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Truckin June 2019

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how i got here: part 5

So there I was, an impressionable youth, surrounded by trucks and VWs, hanging around Fine Line in between trying to get my associate degree and get into a real college. Looking back, it feels like I was there every day, but I think it was more like a couple times a week, unless there was a show that weekend. I didn’t realize how much of an impact all the time spent there would have on my future. Naturally, having all those shops in one place and having that place be in the middle of Orange County—in a place that just happened to be a couple of miles from McMullen Argus Publishing—well, a lot of the magazine editors from the time were hanging out there. In that couple of years, I met…

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new products

Dualie King Who: Lowboy Motorsports What: Dualie Conversion Arms Why: Lowboy Motorsports ‘88-to-’98 ¾ Hub Dualie Conversion Arms come with everything necessary to help your Chevy OBS dualie, with 22-inch or larger wheels, lay on the ground. All the dualie conversion arms are built in-house to ensure you receive the parts you need with the correct fitment for your ride, and they’re fabricated with strength in mind to hold up to years of road stress. Priced at only $1,200 shipped to your door. Arms for the ’73-to-’87 Squarebody dualie are also coming soon! Where: 480.717.9256; lowboymotorsports.com Extreme-ly Resistant Who: Katzkin Automotive Leather What: XT Material Why: Wherever you take it, Katzkin XT can take it. This is the company’s toughest material ever. Twice as durable and thicker than other premium leathers or vinyl, XT provides extreme durability for…

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radical renderings

As a child, Thomas Comer spent a lot of time drawing cars and trucks. In high school, he began to experiment with Photoshop by changing vehicle ride heights and shaving small items like door handles. In 2010, he started getting into digital alterations again, doing small things for friends and family, including his brother, who had a truck and wanted to see what it would look like with different paint and a few modifications. Thomas then started Comer Design to do vehicle renderings for people all over the world. Seven years later, he’s still doing vehicle renderings and loves it. Every project is different than the last and each one is better than the last. He says he learns something on every rendering he does. His favorite thing about renderings…

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high-output cummins diesel makes 1,000 lb-ft

First things first: The ’19 Ram Heavy Duty is now officially the first series-production vehicle to offer an engine that makes 1,000 lb-ft of torque. We’ll get back to that later. With that out of the way, say hello to the Ram Trucks division’s newest baby, the ’19 Heavy Duty. Initially available in ¾-ton 2500 and 1-ton 3500 grades, the nearly all-new Ram Heavy Duty brings a long-awaited suite of updates to the company’s largest consumer trucks. The details are myriad, but here is the headline: The Ram Heavy Duty now offers the greatest towing capacity (35,100 pounds), payload capacity (7,680 pounds), and maximum available torque (1,000 lb-ft) of any ¾- or 1-ton truck on the market today. In order to achieve those towing and hauling superlatives, Ram started with the Heavy…

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second chance

In the truck culture, it often takes a “donor” truck to complete a custom build. A donor truck is a shell or frame of a truck that’s used to fill in for the missing or broken parts from an original truck. Angie Dry of Grove, Oklahoma, had absolutely no intention of ever needing a donor truck for anything. She has stuck with brand loyalty since day one of getting involved with mini-trucks. “Back in 2010, I bought my first truck, an ’85 Ford Ranger,” she tells Truckin. “I loved the lines, the body, and the way it felt.” It took her three tries to convince the owner to sell it, but when she finally got it home, she realized the whole top, bottom of the doorframes, and fenders were completely…

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For some people, 4x4s aren’t just useful for getting around—they are life. And in the case of Darrell Braun of Spencerville, Ohio, it runs in his blood. He grew up running heavy equipment for his family and was very comfortable with all 4x4 vehicles. As Darrell got older, the equipment turned to vehicles; first as a hobby and eventually a business. At 15, Darrell purchased his first truck, an ’82 Chevy 4x4, and promptly souped it up and added some paint. In 2010, he opened a custom truck shop called GI Service to turn his hobby into a career. Throughout the years, Darrell gradually got bigger and better trucks. With a roster north of 20 trucks under his belt, he decided to go Maximus. “You can build a truck or you…