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VW Camper & Bus magazine is the number one worldwide magazine dedicated to the iconic VW Camper. It contains everything any Bus fan would ever need to know including news and products, entertaining and knowledgeable history features to a useful step-by-step ‘How To' section. The magazine also includes a variety of readers' content from inspirational road trips and stories to features on everyday Camper Vans. It covers vehicles dating way back to the initial launch in 1950 up to the present and the very latest Camper available on the road today.

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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vw camper and bus

EDITORIAL Editor: James Peene Email: james.peene@kelsey.co.uk Art Editor: Michelle Mitchell Sub Editor: John 'Yoyo' Yossarian Contributors: Hans Klapp, Mark Walker, Richard Gunn, Paul Bussey, Chris Frosin, Dan Pullen, Paul Knight, Gordie Woollacott, Michael Sumner ADVERTISEMENT SALES Hill View Media Ltd Director: Ben Foster 01366 728488 / 07976 256205 ben@hillviewmedia.com Senior Sales Executive: Amy Wattam-Foster 01366 728488 amy@hillviewmedia.com Sales Executive: Liz Murray 01366 728488 liz@hillviewmedia.com PRODUCTION A.T.Graphics kelseyclassic@atgraphicsuk.com Production Team Leader: Melanie Cooper - 01733 362701 Production Executive: Samantha Tomkins - 01733 362705 MANAGEMENT Managing Director: Phil Weeden Chief Executive: Steve Wright Finance Director: Joyce Parker-Sarioglu HR & Operations Manager: Charlotte Whittaker Senior Print Production Manager: Nicola Pollard Print Production Manager: Georgina Harris Print Production Controller: Kelly Orriss Retail Distribution Manager: Eleanor Brown Audience Development Manager: Andy Cotton Subscription Marketing Manager: Debra Hagger Head of Events: Kat Chappell…

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I might not know much, but one thing I have discovered after spending 43 years on this planet is that the one thing you never have enough of is time. Time with your loved ones, time to get your day job done, time to carry out some DIY on your house, or time to work on old VWs. Life, as they say, happens when you’re busy making other plans… That’s certainly been the case for me of late, well the last couple of years truth be told. It doesn’t help that I always have so many things on the boil. At the time of going to press I’m talking two VWs - one that needs the brakes looking at and another that needs everything; two old motorcycles - one that needs…

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events list

12 – 14 July Dorset Volksfest Wareham, Dorset www.dorsetvolksfest.co.uk 12- 14 July Volks Weald Penshurst Place, Kent www.volksweald.co.uk 19-21 July Dubs at the Castle Caldicott Castle, Monmouthshire www.dubsatthecastle.co.uk 19-21 July The Great British Campout Newark Rugby Club, NG24 1WN www.thegreatbritishcampout.co.uk 26-28 July Bug Jam Santa Pod Raceway, Northants www.bugjam.co.uk 26-28 July Custom & Vdub Scampston Hall, North Yokshire www.customvdub.co.uk 26-28 July Dubtoberfest Cheltenham Racecourse, Gloucestershire www.dubtoberfest.co.uk August 8 September 2019 issue of C&B on sale Subscribe today! Visit www.shop.kelsey.co.uk/ subscription/VWC…

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TYPE 25 MOULDED CARPET Using their expertise in producing moulded carpets for the classic car industry, Newton Commercial has developed their Type 25 moulded carpets as they were originally. Available in both their nylon Carvell carpet in a range of colours or a modern specification grey tufted carpet that is very close to the original carpet, Newton’s carpets are made to fit the petrol, diesel and turbo diesel models with OE design trim finishers. They have worked hard to make sure that all parts have been trimmed and finished as per the original specs. These kits include underfelt, main floor carpet, moulded wheel arch carpets, seat box carpet, walk-thru mat, and vertical step carpet. www.newtoncomm.co.uk Just Kampers Finance After 30 years in the VW scene, the team at JK has noticed a need…

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a different league

Creative Coachworks has a reputation for turning out quality work, and have turned their hands to Porsche-powered Buses in the past, namely a black and white Samba with full Porsche running gear. It was an awesome piece of kit and memorable for all the right reasons. We weren’t the only ones impressed by that particular project, as speaking with the owner of this similarly Porsche-flavoured Bus, Symmr Sandhu, we discovered that Samba was the inspiration behind this build. Symmr explained: ‘I’d wanted a Split Bus for a long time and, back in 2009 I spotted an advert for a 15-window Fleetline.” He continued: ‘It was built in 1975, making it the same as age as me, so I went to look at and became the second owner.” Before we go any…

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the c&b mood board

We all get bored of the same old same old, so why not look outside the box for your next build? One of the many great things about the VW scene is that anything goes and you can do what you like, how you like to your Bus, and the biggest change can be colour. So, whilst factory colours are great, why not copy something you know and love, like er, a bottle of Pepto-Bismol? Whilst that might sound crazy, that’s precisely what VW collector Russell Ritchie did when he commissioned Pepto2 – a VW Type 3 based homage to the original Pepto Type 3 built by Bill Schwimmer who was inspired himself by the oh-so pink belly medicine. Bill built the original Pepto over 30 years ago, so you…