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VW Camper & Bus

VW Camper & Bus April 2019

VW Camper & Bus magazine is the number one worldwide magazine dedicated to the iconic VW Camper. It contains everything any Bus fan would ever need to know including news and products, entertaining and knowledgeable history features to a useful step-by-step ‘How To' section. The magazine also includes a variety of readers' content from inspirational road trips and stories to features on everyday Camper Vans. It covers vehicles dating way back to the initial launch in 1950 up to the present and the very latest Camper available on the road today.

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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€ 4,27(Incl. btw)
€ 40,65(Incl. btw)
12 Edities


3 min.

The engine in this picture is greatly confusing to me. It’s the engine in my Arizona import Bay Window and for some reason I don’t trust it - never have, never will - and yet at the time of writing, it has so far never broken down or given me a single cause for complaint. It’s always started on the button at the first time of asking, each and every time I’ve asked it. Now I’ve gone and done it, haven’t I? Fate well and truly poked in the eye. But do you get where I’m coming from? Have you ever felt the same way about a car? I know I’ve had others where I wouldn’t think twice about jumping in them and driving to the moon and back, but at…

1 min.
events list

10 March Ultimate Dubs Telford International Centre, Telford www.ultimate-dubs.co.uk 21 March Spring 2019 issue of C&B on sale! 16 – 17 March Ninove / The Freddy Files Ninove, Belgium www.facebook.com/ukcruisetoninove/ 23 – 24 March VolksWorld Show Sandown Park, Surrey www.volksworldshows.com 5 – 7 April Dubs at the Mill Haselbury Mill, Somerset www.scrumpydubbers.co.uk 12 – 14 April Vee Dub Family Birthday Weekender Brean, Somerset www.veedubfamily.org 19 – 21 April Bus Types Oswestry Showground, Shropshire www.bus-types.co.uk 19 – 22 April Dubs Collective – Dubs in Wonderland Himley Hall, Dudley www.dubscollective.com 26 – 28 April Techenders Victoria Farm, Lutterworth www.techenders.co.uk…

3 min.

HERETICS AT HERITAGE The Heretics nights were started in 2009 by a couple of Heritage team members keen to bring local enthusiasts together, and this monthly meet in West Sussex has grown somewhat over the years and now typically sees over 200 vehicles in attendance each month. Regardless of whether you are a regular at Heritage Parts Centre - or have never been before - these are the dates for your diary to enjoy one of the friendliest and most diverse VW and Porsche events on offer - Thursday 18th April, Thursday 16th May, Thursday 20th June, Thursday 18th July, Thursday 15th August and Thursday 12th September. Things get busy from 6pm and run through until 9pm. Food and drink are available on site, a resident DJ provides background music and the Heritage…

2 min.
readers’ mail

OH CHRISTMAS TREE Hi James,this will not be the response you are expecting regarding your tree, but I have had one of these trees for more than 40 years, and it is still going strong. I have repaired it a few times by replacing bulbs, but I still love it. Sorry to burst your bubble! Yours Tom McEwan, Ayr. Hi Tom, bubble well and truly burst, but in a good way. Good to know there’s another like-minded soul out there, and how cool is that you’ve had the same one for over 40 years? That’s longer than most people keep their cars. I’m definitely buying the next one I see, although I’ll need to keep a poker face and hope the seller hasn’t read this if I’m to avoid paying through the…

1 min.
ill behaviour

Hey James, I was wondering if you could give a shout out to my little boy Oliver. He was unfortunately taken ill with a perforated appendix on December 22nd and had to go to the Bristol children’s Hospital where he underwent surgery. He was in hospital until the 28th so unfortunately Christmas was postponed for him and his big sister, Bethany. Thankfully as a subscriber to Camper&Bus I had the February issue hot off the press for him to read. Here’s to the next generation of VW nuts. He already has his eye on my ‘72 Westy, but our ‘60 Mango Split is a bit too ratty for his taste (what does a 6 year old know anyway?) We’re pleased to say Oliver is doing well and is already back…

4 min.
readers’ rides

’73 Bay Window, Kevan Allcock Kevan Allcock bought his Bay Window for the princely sum of just £100 in 2008, which gives you some idea of the poor state it was in! “I didn’t really know what I’d let myself in for,” he jokes! “It took me 5 ½ years to restore and in some aspects it was a pleasurable restoration project, as all the nuts and bolts undid and weren’t totally rusted up. It was up in the air for around 2 ½ years, while I was working on the underneath and I had the body placed on a jig, so I was able to flip it around for excellent access. I reckon I probably spent more time working on the underside, than the rest of it put together, although…