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July 2021
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VolksWorld is Britain's best-selling magazine dedicated to the whole air-cooled VW scene and a must-buy for all fans of the legendary vehicles, particularly the iconic Beetle. VolksWorld takes pride in going to extraordinary lengths to bring its readers the most outstanding and fascinating features packed full of the very best photography and information that cannot be found anywhere else.

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United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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3 min.
looks like a… nissan?!

While shooting a particularly sweet Oval Window Beetle (for a future feature) this month, I was stunned to hear a couple of young guys discussing what kind of car it was as they wandered by. “It looks like a Nissan,” said one, to which the other replied, “Or a Toyota?” What was once the world’s best selling car has become quite an unusual sight on modern roads, I’ll give you that much, but I still find it hard to believe it wasn’t immediately obvious that this was a classic Beetle, and not some kind of Japanese retro-styled oddity. Could it be that these guys had never seen a Herbie movie, or somehow managed to avoid any kind of memorable reference to one of the most iconic designs of the 20th century?…

4 min.
starter motor

Karmann gear Pete Morley at›Californian Classics has been in touch to tell us about how he made the most of lockdown to re-organise things at the›East Sussex-based›Karmann Ghia specialist. “There are now 12 of us working full-time here. We’ve added a 600ft.sq mezzanine to effectively double the size of the shop and doubled the size of the build bay. “We’ve added a new service in and out area with a full-time guy specialising in local repairs, engine and mechanical work.›And for our fabricators, we’ve got a new CNC cutting table, which has allowed us to offer an even bigger range of quality Karmann Ghia repair panels. “Thanks to our new 3D printer, we’re also offering a lot of new parts for Lowlights that haven’t been available for some time. Things like speaker grilles and…

1 min.
show down

While there is definitely now light at the end of the Covid tunnel, we regretfully had no choice but to cancel the rescheduled 2021 VolksWorld Show. However, put the dates of 19-20 March 2022 in your diary now as that is where we are focussing our attention. Bookings already made for 2021 will be simply transferred to 2022 but, if anyone wishes to discuss a refund, please email volksworld.show@kelsey. co.uk, or telephone customer services on 01959 543730. Watch these pages and online for show updates and up-to-date news.…

1 min.
stop press!

VW BREAKOUT 28-30 May 2021 Santa Pod›Raceway is hosting a new, relaxed, three-day weekend VW Festival it’s calling VW Breakout. There’ll be quarter mile track action with VW drag racing and RWYB, a show ’n’ shine, traders, fun fair and bar. In other words, everything you need for a great weekend of camping with friends and like-minded VW enthusiasts. Find out more information here: www.santapod.co.uk/vw-breakout CAL LOOK & AIRCOOLED VW DAY 30 May 2021 South Coast VW fans should check out the 100% Aircooled VW meet at Rivo’s Hub in Poole (Unit 9, Allens Lane BH16 5DA) on Sunday 30 May. Richie Rivers and the crew at Rivo’s Hub has joined forces with Martin Greaves and the UK Cal Look Register to present this laid back meet, which is shaping up to be quite a day. Find out more…

11 min.

Readers of a certain age will no doubt remember EMF and the old school banger that is Unbelievable. If not, look it up immediately. It might well apply to Mark Prosser and his ongoing quest for perfection with his longterm Bay Window Bus. “To say this Bus h as had a nut and bolt re build is to do it a disser vice” I mean, how else would you describe the actions of someone that has just completely rebuilt the seriously tidy 1973 Bay that honked along in motorway cruising comfort, won prizes wherever it went and was featured on the cover of VolksWorld in March 2015? “There was absolutely nothing wrong it, y’know, I just got bored and wanted to back date it,” says one of the UK pioneers of Santa Pod-blitzing…

5 min.
time machines

“fantastic reference sources for period correct styling inspiration, as well as technical information” I don’t need much encouragement to tuck into my delicious smelling old magazine archive, and a couple of things in this issue prompted me to dig out the Dune Buggy section I keep. It’s a little known fact that Hot VWs magazine actually started in 1967 solely as a Dune Buggy magazine, with the hot VWs an addendum to the main event. It wasn’t until April 1970 that the hot bit received equal billing, and by November of that year, the hot was bigger than the dune. The dune regressed from there on in until the mag became known worldwide simply as Hot VWs. It never dropped the dune buggies and bit entirely, but clearly didn’t see the…