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change and love

WHEN THE WORLD went into quarantine in March, most of us began to fixate on the uncertainties of the future. Senior writer Tom Verducci took a different tack. He started digging through the past in search of a story that would resonate in what felt like a time of unprecedented chaos. “The usual nuts and bolts of baseball coverage seemed so trivial,” Verducci says. “I knew that to find something meaningful to write about required at least the backdrop of the pandemic.” Verducci was aware that Silk O’Loughlin, a well-known American League umpire in the early decades of the 20th century, had died during the worldwide influenza outbreak of 1918. But while researching what he thought would be a feature on the umpire, Verducci stumbled upon the story of one of…

6 min
close to home

GEORGE FLOYD was killed on 38th and Chicago. I grew up a few blocks away. That Cup Foods, where this whole thing started? That used to be the convenience store where I got my school supplies in elementary school. I would ride the bus past it in high school. When this happened, I couldn’t believe it was happening in a place where I grew up. Like many Black people who don’t have a record, I’ve also had run-ins with the police. When I was 12, I got pulled over … while I was on my bike. The cop said I didn’t stop at a stop sign. I didn’t even know I had to stop at a stop sign. I was just a kid; I didn’t know any better. But he put…

1 min
mann v. food

CLIPPERS GUARD Terance Mann used some of his time sheltering in place to launch a YouTube cooking show. The first episode featured stew chicken. “It is a family recipe, hence using ‘shakes’ and ‘Figure 8s’ as measurements,” says Mann, whose family is from St. Lucia. “I learned the recipe from my mom and grandmother. My roommate will tell you I basically changed his life with this dish.” HOW TO MAKE STEW CHICKEN 1. Clean chicken using vinegar and salt. 2. Add all seasonings to the chicken in a bowl. 3. Chop the peppers, tomato, onion and scallions and add to the bowl. 4. Mix everything together. 5. Let chicken marinate for 15 minutes. 6. Pour vegetable oil in a pot. 7. Add 1 tablespoon of brown sugar to pot. 8. Add 2 cups of water. 9. Pour chicken into pot.…

1 min
rare bird

CAMERA DETAILS: MAKE: HASSELBLAD MODEL: 553ELX FILM: FUJI 100D PRO 220 CHROME LIGHTING: AVAILABLE AS HE drove to Dennis Rodman’s San Antonio home on a Sunday in May 1995, SI photographer John W. McDonough cranked up Pearl Jam in his car, contemplating the shoot’s direction. Upon his arrival, Rodman suggested he pose in makeup and women’s clothing—or better yet, nothing at all. “Why not be a little risqué?” the Spurs forward asked, before deciding on hotpants and a tank top. Racing against the clock, McDonough chose to forgo an intricate lighting setup for the fading daylight in the entranceway. Rodman’s macaw was another unexpected twist. “The bird would flap its wings and dig its claws into him,” McDonough says. When the whirlwind was over, McDonough was left in a daze. “That day was extraordinary,” he…

2 min
faces in the crowd

IN THE 2019 junior world championships at Toru´n, Poland, Lauren entered the elimination rounds as the fifth seed. She knocked off Germany’s Leonie Ebert, the sixth-ranked senior women’s foil, in the quarterfinals, then faced Japan’s Yuka Ueno and Italy’s Martina Favaretto, two opponents who had beaten her at worlds one year earlier. Lauren edged Ueno in sudden-death overtime, then staved off Favaretto’s late comeback for a 15–13 victory to become, at 16, the youngest U.S. women’s foil to win an individual junior world title. The next day Lauren overcame a 14–9 deficit in the Cadet (U-16) foil finals, tied the score with .03 seconds left and landed the winning touch in overtime. Two days. Two golds. Lauren became the first American to win both events in the same year. “I was…

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diving in

HAILING FROM a family of divers, Dwight Dumais (near right) never cracked the Olympic stage while his older brothers, Troy and Justin, competed in four Games between them. “I was hoping to follow in their footsteps,” says Dwight, 33. “But as a coach, I still have a chance to attend an Olympic Games if I can put someone on the team.” To that end, he spent eight years coaching at Texas’s Longhorn Aquatics club before joining Arizona in 2018. Last year he helped Delaney Schnell to bronze in the 10-meter platform at the world championships. Dwight appeared in the July 4, 2005, edition of Faces in the crowd after earning his second National Public High School Diver of the Year award. Then he won two one-meter Pac-10 championships at Stanford,…