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Sports Illustrated November 18, 2019

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charles rogers: 1981-2019

FORMER LIONS wide receiver Charles Rogers, a Michigan State standout and the No. 2 pick in the 2003 NFL draft, was a game-changing talent who couldn’t stay on the field (he played just 15 NFL games for Detroit) and struggled to figure out life off of it. Coming from violence-plagued Saginaw, Mich., football provided him a way out. But like plenty of other gifted athletes, Rogers, who died on Nov. 11 of liver failure at age 38, had few answers for what to do from there. At Michigan State he set the school record for receiving touchdowns (27 in just two seasons, and still standing), and he broke Randy Moss’s NCAA mark for consecutive games with a TD reception (with 13). He had sprinter’s speed and soft hands. He was not…

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INNOVATION IS SOMETIMES CIRCULAR, like a 4–12 football team—hello, Niners!—dipping into the near and distant past to dust off and update a few core concepts, then emerging as league leaders p_32. It can be complicated, like trying to solve a sport’s head-injury epidemic without being derailed by dollar signs p_40, or modifying a game when many of its most ardent supporters want to turn back the clock p_46. It is often fun: Think a Wednesday afternoon eightsome on the links p_62. And it is, without a doubt, scary, whoever you are—sneaker superpower p_70, auto racing giant p_78—to be on the other side of all this revolution. Doubt the power of change?…

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a new take on a classic

KYLE SHANAHAN began the Tuesday-morning meeting by calling out his leaders. Joe Staley, the veteran tackle and offensive team captain, defensive co-captains DeForest Buckner and Richard Sherman, and leading rusher Matt Breida were all told that they disappointed during the previous night’s loss. Then, before players broke out into position groups for a full film breakdown, Shanahan delivered one more message, this one to a struggling young player. He referenced a play on which Giants receiver Sterling Shepard takes a reverse 27 yards downfield, sidestepping a lackadaisical shove from Niners cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon on his way out-of-bounds. I’ve defended you for over a year and a half, Shanahan told Witherspoon, according to several people who were in the room. We need to have a standard if we’re going to do what…

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by fits and start-ups

COMPARED TO the familiar rhythms of his 15-season NBA career, life in the startup world has thrown many new challenges at David West. There are speaking engagements to attend and strategy meetings to schedule, investment decks to pitch and potential business partners to vet. “I bought these cell boosters to make the signal stronger at my house in the woods,” says West, 39, who retired to Raleigh in August 2018 after winning back-to-back titles as a backup big man with the Warriors, “because I’m on the phone all the damn time now.” As COO of the embryonic Historical Basketball League—slated for tip-off in June 2021—West is the face of a righteously radical, if profit-driven, mission. Even as calls to pay college athletes have grown louder, and the NCAA has endured lawsuits,…

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rage against the machines

WE ARE sad to inform you that the robo-ump looks nothing like you had hoped. A black box, glossy like a television screen that is never turned on, and positioned high behind home plate, it looks like an extremely unsubtle security camera. Tracking pitches using radar, it distinguishes balls from strikes and communicates the determination to the ump on the field—still a standard-issue human, now with an earpiece and an iPhone—who gives voice to the call. Not exactly the robotic overlord of your sci-fi dreams. The system made its debut just this summer, in the independent Atlantic League, but its march across baseball is starting to look inevitable. MLB followed that initial testing by instituting the robo-ump in the Arizona Fall League in September. And just a week after the conclusion…

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wheel genius

FOR A MOVIE CALLED Ford v Ferrari, the cast—at least the marquee duo—offers very little in the way of gear-head credibility. “I grew up taking public transportation,” says Matt Damon. “I mean, nobody had cars. Ben Affleck got a car, a ’73 Toyota Corona. It had holes in the bottom that had rusted out, and you could watch the pavement go by. This car was such a piece of s---. He bought it I think for a couple of hundred bucks. We used it for years, and then it got towed.” When they realized the tow charge was more than the car was worth, they didn’t bother to retrieve it. Says Damon, “Ben saw the tow truck driver from Pat’s Tow in Cambridge [Mass.] driving his car, because the guy just…