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The Nikon Camera Book The Nikon Camera Book Vol 1 2nd Revised Edition

Photography is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and with Nikon leading the way in terms of technology and innovation, it’s no wonder that its cameras are trusted by so many photographers. Although many other brands try to nibble at the market share, year on year Nikon remains a heavyweight contender, with a catalogue of cameras ranging from point-and-shoot compacts to professional DSLRs. The Nikon Camera Book is the ultimate guide to getting the most from your Nikon, and in this new edition, we will show you everything you need to know about your model. From the newest cameras and lenses on the market, to the accessories that will make your life easier, you’ll discover which one suits your needs best. We take you through advanced shooting techniques across a range of photographic genres, such as creating atmospheric landscapes and working wonders with macro. And we finish with essential advice on editing your Nikon-captured images, to give your photos that final touch for maximum impact. Featuring: Guide to Nikon - Take a look at the phenomenal range of cameras, lenses and equipment that Nikon offers, and see which are the right fit for you. Using your Nikon - Master the basics of composition, focusing, metering and more with our helpful introductory guides. Advanced techniques - Go in-depth with our extensive guides to a variety of different photography genres, from portraits and landscapes, to macro and still life. Editing your Nikon images - Make your good images great, with a range of tutorials on the best Nikon photo-editing software.

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mirrored images

Serene lakes towered by lofty mountain ranges are the epitome of shooting locations when your aim is to capture reflections in the landscape. For this technique, you’ll find again that natural light is most favourable in the early morning, when warm sunrise tones look fantastic when mirrored in cooler shades of the water. If you’re visiting an unfamiliar spot, use a phone app such as the Photographer’s Ephemeris to calculate where the Sun will rise, ideally positioning your subject in front of you and the Sun behind. Of course, it’s not always possible to get out early, and while direct light on the surface will cause glare, a polarising filter reduces this effect. As a general rule, the most tranquil spots will be smaller and more sheltered, but it’s also possible…

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sport mode

Avoid capturing blurry action shots by freezing it as it unfolds using the dedicated Sport scene mode on your mode dial. You don’t have to shoot just sport with it either; it’s useful for other action packed activities too, and can come in handy if you’re shooting wildlife or pets. Use Sport mode if you’re shooting a local football team, surfers on the beach or kids riding their bikes, and you’re in a better position to be able to capture all the action as it happens. In fact, the Sport scene mode works in a similar way to the Child scene mode, but uses much faster shutter speed settings and disables the use of flash. With faster shutter speeds assured in this mode, you’ll be able to shoot handheld and get…

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use motion blur for a creative take

The concept of adding motion to a still image is a fairly strange one, but an important point when you want to add a sense of life and personality to a portrait. By adding blur to an image, it gives the viewer the perception of movement. While this may sound difficult, it’s actually very easy to perform and can be an incredibly inventive tool for adding some personality to the image – particularly portraits. In this shot, blur has been added to create an effect that’s reminiscent to a double-exposure image. 1 SECOND CURTAIN SYNC With a flashgun attached, or with the pop-up flash activated, go to the camera’s flash settings and activate second-curtain sync. 2 MANUAL MODE In manual mode (M), set a shutter speed of around 0.8sec, the ISO to the lowest…

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lenses for travel

If you’re the adventurous type, then you may find yourself on many big trips to some remote places and you’ll no doubt want to take your Nikon with you. If you’re a travelling photographer then the biggest thing to consider in your kit bag is the weight of your photographic equipment. You may have to compromise on image quality due to practical reasons, as if you’re travelling alone you will soon get annoyed with lugging around two or three heavy lenses. This weight issue will most likely affect photographers with heavy professional DSLR camera bodies such as the D4. For travellers, having the lightest but most versatile lens possible is important, so a large focal range is essential. The best option to consider to take on a trip is just one…

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store the memory

TOSHIBA SDHC 4BG MEMORY CARD (£6/$9) Approved by Nikon as compatible with the COOLPIX S30 camera, this memory card may be smaller in space than the rest, but when used with small JPEGs it offers more than enough memory and speed to keep snapping as much as you like. The card is available in sizes up to 32GB if you plan to shoot a lot at once and its reasonable price means you can invest in a few and swap out on shoots. NIKON 8GB SDHC CARD (£5/$8) This standard SD card will work in a range of cameras and devices. While the 8GB offers plenty of space for casual snaps, bigger sizes such as the 16GB will suit those who plan to shoot more in one go or wish to shoot videos.…

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q & a standout style

Web:www.bigbouquet.co.uk Bio: Emma Davenport works alongside her husband Ian, shooting weddings and portrait shoots on location. They work with Nikon D700s and a wealth of prime lenses. Big Bouquet is in its fifth year of business. How important is Photoshop to you in your professional career and how much do you use it? Because of the volume of shots I have to process on a weekly basis, and the quick turnaround time I need for my clients, I now do a lot of my basic image tweaking in Lightroom. However, when I turn on Lightroom for work, Photoshop is always powered up too. It’s become second nature! For those feature shots, or images that need a little bit more editing work, Photoshop gives me a far more polished finish. What tools and techniques do you…