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Town & Country Dec/Jan 2020

Town & Country features the latest in luxury, from beautiful homes, sumptuous dining to exotic locations. In 11 gorgeous annual issues, Town & Country covers the arts, fashion and culture, bringing the best of everything to America's trendsetters

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t&c history

1987 SECRET SANTA Our December 1987 issue, which had a cover by Italian artist and children’s book illustrator Oscar De Mejo, included a roundup of “Special Givers and Glorious Gifts.” We tipped our hat to Pierre Schlumberger, who once surprised his wife São with a 51-carat Golconda diamond ring—in a brown paper bag. We still favor extravagant gifts with a twist (forget a Moncler jacket—their new ball gown is much more 2020. So is a portable Pilates reformer). The greatest presents for discerning (or demanding) recipients are all here, starting on page 39.…

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a great place to have a party

It’s the kind of question that comes up often. “I want to take 50 friends away for my 50th. We need a direct flight and a hotel with a great chef.” “We want our daughter to be married in Rome. Is there a property that knows how to accommodate 200 Americans?” “They don’t want a big, fancy anniversary party, but we’re doing it anyway. And inviting all their friends. Help.” “We want a multigenerational gathering in the Adirondacks. What’s the name of that old Vanderbilt camp again? We need a buyout!” There are answers to these destination celebration dilemmas, and every other faraway party conundrum you can think of, in our 10-page 2020 Global Party Guide, which begins on page 89 and includes a list of the travel specialists who can…

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town & country

STELLENE VOLANDES Editor in Chief DANIELLE STEIN CHIZZIK Deputy Editor ERIN HOBDAY Executive Managing Editor Executive Travel Editor KLARA GLOWCZEWSKA Articles Director NORMAN VANAMEE Design Director KRISTIN FITZPATRICK Fashion & Accessories Director DANIA ORTIZ Style Features Director ERIK MAZA Beauty Director APRIL LONG Chief Visual Content Director, Hearst Magazines ALIX CAMPBELL Visual Director DARRICK HARRIS Senior Editor ADAM RATHE (Arts & Culture) Style & Interiors Writer OLIVIA MARTIN Fashion Market Editor MARYKATE BOYLAN Assistant Managing Editor ASHLEIGH MACDONALD-BENNETT Credits Editor CAITLIN MULLEN VP of Content, Hearst Digital Media BROOKE SIEGEL Digital Director ELIZABETH ANGELL Senior Digital Editor ROXANNE ADAMIYATT Senior News Editor CAROLINE HALLEMANN Associate Digital Editor MAGGIE MALONEY Digital News Writer CHLOE FOUSSIANES Digital Designer MICHAEL STILLWELL Assistant Editor LEENA KIM Assistant to the Editor in Chief ELIZABETH CANTRELL Wine Critic JAY MCINERNEY Editor at Large VICKY WARD European Editor at Large MARTINA MONDADORI SARTOGO Contributing Writer BEN WIDDICOMBE Executive Director, Talent, Hearst Magazines RANDI PECK Deputy Art Director CHIUN LEE Designer ARIANNA…

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gifts & guidance

1 First, Google the Guest List! BY JOEL STEIN A nice comedy writer recently asked me to be on his podcast about masculinity. I listened to a few episodes, because podcasts about masculinity can be iffy, but it was anodyne. Still, I had my reservations, mostly because the host, Jordan Crowder, is the brother of Steven Crowder, the provocative conservative commentator who got demonetized by YouTube for homophobic harassment. I was worried about being attacked for going on as a guest but did it anyway, partly because it didn’t seem fair to judge someone for his brother’s sins, but mostly because no one listens to anodyne podcasts about masculinity. I’m not alone in trying to predict the ramifications of every interaction. We’re all constantly running social harm risk analysis—trying to figure out how…

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giving from the heart

As the American Heart Association evolves, we are energized by the strong, vibrant future we’re building with our more than 40 million volunteers and supporters. Our mission statement informs everything we do: To be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives. While our work remains anchored to heart disease and stroke, we’ve sharpened our focus to meet the comprehensive health needs of people everywhere. We fund research and programs at the intersection of leading science and technology, and we help empower people to improve their health. We advocate for laws and policies that truly can transform communities and ensure equitable health for all. We are forming powerful partnerships, working with the best and brightest to advance data mining, precision medicine, health technology, drug discovery, venture capital investing, and brain…

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house of spirits

If the king and queen were coming over, what would you offer them? Something bespoke and luxurious, of course, and also local, preferably, and—one can dream—memorable. This was one man’s ambition when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visited his hometown of Montreal in 1939. For the owner of a liquor company, the obvious solution was to mark the occasion with a special blended whisky distilled in Montreal and Waterloo. The new combination was named Crown Royal, and one of its core components was made in Montreal’s LaSalle distillery until 1993, when production was moved to Gimli, Manitoba. Twenty-six years later, the final batches of LaSalle whisky have been poured into Crown Royal XR LaSalle, a limited edition blend made as a last toast to its birthplace. The whisky—smooth, slightly sweet,…