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Superyacht International

Superyacht International

Winter 2020

The prestigious quarterly magazine dedicated to the largest and most luxurious boats with technical data, images, articles, information and news from the market

Nautica Editrice Srl
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3 min.
luxury & social

According to many observers, putting together luxury and social networking is tantamount to creating an oxymoron, meaning the blending of elements which express opposing concepts. In plain language nonsense. Well this is no longer the case, at least for loads of goods which till only a few years ago had little if no contact whatsoever with media which was considered as being for “plebs”. It is no coincidence that Nadine Hennings, in 2012 was asking herself if it were still possible to talk about exclusivity in her : Luxury Brands in the Digital Age” – that is to say is a fundamental element in what the core concept of luxury itself wishes to embody – and if in some way luxury was to be readily available to everyone, even if…

1 min.
superyacht international

PUBLISHER - Mario Sonnino Sorisio EDITOR IN CHIEF - Paolo Sonnino Sorisio EDITORIAL DIRECTOR - Corradino Corbò EDITORIAL COORDINATION - Daniele Carnevali PRODUCTION EDITOR - Marco Errico LAYOUT - Antonietta Mari WEB PROJECT DESIGN & MARKETING - Elena Casillo CONTRIBUTORS Lamberto Ballerini, Giuseppe Barbieri, Massimo Bernardo, Daniele Busetto, Nico Caponetto, Alfredo Gennaro, Ronald Hall, Danny Lo, Patrizia Magi, Andrea Mancini, Fabiano Maresca, Luca Mauro, Martino Motti, Stefano Navarrini, Roberto Neglia, Stefano Nicolini, Andrea Petragnani Ciancarelli, Filippo Repetto, Angelo Sinisi, Mario Tambelli, Marco Troccoli. ADVERTISING DIRECTION Roma via Tevere 44, tel. 06 8413060, fax 06 8543653 Giovanni Berruti (Genova), 337 254344, berruti@nautica.it Gianmarco Lari (Roma), 335 6268932, lari@nautica.it COMMERCIAL OFFICES Rocco Ilardi (Milano), 335 294939, ilardi@nautica.it Emanuele De Mari (Genova), tel. 010 5954749, 347 3908061, info@admarex.com Enrico Maria De Simone (Padova), 335 8301616, nauticaveneto@gmail.com Roberto De Simone (Padova), 335 273676 nauticaveneto@gmail.com Vincenzo Morreale(Palermo),tel.0916819344,3485106384morrealepromo@alice.it EXTRA-SECTOR Luigi Valitutti (Torino) 335.491325 fax 011.3716994, valitutti@lvgroup.it…

1 min.
reale yachts pacifico 32

Pacifico 32 is the first model of the newly formed shipyard: Pacifico Yachts which is set to comprise a considerable range of yachts starting from 28 to 45 metres all of which are Explorer type yachts. Pacifico 32 is a near 33 metre long displacing steel motor yacht with an aluminium superstructure and a beam a shade over 8 metres. It is destined to cruise cold North European waters and on down to warm Caribbean temperatures. Medium duty engines were chosen to do just that and following the owner’s requests extra large fuel tanks will provide a pair of MAN 800 Hp engines with fuel enough to cruise non- stop for up to 5,000 nautical miles. The layout of the interiors include an owner deck which guarantees total privacy even in…

3 min.
benetti b.yond 37 m

B.Yond is a new generation of Expedition Yachts initialled by Benetti a renowned Italian shipyard. The name suggests these Expedition yachts have the capacity to cruise beyond any boundary. Project B.Yond aims to offer an unprecedented level of technology and degree of rationalisation of onboard volumes thanks to the strict separation of the functions of each of the four decks. The first yacht of the collection boasts a gross tonnage of about 460 GRT inclusive of a garage deck and closed patio with an LOA of just 37 metres. The main deck is entirely dedicated to the owner’s quarters, comprising his cabin and that of his guests, while the upper deck is where the living area begins. The lower deck is dedicated to the crew and captain exclusively. To ensure…

3 min.
cantiere delle marche mg 115

The latest news from Cantiere delle Marche is the sale of their first MG115, a 35 metre Explorer from the new MG line drawn up Italian designer by Francesco Paszkowski. Vasco Buonpensiere co-founder as well as Sales & Marketing Director at Cantiere delle Marche said, “We’ve been working with Francesco for a long time and intensely, the MG115 has been realized thanks to the shipyard’s excellent team work with this Italian designer who developed all of the MG series. An MG129 is currently being built and is approaching termination, an MG115 has been sold and a further two contracts are about to be signed, one is for an MG147 while the other is for another MG115. This means the entire range of the MG line will have been sold by the…

1 min.
sunseeker 133 yacht

Sunseeker presented its latest entry, the 133 of the superyacht range at the latest Cannes Yachting Festival. This renowned British shipyard presented an innovative design featuring a vertical bow as well as a 31’ beam which translates into a notable increase in terms of interior volumes. According to the yard’s figures we’re looking at a 27% increase when compared to the 131 yacht and only 15% less when compared to the 155 – but also Hybrid MTU 12V engines destined to smaller yachts on request as an alternative. In fact the 133 Yacht sports more powerful and more performing MTU 16V engines which deliver a top speed of 24 knots. Thanks to a different configuration of the hull the 133 Yacht can cruise in displacing mode for 3,500 nautical miles…