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Sports Illustrated August 26, 2019

Through emotional storytelling and award-winning photography, Sports Illustrated provides you with complete coverage of all your favorite sports, including the NFL, College Football, Baseball, College Basketball, the NBA and more.

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scouting reports

THINK OF the standings you see here not as predictions but as projections: This is how the 32 NFL teams look entering a season that’s sure to produce a slew of unforeseen developments. In fact, they’ve already started. Entering the summer, I loved the Colts. They were bringing back almost everyone from a 2018 squad that won 10 of its final 12 games. But then Andrew Luck’s mysterious ankle injury became a concern. Major red flag. Too bad, because there’s a path for the Colts in the AFC if they’re at full strength. The Browns are sexy but inexperienced. The Chiefs have a terrifying offense but serious questions about their defensive back seven. Those same questions kept them out of Super Bowl LIII. That leaves the team that took Kansas City’s spot…

13 min
the forgettable years of a staff to remember

MIKE SHANAHAN sits at the head of a banquet table. His disciples, roughly two dozen members of the Church of Outside Zone, fill the seats on either side. They’re turning a social event into a coaching clinic—same as always—and it’s getting a little … weird. Salt shakers become wideouts. Empty wine bottles stand in for running backs. Slabs of meat, partially dissected, land in the middle of new plays. Six years ago little was expected out of the men now filling the private back room of this upscale steak house in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Their four-year tenure at Redskins Park was defined by clashes with a meddling owner, issues with salary-cap management and little success. In four seasons under Shanahan, from 2010 to ’13, Washington lost 41 games, secured just one…

27 min
the center of it all

The M M Q B It had been a hell of a run for Matt Millen. The pugnacious linebacker played nine seasons for the Raiders, winning two Super Bowls, and he’d just been selected to the Pro Bowl. But here he was in 1989, in his early 30s, and he couldn’t agree on a contract with team owner AL DAVIS, so Davis cut him, and Millen decamped to San Francisco where he joined the 49ers. Not only were there no hard feelings, the owner and his former player stayed in touch, even in the immediate aftermath. And, inevitably, their conversations turned to football. The sport “was such a part of him, it was unavoidable,” says Millen. “It’s not like he was talking about his vacations or his golf game.” In part because Millen…

2 min
now on si digital

You Look Good for 150 FROM POP WARNER to Nick Saban, from Rutgers versus Princeton to Alabama versus Clemson, from no helmets to leather to state-of-the-art headgear, college football has come a long way since its inception in 1869, evolving from a campus oddity into a national fascination. In honor of the sport’s 150th year, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has ranked everything that is great about college football—15 lists in all—from programs to pizza joints to individual performances. Our writers pooled their years of reporting and experiences in venues large and small to highlight the game’s best moments and chart its growth into a colossus that generates billions of dollars in revenue, sparks heated debates and powers rivalries that have only increased in intensity. THE BIG INTERVIEW The New Normal In the latest installment of SI…

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flipping out

THE SIMPLE answer is, No, Simone Biles does not defy the laws of physics, even if slow motion replays of her newest skill might make it look that way. She may, however, be approaching the limits of human performance. Analyzing the video of Biles’s incredible tumbling pass, David Young, a professor of physics at LSU, roughly calculated what it might take for the gymnast to go a step further. Given Biles’s hang time is approximately 1.3 seconds, to fit in a theoretical third flip (and make it a triple-triple), Young estimates her launch speed would need to reach 22.6 mph; that’s 8 mph faster than her estimated speed on this pass. If Biles wanted to add a twist instead, to make it a quad-double tuck, she would need to be in…

2 min
peanut (not) brittle

CHARLES TILLMAN’S hands are rough and scratched. There are twin calluses at the base of his middle and ring fingers, like a pair of mountains rising from his palm. He paddles his left oar, over and over and over again, fighting a strong current that’s keeping him from reaching the harbor. Tillman retired after a 13-season NFL career three years ago, and his trademark move, the Peanut Punch—a quick right jab he’d use to knock the ball away, helping him force 44 fumbles over his career—never gave him tough hands like these. On Sept. 2 (if weather allows), the former Bears cornerback will row 65 miles across Lake Michigan from St. Joseph, Mich., to Chicago’s 31st Street Harbor to raise money for pediatric cancer research and to support families with critically…