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Artists Magazine May 2017

Readers learn painting and drawing firsthand from other artists through written instruction and reproduction, guiding them step-by-step through the creative process. The magazine shows readers a wide variety of creative options, teaching the fundamentals of art making, presenting techniques in different painting and drawing media.

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love & honor

“Writing is play in the same way that playing the piano is ‘play’ or putting on a theatrical play is ‘play,’’’ says Margaret Atwood. “Just because something’s fun doesn’t mean it isn’t serious.” In this issue, we are delighted to showcase the work of artists who take play seriously: Sally Strand’s theatrical evocations of daily life (“The Moment In-Between,” page 28); Julio Reyes’s sporting desire to try new materials (Drawing Board, page 14), and Candice Bohannon’s exultant, abundant imagination (Brushing Up, page 22). And two artists, who still love to dress up, Patti Brady and Teresa Oaxaca, demonstrate that the origins of art often lie in the joys of childhood. Brady loved sitting on the floor as she cut out paper dolls and costumes (“The Barb Beneath the Beauty,” page 36),…

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alessandra maria

ALTHOUGH YOUNG, Alessandra Maria makes paintings that are imbued with a spiritual frankness and exploration more often found in the confidence of a seasoned artist. Her past schooling at a Catholic girls’ high school and her interest in Buddhism influence her subject matter. She uses black ink for its staining power—a meditation on what’s permanent and what’s fleeting. “In Abrahamic religions, feminine power has been embodied with few exceptions in three forms: the virgin, the whore, and the mother,” she says. “A woman’s most virtuous role was defined insofar as her being an object or vessel for someone else.” Alessandra Maria aims to create her own narrative for women. She says of A Gathering, A Confrontation (Self-Portrait in the Garden): “It tells the story of the artist coming to terms…

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carving out time for hellos

TAM: What is your history in art making? Rachel Kroh: I discovered printmaking as an undergrad at Sarah Lawrence College. After getting a master’s degree in art and religion at Yale Divinity School, I realized that printmaking is my true calling and returned to school for an MFA in print media from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. TAM: How did you get started with woodcuts? RK: I always came back to relief printing because it works well with my drawing style, and I love the meditational aspect of carving. I chose wood-block printing for Heartell cards because the obvious mark of my hands in the images is a good fit for the relational, personal nature of stationery. I think woodblock is the most elemental and intimate of the printmaking processes. TAM:…

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arctic painting

Plein air painting usually evokes images of the warm sun, a breeze, a quiet meadow—not so for Canadian landscape artist Cory Trépanier who braves freezing temperatures to paint the arctic. “In the North, I found a raw and vast natural world, much of it seemingly untouched, with landscapes that are so primeval that it’s like stepping back in time to the beginning of creation,” says Trépanier whose Into the Arctic exhibition will begin touring the U.S. in 2017. Although it’s cold, he says the temperature isn’t his biggest obstacle. Extreme weather patterns and wild animals like polar bears and wolves present a more dramatic possibility as Trépanier traverses the tundra. Working in the arctic hasn’t just pushed Trépanier physically, it’s also been a challenge artistically. His palette has had to reflect…

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mapping new terrain

Every two years, the best cartographers and artists in the world are chosen and represented in the Atlas of Design. Volume 3 sold out almost as quickly as it was published. Here are two of our favorite designs. READ MORE AT ATLASOFDESIGN.ORG. INTERIOR ILLUSTRATION FROM LEVIATHAN BY SCOTT WESTERFELD ILLUSTRATED BY KEITH THOMPSON; FROM SIMON PULSE, AN IMPRINT OF SIMON & SCHUSTER CHILDREN’S PUBLISHING DIVISION…

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leave no media behind

WE LIVE IN A TIME of great technological innovation, and I feel fortunate to be making art when so many new means and materials are at our fingertips. The trick is to understand what you want out of your materials and what it is you’d like to achieve by using them. Learning how to use traditional materials (paper made of cellulose, wood panels, real gesso, etc.) and traditional approaches makes a good foundation for understanding how to experiment in the studio and how to incorporate innovative new materials into your body of work. Learning to make things well is paramount. Many of history’s masterpieces are the result of innovations in thought and execution, but they’re made so exquisitely and with such expertise as to survive the centuries. Hence, in order…