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The iOS 11 iPad GuideBookThe iOS 11 iPad GuideBook

The iOS 11 iPad GuideBook

The iOS 11 iPad GuideBook

NEW! Premium Special Edition. Over 140 pages of high quality content. The only digital iPad user guide you will ever need. Nothing ever stays still in the world of tech, and so it proves with the Apple iPad; but if you’re getting confused by the new features added with the new iOS 11 update, worry no more. The iOS 11 iPad GuideBook is here for all your tablet computing needs. We show you how to upgrade to the new operating system, and what it can do for your iPad, iPad Pro or iPad mini. Its great new features are covered in our in-depth, step-by-step guides, which are written in plain English so you can follow along whatever your level of iPad experience. 100% Independent.

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the ios 11 ipad guidebook

Completely up to date with iOS 11 iOS 11 is here and it’s looking great! The new iPad operating system brings with it a wealth of new features that really help you get the most from your Apple tablet. There’s a brand new Control Centre, which can be customised to your personal needs. There’s some great new features in Photos, including editing and adding effects to Live Photos. We’ll also cover adding tables to Notes, pinning an important note to the top of your list and the new iCloud sync for the Messages app. Over the next 144 pages, we help you get to grips with iOS 11 and its key apps. The future starts here and you can be a part of it. Email: ian@bdmpublications.com Find us online at: @bdmpubs BDM Publications Web: www.bdmpublications.com…

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getting started with ios 11

If you’re new to the iPad, this is where you should start. In this section, we take you through the update process, upgrading your iPad to the brand new iOS 11. We also show you how to get the most from its key features, like the capacitive touchscreen and the virtual keyboard. New features added in iOS 11 such as sharing Wi-Fi passwords between iOS 11 devices and customising the new look Control Centre are explained and we also show you how to take your iPad onto a wireless network and how to set up email accounts for the Mail app. Even if you’re an experienced iPad user, there’s something for you here.…

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updating ios to the new ios 11

1 Open the Settings app. Scroll the right-hand side of the screen all the way to the top and tap the second option from the top, Software Update. If a new update is ready to download, you see the iOS details window shown in Step 2. 2 To download the update, tap the link at the bottom of the screen. If no update is available. perhaps because your iPad isn’t recent enough to use the new OS, you’re told your iPad is up to date with the latest version of iOS. 3 If your iPad has less than 50 per cent battery power, you can’t update it unless it’s also connected to a power source; the Install option is greyed. Plug it into a mains outlet or your computer and don’t disconnect…

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setting up an apple id in ios 11

1 Open the Settings application from your iPad’s Home screen and scroll to the top of the left-hand column. Tap ‘Sign in to your iPad’ right at the top of the list, then in the pop-up window, tap ‘Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it?’ 2 Tap ‘Create Apple ID’ in the next window and then, when instructed, enter your date of birth. This then takes you to a new screen, where you enter your first and last names. Do so and then tap Next to move on to the next step. 3 Next, you’re asked whether you want to use your current email address (if you have one) for your Apple ID, or to use the free iCloud email address you get by registering for an Apple ID. Tap your…

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setting up and using touch id

1 From the Home screen tap the Settings app to bring up the menu screen, and then scroll down to the General link and tap the screen. 2 From the next screen, scroll down and tap the Touch ID & Passcode link, look for the red icon with the fingerprint on it. You then need to enter your lock screen passcode. 3 Enter your passcode and tap the Fingerprints link. At this point you can add a new fingerprint or additional fingerprints for other users. 4 From the list of options you will need to tap Add a Fingerprint… to begin the process of setting up your unique Touch ID or IDs. 5 Place your finger on the touch sensor (Home button), and the process will begin to gradually start adding your fingerprint to…

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using the capacitive touchscreen

Touch To activate items such as applications, to use the on-screen keyboard, or to press on-screen buttons, touch them with your finger. The touchscreen is sensitive to the tiny electrical charge in our bodies, so you don’t need to press hard. Touch and Hold You can touch and hold an item on the screen by touching it and not lifting your finger until an action occurs. This could be a menu opening, or an icon lifting off the screen and showing that it’s able to be moved. Double-tap Tap quickly twice on a web page, map, or other screen to zoom. Double-tap a section of a web page in the browser to zoom fit it to the width of the screen. Double-tapping a piece of text can highlight a single word too. Swipe or Scroll Menus and…