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August 2019

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one step forward, two steps back

I don’t feel much like writing, so I will keep this short. Just when I thought I was wrapping up the yearlong build of Project Over/Under, Murphy’s law kicked in. Today, the 147,000-mile 4.8L LS engine—the one thing on the entire truck that was not rebuilt or replaced—has come really close to crapping out on me. It’s not a lifter noise or piston slap; I have plenty of experience with those. My dad, an ex-GM mechanic, was told for years that a horrible piston slap on a 5.3L was “within factory specs.” At first, I thought it was the exhaust coming loose or rubbing on something, so I took a trip to Gibson Performance and cleaned up the system, so we could rule that out. This sound is a heavy…

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new products

No Worries Who: Method Race Wheels What: Trail Series 702 Why: For those of you who want to use your truck on the road and tend to take it off the beaten path as well, Method Race Wheels has a new option for you. The Trail Series 702 with Bead Grip Technology was designed like a beadlock wheel to allow for reducing air pressure when using your rig on trails to achieve better traction. The 702 has DOT approval for on-road use most beadlock wheels do not have. You can now safely enjoy off-road driving on lower air pressure without being concerned about your tire coming off the bead. The 702 comes in a 17-inch diameter with various lug patterns available and a either matte black or bronze finish. Where: 866.779.8604; methodracewheels.com Bolt-on Gains Who: ProCharger What:…

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radical renderings

As with many of the artists we spotlight here in Truckin, Justin Ford says he was always into art and custom cars. However, it was never in his wildest dreams that he would end up creating vehicle art for a living. In March 2016, he downloaded some design software and taught himself graphic design by experimenting with the different tools in the program. The result is what you see here, three years later, from J.M. Ford Designs. He doesn’t call himself a graphic designer, though. He is just an artist who uses a computer with a monitor as a canvas to draw vehicles he likes. He began posting them on social media to gauge the feedback and response he’d get. After he completed a rendering for his first client in…

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return of the 7.3l v-8

Ford is going to update its popular F-Series Super Duty lineup for the 2020 model year, giving it updated styling, new engines, and a heavy-duty 10-speed automatic transmission. In the face of its brand-new competition from the ’20 Chevrolet Silverado HD and ’19 Ram Heavy Duty, we expect the new Super Duty to retake its maximum-towing crown, mostly thanks to the third-generation 6.7L Power Stroke turbodiesel V-8. As of press time, Ford wouldn’t cop to official power, torque, or towing numbers, but the company promised wholesale improvements compared to the outgoing Super Duty. That means more than the 450 hp and 935 lb-ft the ’19 Super Duty produces, as well as more than 35,000 pounds of towing capacity. Given the ’20 Silverado HD can tow up to 35,500 pounds and the…

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in good hands

As the owner of a custom shop, one of the most important jobs is making sure your products are the newest and best so you can provide customers with quality items. Michael Lee, owner of Mykal’s Custom Auto and Paint in Fairfield, Illinois, relies on the reps who come into his shop almost daily to have information on everything. His Axalta DuPont paint rep, Henry Phillips, would always come in and comment on the custom trucks Michael was building, and he was in awe of his talents. Henry’s father-in-law had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was selling his classic truck to pay some bills. Henry mentioned Michael should come take a look and see if he wanted it. When Michael asked how much, Henry replied, “He wants five.” Michael didn’t…