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Truckin May 2019

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how i got here: part 4

So there I was, a senior in high school and the proud owner of a ’71 Blazer that had been transformed from a trailered weekend warrior into a reliable daily driver. My dad was helping out a lot now that I had a Chevy, and I should mention that this whole time I had access to our partially restored ’68 Camaro convertible, for when the bug(s) or Blazer broke down. I was pretty proud of myself for essentially having three convertibles when I graduated high school, even though the Camaro wasn’t mine and the ’63 bug wasn’t functioning—minor details! Enjoying life took over any car goals for a while. I also moved out soon after graduation and had to find a job. I started working at a dealership with some of…

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best of the bolt-ons

Designed to Shine Who: Slam Specialties What: TS-6 Sleeve Bag Why: This new offering from Slam Specialties was released in January 2019. The TS-6 is a high-performance sleeve that will hold 200 psi and features a ¼-inch NPT CNC billet port along with composite upper and lower mounting plates with 3/8-16-inch mounting threads. The TS-6 and all Slam Specialties products are proudly made at its Fresno, California, facility in the U.S.A. Where: 888.352.5225; slamspecialties.com Answering the Call Who: Rolling Big Power (RBP) What: Forged Dualie Wheels Why: Rolling Big Power customers have been asking for dualie wheels for some time, so the company added them to its RBP Forged lineup. RBP Forged dualie wheels are specially built for trucks that need light, large, strong custom wheels. Forged from T-6061 aluminum in America, they have a style that commands…

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radical renderings

RENDERINGS BY THOR Many of us, regardless of background or upbringing, develop future hobbies or interests based on someone close to us as a child. When Jake Meadows was a kid, his father took him to races and hot rod shows, and that eventually led to an introduction to the mini-truck scene. He attended many events that inspired him to go home and draw his ideas while they were fresh. Now, as a 29-year-old, he draws custom vehicles for people who want to visualize their dreams. Currently, Jake balances his time working in the automotive collision and refinishing industry while also drawing custom rides. Due to demand, he may soon need to spend more time drawing and less time in the shop. His goal is to do renderings, custom paint, and…

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first look: 2020 chevrolet silverado hd

Chevrolet recently surprised the world by revealing the ’20 Silverado HD in photos online. If you’ve seen the ’19 Silverado 1500, then you’ll recognize similarities in the mirror placement, wheelwells, front-end styling, and overall essence. It’s definitely not just a clone, however, as Chevrolet claims the ’20 Silverado HD exterior shares only the roof with the 1500. That means there’s a whole pile of brand-new sheetmetal on the HD. The look can be polarizing, as it’s definitely a departure from the current Chevrolet HD—but we certainly wouldn’t kick it out of the driveway. Inside, expect architectural changes mirroring the 1500, including 3 more inches of legroom on crew cabs and a taller seating position across the board. The most obvious changes between the ’19 and ’20 models starts on the front fascia,…

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first & last

If you think back to the first car or truck you ever owned, most likely all you have left of it are memories. In a generation when most kids and adults go through vehicles at a rapid pace, it’s refreshing to hear a story about someone who has not only kept that first vehicle but values it above all else. Alan Smith of Lothian, Maryland, received his prized ’90 Chevy S-10 at age 17, when he got his driver’s license. The mini-truck was fresh out of the shop with a shiny, fire engine–red paintjob. Alan’s grandparents had decided Alan would enjoy the pickup for not only his daily transportation to school but also for his work around the family farm. Alan had grandiose ideas about the Chevy, as most creative-minded 17-year-olds…

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the midas touch

In Greek mythology, King Midas had the ability to turn anything he touched into gold. Tim Dunaway seems to have that same good fortune. A self-proclaimed entrepreneur from The Woodlands, a town right outside of Houston, Tim is much more than that in the truck culture. “My bread and butter was in the wireless business,” Tim tells Truckin, “and today I still have that business.” Twenty years ago, he opened a cell phone repair center, and through the right moves, or “the golden touch,” if you will, he reached levels far above mere success. Ten years ago, he was able to venture off into the truck world as well as other startup businesses. As part owner of successful companies like FLO Airride, clothing company #WeOutHere, and many other ventures, Tim has…