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October 2019

VETTE covers the complete spectrum from classic to late-model Corvette performance, restoration, how-to articles, feature cars, news, events and more.

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time to “fire up” that long running project

All of us have one, or are about to, or wish to. What is this heaven on earth “one” that I write of … it’s probably resting in your garage? I am talking about that long-running Corvette project each of us has, have had, or wish to have. It’s called … the “project car.” My wife and other members of my family are all too familiar with mine. Truth be told, it has been a continuous hit parade of projects over the past half a century! I am willing to bet that each of your families have plenty of stories to tell about “your” project. Even though we think of our project car as our own, the fact of life is … our families are as much a part of…

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vette magazine

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product preview

Big Brakes for C5-C7 Wilwood tells new, “Speed Xtreme SX6R brake kits provide the ultimate in supercar performance and style for high-horsepower street, autocross, track experience events and over-the-top customs. SX6R brake kits are engineered for direct-fit on the production C5, C6 and C7 Corvette, and custom hot rods built using a Corvette front suspension. Forged aluminum SX6R calipers combine with large diameter, two-piece Spec37 iron rotors dynamically mounted to the Corvette hubs with aluminum hats. SX6R kits with WCCB carbon-ceramic rotors are also available for C5 and C6 models.” Wilwood Engineering (805) 388-1188 www.wilwood.com C2 Headlight Door Upgrade Detroit Speed’s C2 headlight door kit replaces the stock electric actuators on 1963-’67 Corvettes. No cutting, drilling or any permanent modifications to the vehicle is required to install this system. When installed, this kit will operate…

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wood bodies to die for

If there weren’t photos of men standing by these wooden creations to provide a sense of their size, they would almost look like scale-model tributes to the earliest Corvettes. But these mahogany body dies were, in fact, critical to the production of the first Corvettes ever made. In the days before computer-aided design and 3D printers, design engineers used various media to render the shapes of cars, as well as the components used to make them. Prototype designs were often made from clay, in either scale or fullsize versions, as it was an easy material to alter as a car’s components went through their mock-up and approval processes. From a finished fullsize clay model, a plaster mold could be made to create a prototype body made from plaster that, after painting…

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powerglide transmission problems and troubleshooting

Q I have an inquiry about a longtime problem with the Powerglide transmission dumping fluid from the torque converter into the pan after sitting for a few weeks. No one seems to have a solution other than “drive your Corvette more often.” Sometimes driving my Corvette every week is not practical. I don’t want to take my Corvette out in the snow and ice or sometimes in the summer it’s just too hot. I’ve had the tranny out and rebuilt a few years ago, but the fluid will eventually seep out of the dipstick tube. Another problem is that at times it seems like the engine will rev up momentary before the transmission will upshift. Any ideas what that could be? By the way, I have a 1957 Corvette. Thanks, Estill A Estill, you are…

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When looking at the early performance years of the Corvette, it’s easy to see that there were plenty of success stories. Regardless if they were crowned on the street, dragstrip or road course, the capabilities of the C1 were undisputed, gaining worldwide recognition for being able to take on the European marques. Straight off the dealership floors the C1 was a well-respected and often feared contender in competition. Once modified to suit its needs it became a true weapon. Oftentimes, many of the revisions, whether mechanical or cosmetic, found their way onto the street to emulate the car’s racing history by eager owners. Restyling Corvettes became more and more prevalent as the years passed, especially when moving into the ’60s and ’70s. While there were many well-balanced, subtle changes made by…