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VW Camper & Bus magazine is the number one worldwide magazine dedicated to the iconic VW Camper. It contains everything any Bus fan would ever need to know including news and products, entertaining and knowledgeable history features to a useful step-by-step ‘How To' section. The magazine also includes a variety of readers' content from inspirational road trips and stories to features on everyday Camper Vans. It covers vehicles dating way back to the initial launch in 1950 up to the present and the very latest Camper available on the road today.

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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More by accident than design, we have two mentions of something I’m a bit obsessed with in the mag this month - the Apollo moon landings. I’ve been a bona fide space nerd from the moment I sat in front of the TV one afternoon and watched The Day the Earth Stood Still. And don’t even get me started on Star Wars. So for me, if I could visit one major historical moment in time, I think it would be to see the launch of the Saturn 5 that propelled those first men to the moon. That line of thinking has influenced the decoration of a number of my old cars / Buses. I like to think, where would I have gone in my Bus had I been the one to…

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events list

9 - 11 August VW Festival Harewood House, Leeds www.vwfestival.co.uk 9 - 11 August Blackpool Breeze Coast Riders Diner, Blackpool www.blackpoolbreeze.co.uk 16 – 18 August Viva Skeg Vegas Revesby Country Park, Lincolnshire www.vivaskegvegasvw.co.uk 16 – 18 August Volksfest Wales Watton Show Ground, Brecon www.volksfest.wales 18 August Dubs by the Beach Littlehampton, Sussex www.dubsbythebeach.com 23 – 25 August Cornwall VW Jamboree Stithians Showground, Truro www.cornwalljamboree.co.uk 23 – 26 August Gathering off the Hill Astle Park, Chelford www.gothvw.co.uk 30 – 1 September VW Action Santa Pod, Wellingborough www.vwaction.co.uk September 5 October 2019 issue of C&B on sale…

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Sea to Summit gear If you’re looking for a new lightweight, but durable and easy to store range of cook/eating ware for your Bus then you can’t go wrong with these latest editions to the Sea to Summit camp kitchen range. The new Sigma Pot is made from easy to clean, premium grade aluminium and is compact thanks to its unique pivot lock handle. If you’re looking for something to eat and drink from, how about a Deltalight insulated mug and bowl? Both of which are MPA free and microwave safe. Check out the full range and order on line at www.seatosummit.co.uk TYPE 25 ENGINE BAY SOUND DEADENING CARPET This OEM replica Type 25 luggage compartment sound deadening kit both tidies the luggage compartment and provides another level of sound deadening from the…

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the early birds

To begin this story properly, we need to go back to 2002. When Si first met Becky she already had a Beetle and Si had always wanted a Camper – our couple even had a Camper shaped wedding cake on their big day, Si says: “We’d wanted a Bus for ages and had asked everyone for wedding money, rather than gifts, so we could help to save up.” Shortly after they got married, they found a Camper – a right-hand drive ’66 for £4,600 – and they’d achieved their dream, at least for a while. Si says: “It went straight through the first MoT, but then spectacularly failed the second one.” What they’d bought into was the usual tale of RHD UK-ness – a Bus that might look OK on the…

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the c&b mood board

What is it they say about boys and their toys? Something about how they get bigger and more expensive as they get older? Well, if you were a child who grew up in the ’80’s there’s a huge chance you either owned, had a friend who did or lusted after a Tamiya of some type. The Sand Scorcher, Monster Beetle and Lunchbox are as much a part of the decade as Live Aid, BMXs and original (and best) Transformers are to any now 40-something petrol head. So why hasn’t anyone applied the look to a Bus yet? Sure, the Lunchbox isn’t a VW, but all you need is a yellow Panel Van and we’re almost there.We mean, come on people. Get with it! The Bugbox in Germany built a full-sized Sand Scorcher…

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readers’ mail

SPACE RACE Hi C&B, did anyone else catch the BBC4 documentary Neil Armstrong – First Man on the Moon? There was a brief fly-by from helicopter showing what looked like hundreds of VW Campers lined up to see the launch. It was very blurry – as I suppose the camera technology wasn’t great - and the best I could do was these quick screen grabs, but it was an awesome sight – almost as awesome as seeing a Saturn 5 blasting off. Keep on keeping on. Neal Macintosh, via email Hi Neal, I did indeed see the same documentary and the same bit of footage. What did they say? A million people came to watch the launch of Apollo 11 live! And some idiots still think it was all faked. The Apollo…