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T3 March 2021

Our writers are as passionate about gadgets as you are, and this is reflected in insightful articles that cover every aspect of technology. In the Hype section, you'll read about cutting-edge launches; tech that truly has the 'wow' factor. Each month, Agenda recommends seven adventures that you can have with tech right now – everything from filming extreme sports on your GoPro action camera to taking a flight on a jetpack! Select is where we review the latest and greatest new products, from hardware to games and apps. And Elite is the ultimate tech buyer's guide – your first port of call if you're looking to buy something new for yourself or your home. Please Note: Digital editions do not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies.

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1 HONDA MIIMO 40 ROBOTIC LAWNMOWER Once the boundaries have been set (by pegs and wire, rather than a stern word), this cute robotic lawnmower will keep grass in check automatically. It climbs 15-degree inclines, it happily dodges holes and will dispatch a 400m2 lawn within half a day. Better still, it has a special security code system, so mower thieves can’t run off with your new best friend. £990, honda.co.uk 2 RING FLOODLIGHT SMART CAM AND SECURITY LIGHT SYSTEM Old floodlights tend to go off whenever a cat wanders into your garden. Smarten things up with Ring, which combines ultra-bright, retina-singeing LED lamps with a night vision camera (and audible alarm) to keep the unwanted away. Ring also offers a video recording plan, so your floodlights suddenly become a handy CCTV system. £249, ring.com 3…

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your weight-shedding workout plan

HIIT isn’t just a buzz-phrase. Although the way it is sometimes promoted is closer to Scientology than science, a HIIT workout can have big positive effects and, by definition, it doesn’t take long. Be ready to get your heart rate pounding by any means necessary with this high intensity interval training guide for bikes, treadmills, skipping ropes… and anything else you can find. No doubt your eyeballs have been pummelled into teary submission by all of the Instagram ads, email marketing campaigns and posters that urge everyone to get in shape after the festive season. The fact of the matter is, they tend to be a ploy to get you to sign up to a gym membership you’ll likely use a few times and then stuff into a sock drawer, or…

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apple macbook pro 13-inch (m1)

This is the most exciting laptop Apple has made in years. Some may rightly point out that this isn’t a high bar – after all, there’s been a feeling for a while that Apple has been playing it safe with its MacBooks, instead saving all of its passion and inventiveness for its iPhones. However, while previous MacBooks have made small, iterative upgrades, the new MacBook Pro 13-inch offers something truly revolutionary in the form of Apple’s very own M1 chip. Rather than just settling for yet another Intel CPU, Apple has instead created its very own chip, giving the company almost complete control over the hardware in the new MacBook Pro 13-inch, the new MacBook Air, and the new Mac mini as well. This move has resulted in an incredibly impressive piece…

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cordless vacuums

Find the lowest prices at: t3.com/bestcordlessvac DYSON V11 ABSOLUTE £599, dyson.co.uk The high-torque head, well-sized bin and powerful suction make this the top sucker to get, and worth the ‘Dyson tax’. The Auto power mode works well, balancing battery and suction nicely. SAMSUNG JET 90 PRO £600, samsung.com Matches the Dyson in practically every way, and will almost certainly end up being cheaper. It comes with a proper stand to hold and recharge it, and has attachments for four tools. VAX ONEPWR BLADE 4 £220, vax.co.uk This new cordless Blade from Vax is a lot cheaper than the Dyson V11, but there’s remarkably little to tell between them in terms of cleaning power. The Vax makes a bigger noise though. SHARK ANTI HAIR WRAP IZ251UKT £449, sharkvacuum.co.uk Comes with tech that prevents long hair and threads wrapping around the cleaning roller. It…

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watches under £500

Find the lowest prices at: t3.com/bestwatch500 VICTORINOX I.N.O.X V £459, victorinox.com Having undergone 130 durability tests, this watch will stand up to anything you throw at it. The paracord strap hints at its adventurous heritage, and it’s great for all wrist sizes. HAMILTON KHAKI FIELD £375, hamiltonwatch.com This is a faithful recreation of its original 1960s forebear and is true to Hamilton’s military heritage. The 38mm stainless steel case is paired with a durable NATO strap. TISSOT QUICKSTER CHRONOGRAPH £295, tissotwatches.com This packs a Swiss quartz movement with 1/10 of a second counters, central 60-seconds chronograph hand, and add/split functionality. The case is finished with a sleek PVD coating. CHRISTOPHER WARD C5 MALVERN MK III £495, christopherward.co.uk This sleek dress watch retains its classic British design cues from older models, but features a new 39mm stainless steel case with Fluid ‘lightcatcher’ lines…

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Find the lowest prices at: t3.com/bestfridge MIELE K 28202 D WS £875, miele.co.uk If you have the spondoolicks and 60cm of space with no cupboards above, this cooler should be top of your list. Its clever cooling keeps foodstuffs fresh without humidity, and it’s cavernous. LIEBHERR TP 1760 PREMIUM £489, home.leibherr.com Arguably the only A+++ rated undercounter model on the UK market. Despite its diminutive exterior, inside it’s like the Albert Hall, a chilled Tardis with two separate salad/veg drawers. BOSCH SERIE 2 CLASSIXX KSV29NW3PG £643, bosch-home.co.uk Looking for a midsized larder fridge that doesn’t cost the Earth, provides plenty of food storage space, cools quickly and is cheap to run? Consider this efficient and wellmade Bosch. SIEMENS IQ500 KU15RAFF0G £499, siemens.com The hugely impressive Siemens iQ500, with 137L of storage, is a great option if you’re looking to have a built-in…