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SFX March 2020

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captain’s log

How could we not celebrate the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: Voyager? My favourite Star Trek series – to date, anyway – and favourite captain, and it shares a birth year with SFX. That, and catching up with my favourite part–Borg, part–human with Seven of Nine’s return to Star Trek: Picard… Well, it just seemed like fate! I was obsessed when Voyager first aired and a recent rewatch of all 172 episodes has done nothing to change that. I always felt there was more at stake in this series, and the fact that they were lost – with the myriad of problems that presented them – added an extra level of drama. Nothing was ever really safe in Voyager, and that made things more desperate at times – meaning they’d often…

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first contact hailing frequencies open!

A GOOD PLACE TO END Rob Graham, email I don’t think The Good Place gets talked about often enough. One of the most imaginative shows ever made, it’s up there with the all-time great comedy shows with great characters, superb plots and twists you don’t see coming. Constantly reinventing itself, it came to an end with an absolutely perfect finale. Shows that know they’re coming to an end and wrap themselves up instead of leaving things dangling on an annoying never-to-be resolved cliffhanger work much better, and The Good Place finale is up there with the best of all time. A shame to see it go, but I understand not wanting to milk the show for years to come. SFX Let’s toast its passing with a glass of Lonely Girl Margarita… CROSSING THE…

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shoot to kill

Actress Sônia Braga’s still in touch with locals in (main location) Barra; one sent her photos of their puppies! THE NOTION FOR BACURAU CAME TO Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles a decade ago. They were celebrating the unveiling of their short film, Cold Tropics, a future-set tale in which temperatures drop to impossible lows in northeastern Brazil, when inspiration struck. “We had this good idea about a film we wanted to do,” says Dornelles, production designer on the short. The result is another story set in near-future Brazil: a hallucinatory mix of western, sci-fi and satire that plays like a sun-kissed Black Mirror episode. “We were in that mood of genre cinema,” says Dornelles, who graduates here to co-director with the more experienced Filho (Aquarius). “We wanted also to make more…

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it’s a wrap!

SCI-FACTS! By the late ’90s, John Townsend was buying so much from auction sites that Royal Mail organised a twice-weekly van delivery. REMEMBER WHEN Superman sold sweet cigarettes and you could sink your teeth into the frozen heart of a Count Dracula’s Secret? Then you’re the target demographic for Wrappers Delight, a treasure trove of packaging collated by Jonny Trunk, the man behind cult record label Trunk Records. This 240-page softback showcases just a fraction of the thousands of items squirrelled away by ephemera collector John Townsend, a sales rep for Birds Eye. When Townsend passed away in 2016, he left behind a five-bedroom house stacked with boxes of ephemera. Trunk sifted through them and picked out over 500 pieces, mostly wrappers for sweets and snacks. Amid the cola cans, socker stickers…

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aerial assault

Great Neptune! HBO Max developing animated threeparter Aquaman: King Of Atlantis, spinning off from the James Wan movie. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier hits Disney+ in August. WandaVision follows in December. Amazon cancels pilot for TV series based on The Dark Tower. Patrick Stewart inviting Whoopi Goldberg to join Star Trek: Picard season two. Line ’em up, Guinan! The CW to reboot ’80s teen vampire classic The Lost Boys as a TV series. Linda Hamilton joining Syfy’s Resident Alien, an adaptation of the Dark Horse comic book. Netflix developing The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf, an animated feature set in the Witcherverse. Owen Wilson joining the cast of Loki for Disney+. Lily Rabe to star in Amazon’s adap of Colson Whitehead’s novel The Underground Railroad. Jonathan Glazer’s 2013 movie Under The Skin rumoured to become a TV series.…

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rants & raves

SCI FACT! The season 14 Blu-ray set also contains “Our Sarah Jane”, a feature-length tribute to Elisabeth Sladen. SCI FACT! Bond’s first watch in the movies is a Rolex Submariner, seen in Dr No. DARREN SCOTT EDITOR RAVES Absolutely loving Star Trek: Picard. I don’t want it to end! Currently binge-watching The Walking Dead. RANTS Hoping Doctor Who pulls it out of the bag for the season finale. Please, no more singing in Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – and I say that as a committed fan of musicals! IAN BERRIMAN DEPUTY EDITOR RAVES Went on set for Sky One show Intergalactic, which looks good fun in a Firefly/Blake’s 7 way. Enjoyed watching part one of 1964 Aussie sci-fi series The Stranger online: bit.ly/strangeraus. RANTS Admired The Lighthouse, but it was hard work, and will probably make more sense on Blu-ray, with subtitles. JONATHAN COATES ART…