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Annual 2019

Truckin' Life is the ultimate road magazine, featuring the trucks, the drivers, the political issues, the history, the lifestyle, the interests and hobbies of anyone who's into the truckin' way of life.

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wicked little things!

Welcome to another issue of Truckin’ Life. This month we kick off with a fantastic fleet of Macks led by the Rig Of The Month, a 685hp Titan named, ‘Wicked Little Thing’. Running on Mack’s M-Drive automatic gearbox and with Mack’s kitted out sleepers, owner Gerard Johnson couldn’t be happier. With a few R-Models, a Flintstone and the current crop of Titans already under his belt, Gerard says its testament to the quality of the brand, and we tend to agree! We’ve got two Everyday Truckie profiles this month and first up, Barry Harmsworth heads to Central Queensland to talk to two brothers who are pioneers of the concrete pumping game. You know those monster boom pumps that get in to the tight spots and multi-story buildings that the agis can’t…

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outback macks!

Queensland is known as the beef cattle state and venture out into the outback of that state and you will inevitably come across trip cattle road trains. There are dozens and dozens of small operators serving their local area and in Tambo, there is Johnson Brothers Cattle Transport. The company was founded by three brothers, Brendan, Adrian and Ashley in 1967; commencing with a petrol powered Dodge truck undertaking the local mail runs on dirt roads. Like every good business it grew, and the brothers were soon doing wool, general and fuel with the destinations reaching further and further afield and eventually running regularly to Brisbane. Stock cartage began and became the mainstay of the operation. Over the years the combinations got bigger, road trains became commonplace as did double deck stock crates.…

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rig of the month entry form

Owner-drivers and fleets can enter the Truckin’ Life Rig of the Month. This isn’t just for gleaming, brand new trucks. Any vehicle that reflects the owner’s effort in putting a well presented rig on the road stands a chance of winning. The rig of the Month represents all that is great about the Australian transport industry. You can enter your rig or nominate someone else’s. Simply send the entry form below with some images to: Rig of the Month. Truckin’ Life Magazine. 2 Stanley Street, Silverwater, NSW 2128…

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hit for six!

As far as Bulldozers go, a 475 Komatsu is right up there as one of the biggest. So to move one you need to have the blade and cab removed to reduce the weight and the height. Dave Rossiter from Holz Heavy Haulage had the job to move Moits 474 from a site in Sydney’s west to the north. Normally it is a quick 30 min trip across the city but when the load is this size it requires a whole new route and gameplan to get the job done. A couple of hours later with plenty of detours and the big dozer arrived at its destination, but the heavy haulers know that the direct route is rarely the one they can take! OCCASIONALLY THE LOADS ARE SO BIG THAT THEY…

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tony’s triumphal trio!

There’s only one place in the world where you can find all together the three Limited Edition Macks built on the SuperLiner chassis (the R600 and R700 models). And that, classic truck fans, is amongst Tony Champion’s unique collection of Macks in Rockhampton, Queensland. It is here, in dust-free, air-conditioned, luxury accommodation, that the Magnum, the Freedom and the Bicentennial stand shoulder to shoulder – a gleaming line-up of heavy-duty haulage and 1980’s cutting-edge technology. Mack trucks are known for their Limited Edition models – purpose built trucks that in spite of their tough working conditions, command attention on the highways. The R-series, built from 1965 to 2005, was ideal for showcasing toughness, desirability and endurance as the longest running build of any truck, make or series, so the Magnum, Freedom…

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set in concrete

This is a tale of two brothers, eight trucks and scores of cities – a fraternal partnership that has developed into a successful transport operation, into a thriving business that is … well, quite literally, set in concrete! Forty-two-year-old Karl and 37-year-old Dwayne Nixon have developed a job specific trucking business that is an essential part of everyday life in development areas across the globe, but to the uninitiated, it is still something of a mystery. This is the specialist world of concrete pumping, where monster mechanical arms unfurl from big heavy duty rigs and arch across construction sites, while their dangling hoses twist and turn snakelike to reach inaccessible nooks and crannies. And success all comes down to the hard work, commitment, persistence and forward thinking of the Nixon family. The…