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Southern Living Cookies & Bars

Southern Living Cookies & Bars

Southern Living Cookies & Bars

If you love hand-held treats and desserts made to be shared, then look no further than Southern Living's new Collector's Edition – Best Cookies & Bars. Master all of your - favorites-and new twists on classic treats-with step-by-step recipes for drop, filled, and rolled cookies, bars and brownies, frostings and fillings, even homemade candy. This mouthwatering guide features more than 100 sure-fire recipes with beautiful step-by-step photography, plus tips and tricks for achieving the best results-all from the experts in the Southern Living Test Kitchen, the authority on Southern cooking. Delight family and friends with all-American classics including Outrageous Peanut Butter Cookies, Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies, Lemon Meltaways, and the best Brownies. Also included are Southern favorites such as Chocolate Dipped Pecan Cookies, Mississippi Praline Macaroons, Pecan Sandies, and of course Pecan and Lemon Bars. You'll impress everyone with the sophisticated and flavorful homemade goodies that you'll create, all with the help of Southern Living.

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baking 101: know your ingredients

FLOUR: All-purpose wheat flour is commonly used for cookies, as wheat gluten gives baked goods structure. The wheat germ in whole-wheat flour goes rancid quickly, so the flour is best kept sealed in a zip-top bag and chilled. CORNSTARCH: This fine powdery starch is made from finely ground corn kernels and is used primarily as a thickening agent. It lasts indefinitely sealed in a cool, dry place. OATS: Old-fashioned oats are made from rolling whole oat kernels or groats. The quick-cooking variety is made from flattening oat groat bits. Most recipes will state which variety to use. Avoid instant oats in cookies, as they will affect cooking time and texture. BAKING SODA AND BAKING POWDER: Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, a single-acting alkaline ingredient used as a leavening agent. It is mixed with…

2 min.
a baker's dozen tips for cookie rookies

1 Read through the recipe from start to finish before you begin, and assemble all ingredients so everything is at the ready. 2 Measure liquid ingredients in glass measuring cups. Solids should be spooned into metal or plastic dry measuring cups. Pack brown sugar firmly into dry measuring cups to get an accurate measurement. 3 Coat glass measuring cups with cooking spray for easy removal when measuring syrups. Coat knives or scissors lightly with flour before chopping candied fruits to avoid sticking. 4 Mix batters just until the flour is incorporated and ingredients are combined to avoid overworking the dough, which translates to tough cookies. 5 Use heavy aluminum baking sheets. Dark sheets absorb heat, causing cookies to get overly browned; nonstick baking sheets are OK if they are not too dark. Insulated baking…

23 min.
drop cookies

THE SCOOP ON PERFECT DROP COOKIES Follow these simple steps for bakery-worthy results every time. 1. Swap the spoon for a small scoop for perfectly portioned dough—and clean hands, too. 2. Arrange uniform scoops in rows with room between each, so baked cookies remain separate but equal. 3. Chill portioned dough to keep it from spreading as it bakes, and never drop a second batch on a hot cookie sheet. 4. When preparing multiple batches, rotate cookie sheets halfway through baking for even browning. 5. Cookies are too soft to handle right from the oven. Transfer to a wire rack to cool for as long as the recipe specifies. 6. Baked drop cookies are great for frosting, sandwiching ice cream, or dunking in milk. TOASTED COCONUT COOKIES The distinctive flavor of coconut is beloved in the South—from ambrosia to…

24 min.
filled cookies

THE SCOOP ON PERFECT FILLED COOKIES Tips to add a surprise to every little bite, any way you fill them. 1. For uniform thumbprint cookies, make a dent with your thumb, leaving a ½-inch rim to contain the desired filled center. 2. Spread filling with a knife or spatula for even filling in sandwich cookies. 3. Use a pastry bag fitted with a tip to pipe frosting for airy and decorative centers. 4. Spread filling on chilled wedges of rugelach dough, leaving a border; add toppings, and roll up from wide end to point. SWOON PIES These are our take on the iconic marshmallow-filled pastry. ½ cup butter, softened½ cup granulated sugar½ cup firmly packed light brown sugar1 large egg1 tsp. vanilla extract1 cup all-purpose flour½ tsp. baking powder½ tsp. baking soda½ tsp. table salt1 cup graham cracker…

23 min.
rolled cookies

THE SCOOP ON PERFECT ROLLED COOKIES Learn how to roll your way to great results. 1. Roll chilled dough evenly for cutting. 2. If edges get too thin or uneven, use a pastry scraper to straighten. 3. Use Reynolds Kitchens Parchment Paper to form slice-and-bake dough into a log for cutting. 4. To create perfect round balls, roll dough with palms. Chill before baking to firm up. PECAN SANDIES Cookies made with fresh Texas pecans are a cookie jar staple in the Lone Star State. Good thing batches are bigger in Texas, too, because you can’t eat just one of these. This cookie gets its name from its very fine crumbly texture. 1 cup butter, softened½ cup sugar2 ½ cups all-purpose flour⅓ cup toasted finely chopped pecans1 tsp. vanilla extractParchment paper 1. Beat butter and sugar at medium speed…

23 min.
bars & brownies

THE SCOOP ON BARS AND BROWNIES Keep these tricks in your back pocket for the best handheld treats, bar none. 1. A pan and a plan ensure bar and brownie perfection. Choose the correct size precisely. 2. Line pans with Reynolds Kitchens Aluminum Foil and grease for easy cleanup. 3. Use the foil liner to lift out the brownies or bars with ease. 4. A bench or pastry scraper makes cutting easy. Or use a pizza cutter or chef’s knife. SALTED CARAMEL-PECAN BARS This is a classic Southern bar recipe updated with a sprinkle of kosher salt. Cooking spray12 graham cracker sheets1 cup firmly packed brown sugar¾ cup butter2 Tbsp. whipping cream1 tsp. vanilla extract1 cup toasted chopped pecans¼ tsp. kosher salt 1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Line a 15- x 10-inch jelly-roll pan with aluminum foil; lightly grease…