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Artists Magazine July/August 2017

Readers learn painting and drawing firsthand from other artists through written instruction and reproduction, guiding them step-by-step through the creative process. The magazine shows readers a wide variety of creative options, teaching the fundamentals of art making, presenting techniques in different painting and drawing media.

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in love with paint

ALL PAINTERS LOVE PAINT but in a few cases the devotion is so fervent and the paint application so ecstatic that we call such a painter “a painter’s painter.” One such painter was Vincent Van Gogh and another is Leslie Shiels (“The Skull Beneath the Skin,” page 38) In Ghost Story (above), Shiels pays homage to the master, by coupling children’s drawings with a tilted yellow field that quotes Vincent’s rhapsodic way of seeing. In this issue, too, Jerry N. Weiss tells the story of his art collection (“Living with Art,” page 30 and on the cover); Bruce Erikson unites classical motifs with contemporary figures (“The Past As Present,” page 46); and Caldecott-winning illustrator Eric Rohmann explains the trial and error that are behind the process of visually telling a…

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verge center for the arts

VERGE CENTER FOR THE ARTS isn’t just a gallery for modern art. It’s a place where artists can find affordable space to work in Sacramento; it’s a place for public educational programs in the arts, and it’s a place to see the most up-and-coming contemporary art exhibitions. Susanna Tu, Deputy Director of Verge, says, “Emerging and midcareer artists creating works not often shown in Sacramento are the focus, as well as artwork made by people of color, women and LGBTQ artists.” WHILE YOU’RE IN SACRAMENTO: Check out the Crocker Art Museum. Its exhibition “Full Spectrum: Paintings by Raimonds Starprans” will be on display starting June 25, showing the “thoroughly Latvian” artist’s Californian landscape and architecture works in full, rich color. See more information at crockerart.org.…

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recording a moment’s dream

MARYAM ASHKANIAN WAS BORN IN IRAN in 1988 and has continued her art education and career in Tehran, branching out to Europe in 2012. Since then she’s had exhibitions in Edinburgh, Scotland; Warsaw, Poland; Athens, Greece and many other cities, including her 2016 show “Sleeping Series” at Pedrami Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium. “The pillow is a metonymy of a dream,” says the artist. “Dreaming opens a window to the broader universe.” In Ashkanian’s embroidered faces, we peek into the experience in which we often participate but rarely observe. From this vantage point, the viewer can see bliss, fear, peace and oblivion—all expressed through the eye of a needle. “Dreaming opens a window to the broader universe.” Maryam Ashkanian TO SEE MORE OF ASHKANIAN’S WORK, GO TO MARYAMASHKANIAN.COM…

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little pride in a sister’s prejudice

This July marks the 200th anniversary of the death of Jane Austen, famed British author of such classics as Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. Around 1810, Jane’s sister Cassandra Austen began a watercolor portrait of her but stopped her work midway through. It’s said that when Cassandra showed her family the portrait, they didn’t take to it and offered her kind advice to stop painting. There aren’t many known portraits of Jane Austen available, so Cassandra’s half-finished piece became more important than her family would ever imagine. See the portrait at the National Portrait Gallery, in London. MW…

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twitter poll

This week, we conducted a poll on Twitter to see when the best time is to get those creative juices flowing: morning, afternoon, night, always? The majority, 32 percent, chose afternoon. So much for the afternoon slump! Still, don’t miss your micro nap. Salvador Dali believed one of the many reasons for his success was the one-second nap he would take in his armchair. Holding a key between his fingers, he would allow himself to drift off until he heard the key fall to the ground. Upon waking, he believed his creative energy to be refreshed and ready for the canvas!…

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sketch while you wait

Tools of the Trade I like to keep my travel materials simple and small in size. In the past I’ve taken wood-cased 6B pencils, a sharpener and any sketchbook that fit in my traveling backpack. Lately I’ve taken mechanical pencils so I can leave the sharpener behind. I have two mechanical pencils that I like. One is a Paper Mate ComfortMate Ultra with a 0.5 mm HB lead. It’s great for fine lines and anatomical studies. My second pencil is a Staedtler Mars Technico Lead Holder with a 2 mm 4B lead. It’s softer and broader, so it’s great for massing in form quickly and making dark marks. Since I use soft lead, I need to keep my drawings from smearing. The best way to do this is to use a small…