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Sports Illustrated August 12, 2019

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DRAFT KING KEVIN HANSON’S TOP TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL FANTASY DRAFT 1. PREPARE, BUT BE FLEXIBLE Your predraft preparation—following news, experimenting with mock drafts—enables you to find value opportunities that get pushed down the draft board to you. 2. INCREASE RISK AS YOUR DRAFT PROGRESSES Use your early-round picks on high-floor, safer options, then increase your risk appetite in the middle and later rounds. As the saying goes, You can’t win your league in round 1, but you can lose it. 3. WAIT ON DEFENSE AND KICKERS I mean, really wait. Consider ignoring these positions altogether on draft day in favor of high-ceiling RBs and/or WRs, especially if you draft early (say, before Week 3 preseason games). Assuming your league allows adds and drops before Week 1, this strategy increases your odds to land…

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and thirty

THE DYCKMAN BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT, held at Monsignor Kett Playground in Upper Manhattan, was started in 1990 as a positive community event that would give local players a summer showcase. This year marked the 30th annual edition and, safe to say, mission accomplished. Crowds for games can swell to 2,500 and often include basketball royalty. This year, for instance, new Brooklyn Net Kyrie Irving dropped by to take in the action. SI photographer Erick W. Rasco also stopped by for a quintessential look at summer in the city. FOLLOW @SIFULLFRAME…

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HACK LIFE Reading how Nolan Arenado is “a star typical of today’s game—dynamic on the field, low-key off it” in the same issue that highlights the fashion choices of athletes was an odd paradox. Here’s to more athletes like Arenado who understand the only thing real fans care about is their performance on the field. Frank Lawrence Sparks, Nev. PROVING GROUND So MLB is attempting some changes to help make the game more entertaining. But given the dearth of fans attending the Atlantic League game in the photo accompanying the article, the future is a work in progress. Bob Fuller Vermillion, S.D. GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY Americans don’t need the Olympics to “get along with each other for a change” (SCORECARD). Most Americans get along just fine and are proud of our country, warts and all. The narrative that Americans are…

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mortal combat

LOOK, THIS is boxing, man,” says the trainer. “There will come nights where some things happen that you just can’t explain. I try not to think about it.” Before his fighter died, James (Buddy) McGirt understood the risks. Before he became a trainer, he climbed into a boxing ring an incredible 80 times, with 48 knockouts in his 73 wins. One took place on Sept. 30, 1983, when McGirt TKO’d a welterweight named Larry Fleming at the Felt Forum in New York City. On that same card, McGirt’s stablemate Isidro (Gino) Perez suffered a beating from which he died a week later. Perez was 24. McGirt mourned—and fought 68 more bouts. This is boxing, for better and for worse, an exercise that tests both will and skill unlike any other sport. With…

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second chance

SEE BRIAN BANKS Now in theaters It’s been 11 years since director Tom Shadyac’s last narrative film, and his newest one shares little with the comedies (The Nutty Professor, Bruce Almighty) on which he made his name. Brian Banks is a sports biopic, but it’s mostly about a deeply flawed criminal justice system. Banks was a top linebacker recruit—he had verbally committed to USC—until a false accusation of rape during high school in 2002 derailed his career, with a no-contest plea deal leading to five years in prison. He was released on parole, but he had to wear a GPS monitoring device and remained a registered sex offender. “He could see life, but he couldn’t access it,” Shadyac says. The California Innocence Project took up Banks’s case after the alleged victim recanted, and in 2012…

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nick buoniconti: 1940–2019

IT SAYS something about Nick Buoniconti that playing on a unit known as the No-Name Defense, he was as well-known to spectators as he was well-regarded by those in the game. In 1972, Tex Maule wrote in SI that even fans in Miami “would be hard put to identify anyone on the defense, with the exception of Buoniconti, who is flanked by outside linebackers Nos. 57 and 59.” A middle linebacker for 14 pro football seasons—seven each with the Patriots and the Dolphins—Buoniconti stood just 5' 11". “He’s really not tall enough to play middle linebacker,” said Miami coach Don Shula, “but his anticipation is so good that he’s always in the right place. And he’s quick as a cat.” Buoniconti, whom Shula entrusted to change plays as he saw fit,…