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TV Plus English


TV Plus is aimed at dedicated viewers of the two million South Africans who spend more than 25 hours a week in front of the TV. It is typically South African and has no overseas partners or ties. It is not just another TV schedule, but provides valuable information on programmes. TV Plus caters for readers obsession, like a close friend with whom you comfortable watch your favourite soapie, share a cup of tea and chat about what can still happen. There are wonderful stories, gossip and glamour from here to Hollywood, plus everything the couch sports lover may want. There are exciting pictures, recipes, fashion, beauty, irresistible competitions and essential information for kids about their own programmes entertaining and educational.

South Africa
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ed’s letter

Wow! It feels like I’m living in a weird science experiment with Corona lurking like a blood-thirsty zombie outside the door. I’m writing this at 03:00 in the morning in a lockdown state. Since tvplus is also published digitally, our team is still hard at work even though it’s a different kind of experiment putting a magazine together from our homes. I still constantly want to look over my shoulder to see if I can spot the cameraman. Surely this must be a recording for a reality show rather than real life? No doubt we’ll soon start seeing movies and programmes with a COVID-19 theme. There is actually already a good documentary about epidemics on Netflix. And now is definitely the time to catch up on TV. If you’re bored…

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tv plus english

EDITOR Lucia Poolman DEPUTY EDITOR Craig Falck DEPUTY NEWS EDITOR Genevieve Terblanche GENERAL WRITERS Elri Boucher, Emile Butler-O’Brien, Ipeleng Rakgantsho SENIOR DESIGNER Itumeleng E.U. Kunene CONTRIBUTORS Gerda Engelbrecht, Lara Atson, Mariette Immelman, Martjie Roos, Tuduetso Mankuroane, Una Heradien SCHEDULING Emile Butler-O’Brien, Andrea Lewis, Kashief Achmat REPRODUCTION Kurt Ohlson, Lugisani Mulaudzi OFFICE MANAGER (JHB) Noleen Mendace ADVERTISING SALES AND SOLUTIONS: NATIONAL SALES MANAGER David Hay SPACE STATION (Digital) Joanne Lambley (021 468 8299 / 011 993 8050) CIRCULATION SALES AND SOLUTIONS: CATEGORY MANAGER Armand Kasselman (021 443 9975) MEDIA24 LIFESTYLE: HEAD OF WEEKLIES Minette Ferreira PUBLISHER Bea van der Vyver PROJECT MANAGER Michael De Beer MARKETING CO-ORDINATOR Noleen Mendace PRODUCTION MANAGER Jacques du Plooy HEAD OF PRINT: MEDIA24 LIFESTYLE Ishmet Davidson CFO: MEDIA24 LIFESTYLE Raj Lalbahadur • Printing Novus Print • Distribution…

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big bang theory: not just for nerds

Subscribing to DStv Premium and DStv Compact Plus and come across The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019)? Season 5 airs weekdays on Comedy Central (*122) from 18:45 to 20:05 and you should watch it because… CLICK, CLICK, BANG It’s not just for hardened fans who’ve put every episode under a microscope to find something new each viewing. The episodes are self-contained, so if you land on Comedy Central while channel hopping, you will be able to enjoy that episode without having to know the ins and outs of each character since episode 1. RELATIONSHIP TROUBLES Dating in the real world can be hard to navigate and it’s not about intelligence – look at geeky pals Sheldon, Leonard, Rajesh and Howard. They unlock the secrets of the universe (literally as theoretical physicists, an astrophysicist and an…

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bound by blood

In History Channel’s (*186) remarkable new Freedom Month doccie Your People, My People, four total strangers each take a DNA test and a journey of discovery begins. With test results in hand, hosts Pat Pillai (entrepreneur and former eNews anchor) and Les Aupiais (media mogul and editor of Icon magazine) will take the four into their past, their ancestors’ pasts and the tales that their blood tells. Along the way they’ll participate in re-enactments of historical events that impacted their relatives, like the 1838 Battle Of Blood River, or experience life as an indentured labourer. And their journey will take them beyond the borders of South Africa. For one of the four strangers, East Coast Radio DJ Minnie Ntuli (an Idols SA top-16 contestant in season 13 in 2017), the experience…

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money maidens

Women are taking over Hollywood and they’re duking it out in what was once a man’s world. There’s no such thing as eye-candy anymore… sorry, Marilyn – your time is over and there’s a new queue of women rising up the ranks. These entertainment moguls are more than just actresses – they’re running production houses, executive producing, directing, writing and making it look like a piece of cake. With billions being paid out for entertainment each year, here are the women earning the big bucks, making the most noise and keeping you glued to streaming services like Showmax. ELLEN POMPEO $22 million (R315 million in 2019) Grey’s Anatomy (2005-now) Ellen and her character Meredith Grey are the reason that med drama Grey’s Anatomy is what it is. Sure, the writers and producers and everyone…

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