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The Photographers’ Guide to AdobePhotoshop & Lightroom

The Photographers’ Guide to AdobePhotoshop & Lightroom

The photographers__ Guide to Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom 2015
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The creation of a photograph rarely stops when you press the shutter. While a great photographer needs the skills to capture brilliant pictures with their camera, they often need to polish their in-camera creations during post-production. The Photographers’ Guide to Photoshop and Lightroom will help you do just that. It is a jargon-free introduction to Adobe’s imaging software, packed with practical and creative techniques to help you get the most from your images.

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United Kingdom
Dennis Publishing UK
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“The creation of a photograph rarely stops when you press the shutter. While a great photographer needs the skills to capture brilliant pictures with their camera, they often need to polish their in-camera creations during post-production. With film, it used to be that any necessary edits and enhancements were done in the darkroom. Now, with digital, it’s done on a computer, usually accompanied by an Adobe editing software. Regardless of the type of digital camera you use, once you have your images on your PC or Mac, Lightroom and Photoshop allow you to organise, enhance and manipulate to your heart’s content. Whether using Adobe’s beginner-focused Elements or its powerhouse software, Photoshop, there are countless ways to improve or transform your photographs. Add to these the intuitive workflow system of Lightroom,…

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photoshop. the digital photographers’ choice!

PHOTOGRAPHY IS ABOUT creativity, always has been. Since its inception, photographers haven’t simply been content to document their surroundings but have sought to enhance, embellish, beautify and distort their imagery, be it via the darkroom or with in-camera techniques. Adobe Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom are just tools in the creative arsenal, though they happen to be damn good ones – the best possible. Everything that was done in the film darkroom can be recreated in these softwares, and far more besides. Images that are now appearing in this digital age are really pushing the boundaries of the imagination. So if you haven’t already jumped on the Adobe bandwagon, it’s really time to take that leap. You’re missing out on the chance to explore your creative self. Even if your ambitions…

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which adobe editing software is right for you?

LIGHTROOM, ELEMENTS OR Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC)? it’s a question many photographers ask themselves, especially now the full version of Photoshop is more affordable than ever thanks to a monthly subscription. many who once recoiled at the hefty price might be tempted to give it a go, but is it the right choice for you when compared to lightroom or the even more affordable Elements 14? that’s what we aim to help you decide here. Photoshop and digital photography are the perfect pair to the point that the noun ‘Photoshopped’ has become synonymous with most types of photo editing. however, while professional image quality is expected with Photoshop CC, the extensive tools in lightroom and even Photoshop Elements may be more than adequate depending on your budget and level of skill.…

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photoshop elements 14

Buy for: £79.10 Upgrade for: £64.81 Bestfor:Newphotographersandthosewithlimited editingskillsorbasicambitionsfortheirediting “CAPTURE THE MOMENT now. perfect the photo later’: it’s adobe’s sell for the latest version of elements and it’s suitably fitting given it’s designed for photographers who prefer auto over manual mode, or find their skills in their infancy. In essence, elements is a stripped-down version of photoshop CC that’s much easier to use but is still loaded with easy-to-use features, such as one-click Quick editing options as well as Guided and expert platforms for when you progress in skill. the Guided interface is ideal for new amateur photographers, while the expert mode looks and functions similar to photoshop CC, making it perfect for budgetconscious Weekend photo Warriors. It’s the cheapest option by far – you can own elements for the same cost of renting photoshop…

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lightroom cc

Buyfor:£110(Lightroom6orearlier) Rentfor:£8.57permonth(aspartofCCpackage) Bestfor:Enthusiastandprophotographerswhowant advancededitingaswellascataloguing THINK OF LIGHTROOM as the ultimate digital darkroom where you can organise and edit your negatives. it’s a system for serious enthusiast and professional photographers alike; it’s the first stop and often the only stop for photographers due to its arsenal of editing and cataloguing features. many pro photographers use Lightroom to download their memory cards, filter their image selection and then do all – or 90% – of their editing using the Develop module. You can quickly organise your entire library of photos, efficiently make common global edits and even make selective tweaks using the Adjustment Brush – frankly, there’s very little you cannot do, so why do you even need Photoshop CC? if your shots need no significant changes, well, you don’t – Photoshop is for when you want…

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photoshop cc

Buyfor:£799(PhotoshopCS6) Rentfor:£8.57permonth(aspartofCClpackage) Bestfor:Advancedphotographersandthosewho wantpreciseandunlimitedcontrolovertheirediting IF YOU’RE STILL UNSURE, or contemplating investing in a Creative Cloud subscription, you probably want to know what all the fuss is about for Photoshop CC. frankly, it’s probably a bit misdirected unless you’re an advanced photographer, designer or animator. the answer whether you need it or not depends on how intricate you want your editing to be. if you plan to create complex composites or simply want access to a wider selection of tools and better features, then it’s worth it. there are at least three or four ways to do any one thing in Photoshop, which is arguably two to three more ways than in elements, so you can choose and control your preferred method of working. if you want that creative flexibility, then subscribing to Creative…