few – but it’s probably not the most fruitful season for running. Between the hangovers, food blowouts and family events, it’s easy for even the most committed running habit to be forced into the back seat. But getting into the festive spirit and staying in shape needn’t be mutually exclusive, as our survival guide on page 14 shows. There’s also good news from recent research (page 11) that shows even a small amount of exercise can offer significant health benefits when time is tight. If you’re getting stressed about choosing a present for that special runner in your life (or treating yourself), check out our Gear Awards…

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CHARLIE WATSON The runner and dietitian shares a selection of the easy-to-prepare, delicious and perfectly balanced recipes that have fuelled her journey from an enforced halt just 100m into her first run to finishing all six marathon majors in Fuel Speed Ahead, p30. CHRIS MCDOUGALL In his latest book – Running with Sherman – the author of Born to Run tells the story of how a new running buddy changed his world. Find out how they met and what happened when they first took to the trails in Donkey Work, p42.…

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q what’s your running regime over the festive period?

‘I love to get out on the trails between Christmas and the new year. I find the festive season a bit claustrophobic, so a couple of trail runs is great for clearing the head.’– Rick Pearson‘It’s the same every year: I vow to sit on my arse and do nothing for two weeks, only to be overcome by guilt (and indigestion), so I sneak in a couple of emergency plods between Christmas and new year. The watch gets left at home, though.’– Kerry McCarthy‘I try to go for a run each time I see It’s a Wonderful Life in the TV schedules, which means I often run far more than seems fair. However, after each session, I watch It’s a Wonderful Life. Of course.’– John Carroll‘Family commitments mean I can’t…

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brecon beacons, wales

THE EXPERIENCE The Brecon Beacons National Park (part of the mountain range of the same name) is one of the country’s great treasures, all 520 square miles of it, offering runners an almost endless supply of routes that take in the gnarled, turbulent beauty of the region. You can go short or you can go very long, but wherever you run, the landscape will not disappoint. And even when you tire, you may not wish to call it a day, because there is always something else, something rich and magical, to see a little further on. TAKE CARE The region exerts a magnetic pull on lovers of the outdoors, but there are areas that will challenge even the most experienced of runners. Be sure you are ready for the terrain and the changeable…

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time is on your side

UNLESS YOU HAPPEN to be a reindeer, you’re unlikely to finish the Christmas break fitter than when it kicked in. But though it may be the month when training time is at a premium and overindulgence seems to be the order every day, you can rejoice in the knowledge that, as far as heart health is concerned, a little cardio work is almost as good as a lot. Research from the University of Copenhagen has shown 30 minutes of cardio can be almost as beneficial as a 60-minute session in terms of weight loss, effects on cholesterol and maximal oxygen uptake. The reason: your metabolism has a finite amount of what is called adaptive energy, meaning that, after a certain point, the ratio of benefits to training time nosedives. So…