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Volkswagen Camper and Commercial

No. 144

Founded back in 2000 VW Camper and Commercial is the original VW Bus magazine out there. Written by approachable, passionate bus owners, it has an established reputation for quality writing, drawing on a wide knowledge base, and for bringing together some of the best and most inspiring buses from around the world.

United Kingdom
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Just back from Camper Calling; now music festivals are not really my scene any more but we really enjoyed the vibe at this one – so many families with young children and a very chilled atmosphere (and record-breaking temperatures!) Unlike Mr Barefoot and Mr VWbus (aka Alan), I did not dye my beard in glow in the dark fluorescent pink, nor did I bop away waving my lighter at the front – though when The Feeling (whom I had never heard of) closed their set with a medley of Beatles/Kinks/Who/Pink Floyd classics I nearly succumbed! Enough of the frivolity however … Rat, stock, restored, original, custom, camper, commercial – we cover the whole spectrum this issue! First up is a ’62 patinated, sign written, rat look, stealth camping, ground scraping, big…

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volkswagen camper and commercial

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you’re never too old to be cool!

Like many other people, Russ Walker has only really become involved in the Volkswagen scene over the past four or five years, but since then, he’s never looked back. And he’s spent much of that time secretly lusting over a split screen bus of his own. Not just any T1 panel mind you, what he wanted was a rat look stealth camper with a big motor in the back. “My first VW was a T6 camper conversion that I had built to order by Vision Tech Automotive at a cost of £72,000. Don’t get me wrong, it was great, but I started visiting VW shows & festivals and my eyes were opened to a whole new world of interesting and unique vehicles. All VW’s are the same, but they’re also all…

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‘roly’ is a camper conversion from camper escapes.

It’s the first to use a clever kit to extend the floor space in a standard VW T5 van by 30%. A double bed literally rolls out the back to make use of outside space as a simpler and more cost-effective way than the Double back design. Doing this on a Longer Wheel Base and adding a simple roof extension for the extra head height means a large space difference, ideal for a couple or small family. Inside, a simple aluminium kitchen unit and side storage units make use of every square inch for a modern and minimalistic design, yet still having the niceties like water supply, gas hobs, electric fridge, toilet, full 240 volts hookup and inverter from a leisure battery. Finally, add in things like side windows, swivel…

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saris super bones 3, the best rear bike carrier in the world.

The Super Bones costs what you’d expect to pay for a towbar platform, not a mere strap-on boot rack. But that’s because it’s a strap-on with a difference. It fits extremely securely on any type of car, carries three bikes safely away from the paintwork and doesn’t need a roof rack or towbar to fit onto. It uses a system of one-click locking retractable straps, adjustable arms and pivoting floating rubber feet to fit to the contours of any vehicle without damaging it. An additional locking system secures the bikes to the rack, and there’s also an integrated cable lock for added peace of mind. It all looks very neat, feels incredibly solid, and is quick and easy to remove and stash away. Load capacity: 47kg; Product weight: 8.4kg; Size: 61 x…

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there’s a rustic charm to luft’s travel-friendly version of chess.

Curiously it doesn’t involve precisely carved wooden, ivory, or plastic pieces, but your own carefully chosen small rocks with position-specific headgear on them! Drawing back to chess’s roots, Luft explores playing chess with rudimentary objects rather than with fine, finished models. The board is a flexible leather mat, while the chess pieces are, in fact, just pebbles that you collect while you’re outdoors. Just put the silicone bands around the pebbles and you’re ready to play crude, creative chess! Designed by Omri Hillel, Luft is the most unusual and fun chess set ever made! I’ve been following this for some months now, but sadly a production version still appears to be unavailable.…