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Artists Magazine September 2020

Readers learn painting and drawing firsthand from other artists through written instruction and reproduction, guiding them step-by-step through the creative process. The magazine shows readers a wide variety of creative options, teaching the fundamentals of art making, presenting techniques in different painting and drawing media.

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what to paint next?

Every creative person is in search of a good idea, and there are as many different approaches to meeting that challenge as there are artists in the world. Although we tend to put a lot of weight on the choice of subject, it may be that what you paint isn’t nearly as significant as understanding what draws you to a subject, what you see in it and what it is that you hope to express. “A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.”—ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPÉRY In this issue, you’ll meet artists who bring fresh perspectives and real imagination to subjects that may not otherwise be considered especially innovative. Janet Ruttenberg (page 42), for example, is certainly not the first…

3 min.
an innovative portraitist

“Memling was the first Flemish artist to embellish his work with decorative Italian flourishes like gilded statues and putti.” The portraits are unified in their gestures of piety, as well as through lighting and color. Both figures are lit from the upper right. Surrounded by dark tones, Maria’s skin is especially luminous. Tommaso was about 42 years old when he married Maria, who was then 14. Both hailed from prominent Florentine families, and they enjoyed a comfortable life in Bruges. Tommaso commissioned works by the major Flemish artists of the era. Later, as manager of the Medici bank, his risky loans to the Duke of Burgundy and the Archduke of Austria resulted in the bank’s failure. The couple returned to Italy in 1497. Tommaso’s standing as a diplomat kept him out of…

8 min.
wild & whimsical

Barbra Ignatiev’s bold outlook on life translates seamlessly to the bright, beautiful floral designs she creates in her sunny California studio. Through her independent surface-design company, BARBARIAN® by Barbra Ignatiev, featuring “Art for the Wild-at-Heart,” she licenses her work to a variety of manufacturers who then transfer her whimsical prints onto everything from stationery, swimwear and bedspreads to plates, pillows and planners. Retailers that carry her designed products include Anthropologie, Bloomingdale’s, HomeGoods and Staples. With close to 20 years in the product-design field, more than 900 designs to her credit and a boatload of business savvy, Ignatiev offers useful principles for fine artists and designers alike who aim to develop a successful studio practice. MINDSET AND VISION Ignatiev found her way to surface design through several years of soul searching and intentional…

4 min.
painting what’s just outside the door

Danish-French Impressionist Camille Pissarro (1830–1903) said, “Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” I think, as artists, one of the best things we can do to make our work relatable and authentic is to paint what we know. Whether you live in a French village where the Impressionists painted, in a bustling city apartment or a rural area—there is beauty all around. If we look for it in our everyday surroundings, we can find it waiting just outside our doors. SEEING WITH NEW EYES I discovered the beauty close to my own home when I decided that I wanted to get back into painting after a 30-year hiatus. I started taking walks in the woods behind my house with my watercolor journaling gear in…

1 min.
variations on a theme

The best thing I did for myself as a beginning artist was to paint from life and to paint often. Within days of embarking on my oil painting journey, I started the 100 Meadows Project on Instagram (#100meadowsproject). It was a grand undertaking in which I challenged myself to paint 100 meadow landscapes (sized 4x6), in a five-month time frame. I planted myself in the middle of a meadow and painted, even as I was learning the basics of oil painting techniques. On occasion, I would take photos of the landscape and paint inside when the weather was inclement. A painting challenge like this can be helpful for beginners, but even skilled painters can benefit from intensive study of a single subject. Choose a scene or subject that’s just outside…

2 min.
we asked...

“The Bridge, Blackwell’s Island by George Bellows [American, 1882–1925]. I love the bold composition—especially the overarching bridge. The solidity of this massive structure provides the perfect counterpoint for the sweeping movement of the river. This painting truly represents the relationship between nature and the urban scene.” JOHN SALMINEN ARTIST AND INSTRUCTOR “Balaklava, by Carlo Bossoli [Italian, 1815–84]. The rendering of atmospheric perspective and the contrast of warm and cool colors, along with the strength of the drawing, make this a favorite picture to contemplate and also to absorb the technical skills of the artist.” MICHAEL SKALKA CHAIRMAN, ASTM D01.57, ARTISTS’ MATERIALS STANDARDS “Lake Keitele by Akseli Gallen-Kallela [Finnish, 1865–1931], which I encountered at the National Gallery, in London. The confidence and bravery in painting bold opaque stripes from edge to edge over the beautiful…