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Sports Illustrated July 15, 2019

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faces in the crowd

HUNTER ISNARDI ▸ Lacrosse▸ Hicksville, N.Y. Isnardi, a recently graduated midfielder from Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., finished with 310 goals, a Division II record. She had 99 goals in 2019, second in D-II, and became the division’s only player to be named to the Teewaarton Award Watch list for best player in the country. SERENA BOLDEN ▸ Track and Field▸ Springfield, Ill. Serena, a recent graduate of Springfield Southeast High, took four Class 2A state titles: the 100 meters (11.74), the 200 (24.41), the long jump [19' ¾"] and the triple jump [40' 2½"]. Last year she won the triple jump at the U.S. Junior Olympics (41' 2¼"]. Serena will compete for LSU. SAM GOLDENRING ▸ Golf▸ Florham Park, N.J. Goldenring, a rising senior at Williams College, shot a three-under 285 at the Keene Trace Golf…

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lark side of the moon

If you want to know what aspect of the moon landing was discussed most in the bullpen it was the sex lives of the astronauts. We thought it a terrible arrangement that they should go three weeks or more without any sex life. Gelnar said that if those scientists were really on the ball.… —Jim Bouton, Ball Four BACK WHEN former PGA golfer Chris Perry was a kid, the world could pretty much be divided up into sun people and moon people. Sun “worshippers” embraced the outdoors and sported permatans; moon people were flaky night owls, happiest cavorting in a cool lunar light. As one who spent his youth striding fairways, Perry, 57, figured to be the former. Yet it’s not even close: On clear nights he can still find himself full-on…

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love 15

LOVE-15 has taken on a new zest at Wimbledon this year. At age 37, Serena Williams arrived angling for her eighth title at the All England Club while Roger Federer, also 37, fixed his gaze on his ninth. Novak Djokovic (32) came with designs on defending his crown, while 32-year-old Andy Murray (Sir Andy Murray, to us), easing his way back from near retirement on account of a hip injury, came looking for a mixed doubles partner. He settled on Serena. But, rich as they were, those story lines were driven into the shadows, thanks to a player who was sometimes younger than the ball kids ministering to her. Cori Gauff, d/b/a/Coco, a 15-year-old Floridian, simply hijacked Wimbledon’s Week One. Equal parts ferocious and precocious, she won a series of matches…

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the new coastal elites

With an average of 31 wins and two playoff appearances over the last eight seasons, the Los Angeles Lakers have transmogrified into some version of, well, the old Los Angeles Clippers. Meanwhile, the Clips, with an average of 50 wins and seven playoff appearances over the same period, have become—if not exactly the Baylor-West Lakers or the Showtime Lakers or the Shaq-and-Kobe Lakers—at least the best version of themselves, a former punch line that has moved past a star-crossed history defined by devastating injuries, front-office mismanagement and plain bad luck. For all that, though, on July 1, as the NBA moved its now-year-round operation to the Las Vegas Summer League, a backdrop against which championship teams are sometimes formed and others disassembled—plenty of Maple Leafs tickets available, Toronto fans—the Lakers’ Q-rating…

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high jump

THE HEADLINES in baseball—once again—are home runs and strikeouts. The league is on pace to hit the most homers and rack up the most whiffs in baseball history, with the fewest balls in play ever to boot. It’s safe to assume that home runs and strikeouts are the start of any discussion, and they explain the biggest surprise this season. The Twins lead the AL Central by 5½ games in part because they’re chasing the all-time mark for homers, on pace to become the first 300-home-run team ever. Offseason signings of DH Nelson Cruz and second baseman Jonathan Schoop and a trade for first baseman C.J. Cron have combined for 47, giving Minnesota a righthanded power base it lacked in recent seasons. Those winter pickups are just a small part of…

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ALEX IN WONDERLAND There are times when I have had a negative feeling about someone only to read an article that changes my mind. This was not the case with your story about Alex Rodriguez. Only when he comes totally clean about his past PED use should he be truly forgiven. For you to write that he has never come close to discussing this tells me more about Rodriguez’s true character than his celebrity girlfriend or his Gulfstream. Bill Benson Newburyport, Mass. Your article on Rodriguez solidified my opinion of him: a wildly successful but comically materialistic egomaniac. A-Rod needs baseball more than baseball needs him. Craig Ritchie Barrington, Ill. NORTHERN COMPOSURE Chris Mannix’s piece was the perfect encapsulation of the enigma that is Kyle Lowry. Hardheaded but softhearted. Wasn’t a lottery pick but has an entire country…