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T3 March 2017

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STAGG EKG Want to add a little more bang to your rocket fuel in the morning? Don’t bother dashing to the nearest artisan caffeine establishment for your much-needed fix – instead, you can make your best cup of Joe ever in the comfort of your own home with this slick brewing gadget from Fellow, creator of the Stagg Pour-Over Kettle. An upgrade to its existing stove-top kettle, the Stagg EKG adds a bundle of connected features that elevate it to T3 status. The biggest difference between this and the regular kettle is the smart base that the EKG slots into. There’s no need to bother your hob – just power-up the base, select the temperature you desire (from 135 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit), and the built-in LCD screen will show you exactly…

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meet the team

Rob Carney EDITOR Rob is fascinated by the voice of Mario – so much so, he attempts an impression at least twice an hour (much to his colleagues’ chagrin). He can’t wait for the Nintendo Switch to arrive (see p46). Paul Dimery PRODUCTION EDITOR We say a fond farewell to Dimmers this issue as he leaves T3 towers for a new journey. So if you spot any spelling mistakes (as if! - ed) please don’t blame Mr Dimery (bye bye, all – PD). Robert Jones FEATURES EDITOR, T3.COM This month, Robert flew off to Dubrovnik, Croatia, to test-drive Nissan’s radically redesigned Micra. He also reported live from the swanky Nintendo Switch premiere in London. Nick Odantzis DEPUTY EDITOR Nick has upgraded his home’s ground floor with smart bulbs, which automatically turn on when the sun sets. But he still goes…

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editor’s letter

Here at T3, we’re pretty excited about the Nintendo Switch – it’s admirable how the company innovates and looks at new ways for us to enjoy gaming. It started with the undeniably ingenious Wii, and continued with the rather disappointing Wii U. But the Switch looks like it could change the fortunes of the Japanese giant. We’ve had our hands on the console and it’s great – read what we think (as well as getting a heads-up on all the new games) in our giant feature on p46. If you’re still feeling the excess pounds from your Christmas binge (we are here at T3!), check out this month’s Man vs Tech (p76), where our writer tests out the latest in home gym equipment and clothing – we tried our best to…

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htc u ultra

£TBC, www.htc.com/uk Yeah, that looks kinda swish. Kinda? This is HTC’s ultra stylish new smartphone with an all-glass exterior and, um, no headphone jack. It’s a phone built to capture better photos, better audio, better video. Oh, and apparently you can make calls and stuff with it... But who cares about that when the U Ultra has a liquid surface? Liquid surface? T3, are you on drugs? What? Outrageous! We’ve never! No, HTC has spent megabucks developing a material that mimics the properties and looks of liquid. So not only is this phone smooth to touch, HTC says it’ll reflect light and colour in sensational ways. There’s a 5.7-inch Quad HD display to soak up, with a second screen (a two-inch strip) sitting to the right of the front-facing camera, acting as a hotspot…

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audio technica ath-dsr9bt

£499, audiotechnicashop.com I’m hearing a lot of buzz about these cans... That’s because they’re the first Audio Technica wireless headphones to use Pure Digital Drive technology, built around the Trigence Semiconductor Dnote chipset. And, er, what does that mean exactly? In simple terms, that tech keeps the original audio signal completely digital from source to driver. Dnote has been used in the automotive market before, but never in headphones. The snazzily named ATH-DSR9BTs also employ four-core voice coils, rather than the standard single core. Each voice coil receives a particular frequency range for enhanced precision and clarity. Are they high-res audio compatible? Are they high-res audio compatible? They certainly look fancy. Yes, the build quality is beautiful. Their over-the-ear cups are supremely comfortable, and memory foam helps personalise the fit. Usability is great, too: touch controls handle all…

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lithium cycles super 73

From $2,999 (£2,486), lithiumcycles.com Nice looking bike. Where’s the engine, though? This badass two-wheeler is all electric, baby! The Bafang BBSHD electric mid-drive motor pumps out a mighty 1,000 watts of power. Nudge the thumb throttle and you’ll hit speeds of up to 27mph (not too shabby for a bicycle), while the custom-engineered motor controller will dish out ample power uphill as well as down. But if it’s electric, why the pedals? The Super 73 features five levels of pedal assistance, which will extend the bike’s range and enable you to sneak in some exercise at the same time. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, simply hammer the throttle and let the electric motor do all the work. Sweet. So what’s the range? A single 3.5 hour battery charge will cover 20-30 miles of your dailycommute, or…