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August 2020

VW Camper & Bus magazine is the number one worldwide magazine dedicated to the iconic VW Camper. It contains everything any Bus fan would ever need to know including news and products, entertaining and knowledgeable history features to a useful step-by-step ‘How To' section. The magazine also includes a variety of readers' content from inspirational road trips and stories to features on everyday Camper Vans. It covers vehicles dating way back to the initial launch in 1950 up to the present and the very latest Camper available on the road today.

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carrying on camping

I am new here – but don’t worry, I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Volkswagen campers. Indeed, you might have read about my T25 California on these very pages 13 years ago. It was my second T25, my first being a Holdsworth Villa, and I wish I’d kept it given that I am now on the look out for a similar vehicle to replace the one-previous owner 1300 Beetle that’s currently languishing in my garage. Like most traits, good and bad, I blame my parents for my VW obsession. And yep, that’s me in the middle of the blurry photo above, probably in about 1975, with our Dormobile D4/6. It was only a couple of years old and came from a VW dealership! “if you want to get away…

8 min.
twice as nice

During the VW Bus’s Split Screen era, a variety of companies handled camper conversions, with Germany’s Westfalia being the most popular of the bunch. The US had Riviera, Sportsmobile and many more, while the UK embraced models produced by Devon, Dormobile and the likes. Some crafty outdoor enthusiasts took it upon themselves to build home-brew campers based on Kombis and even Deluxe Microbuses as well, a tradition that continues to this day. We may state the obvious by saying that Volkswagen trucks don’t lend themselves ideally to camping, though their large bed will certainly prove handy to transport all sorts of gear! Joe Alexander, who owns the ’63 Double Cab unveiled in these pages, came up with a solution to this conundrum: simply attaching a period-correct trailer to the back. Not…

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news, views and products

YOU’VE BEEN ‘ORANGED’ On a cold February day in 2018 Malcolm Dennis was at DubFreeze, when his idea for an ex-RAC VW Transporters Facebook page was born. He’d spotted a number of orange vans at the event and felt, with his knowledge as a mechanic and a full understanding of›complex RAC electrics, he could help fellow owners. In April 2018 the #TeamOrange ex-Rac van VW Transporter T5/T6 Owners group was formed with the help of Malcolm’s friend and colleague, Martin Payn. Malcolm and Martin are now amazing gatekeepers who provide the admin for the Facebook group, and if you want to join you must own an ex-RAC Transporter in orange, silver or white. There’s no mistaking that the orange stands out and it’s definitely a Marmite colour for a lot of people.›So,…

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your shout

INSIDE JOB Hi C&B, I am restoring a Dormobile Bay that’s been chopped and changed inside and generally mucked about with big time. I think the previous owner must have worked at B&Q given the DIY nature of the interior. The thing is, having got the bodywork sorted (eventually) I want to return the furniture inside to standard but am having trouble finding out precisely what went where. Can you help? Clive Stuart, Bracknell DIY interiors are great, but only when they’ve been done properly and without trashing the original furniture and fittings. Now, you’re in luck – Just Kampers have a brochure archive on their website and they have a downloadable PDF of the one for your vehicle. Visit www.justkampers.com,click on ‘Community’ and find the section on ‘Brochures’. Good luck with the…

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reader buses

Bob Freeman, 1966 Canterbury Pitt “with its pop-top and Canterbury Pitt interior, it’s proved great for camping trips” We’ve owned our camper since 1999, and we’ve kept it reasonably stock, other than slightly lowering it in order to squeeze it into our garage. We found it for sale via the Splitscreen Van Club – if you subscribed they used to send you a monthly list of vehicles for sale, prior to them appearing in the magazine, which was an excellent idea. It was advertised in St Ives, Cambs, which wasn’t too far away from where we lived; it had been restored around 35 years ago and back then, replacement parts weren’t as readily available as they are now so I’ve had to replace a few panels over the years. The Split is fitted with…

8 min.
why compromise?

Just because you use your Bus for camping, doesn’t mean it can’t be built to a high standard. Similarly, owning a show-quality vehicle shouldn’t dictate that it has to be bundled in bubblewrap. Take Karen and Chris Woolsey’s 1969 Bay Window. It’s a genuine Dormobile, but they weren’t looking for a period perfect van if that meant a compromise on modern comforts and conveniences. “It’s got a proper 240-volt electric heater that can also run on gas,” says Chris, “hot and cold running water, an electrical hook-up and a gas cooker. We bought it in 2013 with the original Dormobile interior still fitted, but took it all out. We wanted to make it a more practical vehicle to use in today’s world.” In a nutshell, then, the idea was to retain…