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Truckin #3 V45 2019

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how i got here: part 2

Last month, I began telling the story of how I came to be in the magazine business, as well as the automotive industry in general, but I only got through my family history and my childhood before the page was full. We’ll see how far we get today. So there I was: A teenager with a rich family history in muscle cars and work trucks and a dad who was restoring muscle cars and building transmissions with one of his old friends from his dealership days. It seemed only natural that I’d go in the same direction. I remember two vehicles I wanted to build or own when I was a little kid. One was a square-body Chevy shortbed 4x4—the current body style at the time. The other was a Vega…

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new products

Safe Space Who: Tuffy Security Products What: Rear Under Seat Lockbox Why: Model 352 is comprised of 16-gauge, powdercoated, welded steel and uses Tuffy’s patented Pry-Guard locking system with 1/8-inch welded steel components and has chamfered edges. Pry-Guard technology has a 10-tumbler double-bitted security lock with built-in weather seals to protect the contents of the box. It installs easily with the included mounting hardware, which works in conjunction with the OEM hardware and does not require any drilling. The design allows for quick removal using the innovative mounting system, which can only be accessed from inside the lockbox. Where: 800.348.8339; tuffyproducts.com Attracted to Traction Who: Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels What: Trail Country EXP Why: Based on the original Trail Country tire, the premium 2-ply, all-terrain hybrid Trail Country EXP features a new tread pattern with an 18.5/32-inch…

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radical renderings

Sometimes, in the business of automotive art, a newcomer enters the game and turns a few heads with a different take on what is possible when it comes to truck customizing. Chase Carroll, owner and founder of Innov8 Design Lab, specializes in high-quality automotive concept visualizations as well as product design. Since its inception in 2018, Innov8 Design Lab has emerged as one of the leading rendering companies in the automotive industry, and we have received multiple requests from Truckin readers to showcase the company’s work in these pages. Innov8 has designed vehicles for the SEMA show, professional athletes, automotive customization shops, and celebrities. It’s working to push the standard of automotive renderings by providing ultra-realistic images and animations. If you are looking for a high-quality, one-off visualization of your…

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hennessey jeep grand cherokee trackhawk

Horsepower is a bit like pie and ice cream: Too much is never enough. So, if you’ve driven the 707hp Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and are hungry for a bit more, Hennessey can help by adding a little supercharged flavor to the super-SUV. The Hennessey Jeep comes with an HPE1200 engine package, which includes stouter pistons and piston rods, ported cylinder heads, a camshaft upgrade, stainless steel headers, and a 4.5L supercharger system. Running 109-octane fuel and 22 psi of boost, the whole setup is good for 1,003 hp and 892 lb-ft at the rear wheels. Factor in some driveline loss, and you’ll see why the company calls it the HPE1200. Keen to understand just how much power that really is, Hennessey took the Grand Cherokee to the track. The company fitted…

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white lines

We have all spent countless hours in the garage or driveway assembling parts and building custom vehicles—and Jose Coria Jr. is no different. Growing up in Humble, Texas, he assisted his father as he ran power tools all through the night, utilizing his skillset to modify his collection of custom trucks. Jose and his pops constantly had to answer to the police, because the neighbors called to complain about the noise. After each incident, the father and son team insisted they would “keep it down.” What started as just a hobby turned into something much more when Jose built a 6,000-square-foot shop called Finesse Concepts. Although the shop is family operated for the most part, Jose took the reins and began promoting it in the Texas area. As we all know,…

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fool’s gold

Pyrite—or fool’s gold, as it’s more commonly known—is a mineral with a superficial resemblance to gold. Today, pyrite is sometimes sold in the form of novelty items or costume jewelry, but it isn’t entirely useless. In fact, it’s a good way to find real gold, because the two form together under similar conditions. Patrick Breen may have struck gold on his latest build, but it took him a while to get there. Patrick was born and raised on the east coast of Florida, Fort Myers to be exact, and when he turned 15 his father bought him a Toyota 4Runner, which he maintained and drove for the next two years. At 17, it was time to break out and get more creative. He purchased a Lexus, and that’s where his touch…