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Artists Magazine March 2017

Readers learn painting and drawing firsthand from other artists through written instruction and reproduction, guiding them step-by-step through the creative process. The magazine shows readers a wide variety of creative options, teaching the fundamentals of art making, presenting techniques in different painting and drawing media.

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flush & flourishing

ART AND COMMERCE are supposed to be at odds, but even purists acknowledge that the tradition of patronage—worldly popes, vainglorious kings and forward-thinking collectors—has allowed artists the freedom to dream dreams and take risks. Lacking a patron, painters today often teach workshops and court commissions. Historically, critics and commentators have neglected that latter aspect of a career—an imbalance we correct in “Stories Without Words,” page 32, on the portraits of Sharon Sprung. A commission, in Sprung’s hands, transcends the contract, becoming less of a commodity and more of a gift. Painting or drawing a portrait, in essence, is a matter of seeing, and Juliette Aristides explains the differences between the two principal ways of assessing form in Ask the Experts, page 22; Stephen Cefalo delineates the bones of the feet (Drawing…

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hooks-epstein galleries, inc.

COFOUNDER OF HOOKSEPSTEIN GALLERIES, Geri Hooks, spoke to us about what artists can do to get noticed. Having been in business for nearly 50 years, Hooks knows the top tips for artists looking for representation. Her advice boils down to a few essentials: Be prepared: Visit a few select galleries in person (don’t gallery hop!) to identify whether the owner’s aesthetic is a good match to your own, and make an appointment to speak with the owner in person (bring your portfolio). Hooks-Epstein places a particular emphasis on works on paper and also specializes in fine art glass. WHILE YOU’RE IN HOUSTON don’t miss the biggest exhibition of Cuban art in the United States in 70 years. “Adiós Utopia: Dreams and Deceptions in Cuban Art Since 1950” will be at the…

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movie poster resurgence

IT SEEMS AS IF WE’VE ENTERED AN ERA where fine art employment is hard to come by. Advertising agencies used to hire freelance artists in droves and print illustration provided artists with a reliable income. We may have counted movie posters among the fallen, but two new documentaries, Original Copy and 24x36, profile the art form and its possible big-time resurgence, starting with small, ingenious companies like Mondo (see posters for The Graduate, Frozen and Drive, above), employing artists to create original and beautiful screen-printed posters for classic and contemporary films, TV shows and comics. The documentary Original Copy profiles a Mumbai artist, “the last screenpainter,” who paints huge scenes on banners to advertise B-list movies playing in a local theater, the “Alfred Talkies,” only to cover them up with…

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an artist finds solace and inspiration in cherished relics.

“If you see beauty everywhere in everything your soul is set free.” Nikolai Serov in Local Color 1. A CLEAN SLATE: Whenever I begin a new painting, I clean shop. Sweeping away traces of my last oeuvre by cleaning my palette, brushes, tools and workspace is tantamount to the promise of a fresh start. T.S. Elliot said, “ ... to make an end is to make a beginning.” 2. CAPTURING THE SOUL OF A VISION: I especially enjoy taking simple objects and giving them human qualities, creating a story line that people can respond to emotionally, visually, intellectually and/or spiritually. Sometimes a concept springs to life—such serendipity is a blessing. More often, though, themes and compositions need to be coaxed into fruition. That’s when I look to my trusty treasure trove of…

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drawing feet will keep you on your toes

AS ONE OF MY GREAT TEACHERS SAID, “the hardest thing about drawing figures is to make them look as if they’re actually standing.” The key, first of all, is to get the distribution of weight correct by paying very close attention to the angles and distances, as well as carefully observing the alignment of the feet in relation to the center of the body. The next hurdle is actually drawing feet that look structurally sound and functional. Legs of iron can’t stand on feet of clay. Feet are the foundation of our figures but, as they can be such a nuisance to draw, it’s tempting to throw something wedge-shaped below the ankles as a stand-in just so we can move on to the rest of the figure; however, with just…

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self-portraits in the digital age

SELF-PORTRAITURE IS A CENTURIES-OLD THEME for artists; snapping a digital “selfie” is a favorite pastime of the younger generation. While the selfie is all about superficial appearance, a self-portrait is useful to an artist for many other reasons. The subject of a self-portrait is always available to you so, at any time, you can practice drawing and painting the head with endless variations of poses and lighting. You can play with distortion, expression and interpretation without worrying about the sensibilities of the model. Some artists are interested in expressing a political viewpoint (Robert Arneson); others are focused on self-revelation (Frida Kahlo); others want to work out new ideas and techniques using a familiar image (Chuck Close). Every artist should create at least one self-portrait. Approaching the traditional self-portrait with inspiration provided…