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SFX Holiday Special 2019

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captain’s log

Star Wars has been with me my entire life – I suspect it has been for many of you, too. Having two younger brothers meant that, between us and our festively tied birthdays, there was an influx of toys each year. I clearly recall the hysteria around Return Of The Jedi, and my love of the Ewoks – sorry, not sorry. Although there’s more Star Wars than I can shake a stuffed Porg at, I’m still sad to see the end of the Skywalker saga. I hope we’ve done this landmark occasion justice, with a special celebration – surely a contender for the biggest SFX feature ever. But, as is always the way here at SFX, we couldn’t just leave it at that. We’ve got so many exclusives this issue that…

2 min.
first contact

SPACE: 2019 Les Prince, email I am greatly enjoying the reruns of Space: 1999 [on the Horror Channel] after so many years’ absence. Since it was made more or less on the cusp of the IT explosion, it is fascinating to see how the producers imagined future tech. It’s amusing to see the computers communicating by little slips of paper and, in one episode, seeing a character actually using a typewriter. I wonder if they hadn’t been watching their Star Trek, where the computers saved information on little square pieces of plastic or even data crystals. That aside, I enjoy the episodes and seeing it through the lens of the early 21st century, it’s quite revealing just how far reality has started to outstrip science fiction now. SFX We still love the…

4 min.
a close call

Other cast includes old friends and co-stars Sara Crowe, James Holmes, Wilf Scolding and Fisayo Akinade. A GHOST STORY FOR CHRISTMAS, THE BBC tradition which ran throughout the ’70s and has been intermittently revived since 2004, is back for another bump in the night. The master of the macabre, Mark Gatiss, is once more at the helm with his third Christmas ghost story – four, if you include 2008’s Crooked House, which we certainly do. “I’m hoping – this is two years in a row – this might be a tradition again,” he says with a smile. When we speak on location for Martin’s Close, his other show (see page 66) has overrun slightly, meaning he’s got to jump between ghosts and vampires. It’s the end of July – one of the…

2 min.
rants & raves

There are three feature films in production based on The Walking Dead, starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick DARREN SCOTT EDITOR RAVES Is it wrong to want it to be Christmas already, just so I can have seen The Rise Of Skywalker and then binge The Witcher and Lost In Space? In a non-seasonal twist, I’m ploughing through The Walking Dead. Not literally. RANTS Scheduling is my arch nemesis. So many films and shows, so little time and not enough covers. IAN BERRIMAN DEPUTY EDITOR RAVES As a sucker for all things hauntological, I’m enjoying “Scarred For Life: The Album” (out now, with all proceeds to charity): http://scarredforlife.bandcamp.com. Delighted to see that Curtis Harrington’s 1961 mermaid film Night Tide has a Blu-ray release (27 January). Trump-as-supervillain Twitter account! @PresVillain JONATHAN COATES ART EDITOR RAVES It’s been wonderful having weekly event telly like the brilliant His Dark Materials and…

1 min.
fresh meat

Imagine a world where all you’ve ever really known is Walkers. No, not the Mariah Carey-endorsed crisps. A decade after the apocalypse, a new generation leave a life of safety in a protected community to go on a quest for something new. That’s the premise for the third series in the Walking Dead universe, coming to screens in spring 2020. The as-yet-unnamed 10-episode series features a younger cast, led by Nico Tortorella as Felix. Created by The Walking Dead producer Scott M Gimple and series showrunner Matthew Negrete, with Robert Kirkman serving as Executive Producer, the team promises a new take on the franchise, with elements of a quest for the young survivors.…

1 min.
aerial assault

HBO moving ahead with Game Of Thrones prequel House Of The Dragon, set 300 years before the original show and charting events leading to civil war in the Seven Kingdoms. Superman & Lois is up, up and away at The CW, reuniting Supergirl’s Man of Steel Tyler Hoechlin with Elizabeth Tulloch. HBO Max developing ’90s-set anthology show based on the Point Horror books. RL Stine is onboard as executive producer; Crazy Rich Asians’ John M Chu directs. Greg Berlanti, master of the DC TV universe, bringing Green Lantern to HBO Max along with DC SF anthology Strange Adventures. She makes the mark of the Z! CBS TV Studios developing modern day, female-led reboot of Zorro. Titans renewed for a third season, due to air autumn 2020. Every surviving episode of classic Doctor Who to be available…