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Winter Activity Book

Winter Activity Book

Winter Activity Book

This fun-filled special bookazine contains cool crafts, DIY nail art, tasty recipes, gift ideas, connect-the-dot puzzles, coloring pages and posters -- everything you need to whip up some winter fun!

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Heinrich Bauer Publishing, L. P.
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1 min.
easy ornament tree

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • 9-inch Styrofoam™ cone• 7 feet faux evergreen garland with short, soft needles• assorted ornaments in various sizes ranging from ½-inches to 1½-inches, about 50• 1 2-inch gold ornament• hot glue DIRECTIONS STEP 1 Wrap evergreen garland around cone in a spiral, gluing in place as you go. STEP 2 Glue assorted ornaments onto cone over garland, starting at the bottom and working your way up, varying colors and sizes as you go. STEP 3 Attach 2-inch gold ornament to top of tree with glue. DESIGN: JENNIFER & KITTY O’NEIL; RUNNINGWITHSISTERS.COM. PHOTO: CANDACE CLARK/HBB…

2 min.
craft these cute christmas characters out of socks!

SANTA WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • 2 red socks• scissors• plastic bags• hot glue• string• 1 small cardboard circle• tan, gold, black and white felt• 2 small googly eyes• 1 pink mini pompom• pink chalk DIRECTIONS 1. Cut 1 sock at heel; discard excess. Stuff remaining toe end with plastic bags and glue onto cardboard base. Tie string around stuffed sock 2-inches below toe to form neck. 2. Cut gold felt into small belt buckle shape. Cut tan felt into face shape. For belt, cut black felt into 7-inch strip. Attach all with glue. 3. For hat, cut off toe and heel from second sock; discard ends. Tie string about 2-inches from one end and fringe. Lightly stuff other end with plastic bags and attach to head with glue. Cut a strip from white felt and attach…

1 min.
happy holly-days wreath

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: 12-inch cardboard wreath base scissors• assorted wrapping paper designs hot glue• red ribbon DIRECTIONS 1.Cut out holly leaf template and trace shape onto wrapping paper, about 70 times total. 2. Cut out leaf shapes with scissors. 3. Using hot glue, attach leaves to wreath base, overlapping each leaf slightly over the next so no cardboard shows through. 4. Tie ribbon into a bow and attach to top center of wreath with glue. Hang using more ribbon or tape.…

1 min.
sweet smelling candles

Cinnamon Stick candle WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • 1 medium cinnamon-scented candle• cinnamon sticks, about 20• got glue• red ribbon DIRECTIONS 1. Attach cinnamon sticks vertically to side of candle using hot glue, making sure there’s no space between cinnamon sticks. 2. Continue gluing on cinnamon sticks until candle’s sides are fully covered. 3. Tie a red ribbon around cinnamon stick-covered candle and tie into a bow. 4. Place finished candle in fireproof dish, and with parental supervision, light decorated candle as usual. Orange Clove Candle WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • 2 oranges• 2 orange-scented tea lights• 1 jar (0.62 ounces) whole cloves• pen• sharp knife DIRECTIONS 1. Sit tea light atop orange and trace the shape of tealight directly onto orange using a pen. 2. With a parent’s help, use a sharp knife to cut out the traced circle to create a hole for…

2 min.
winter wonderland nail art

Sweet Snowflakes WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • soft purple, white and clear nail polishes• makeup sponge• toothpicks• 20 tiny rhinestones DIRECTIONS 1. Apply two coats of soft purple polish to all nails; let dry. 2. Dip makeup sponge in white nail polish and lightly tap on free edge of nails to look like snow; let dry. 3. On four accent nails, use a toothpick dipped in white polish to paint a small X on center of nails. Then, paint a small cross through center of X. Lastly, add a small dot of white paint to center of each arm of the X; let dry. 4. Apply clear top coat to all nails; let dry. 5. Apply a small dot of clear polish to back of rhinestones and press onto center and ends of each cross on four accent nails;…

1 min.
merry mani designs

Cool Candy Canes WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • red, white, silver glitter• clear nail polishes• toothpicks DIRECTIONS 1. Apply two coats of red polish to all nails; let dry. 2. Starting at the cuticle, use a toothpick dipped in white nail polish to draw one thin diagonal line, one thick white line, and one more thin line on each nail; let dry. [USE INSET PHOTO] 3. Using a toothpick dippier in silver glitter polish, draw a thin line over each of the thicker white lines; let dry. 4. Apply clear top coat to all nails; let dry. Colorful Christmas Lights WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • blush, green and clear nail polishes• toothpicks• 36 tiny teardrop rhinestones, assorted colors DIRECTIONS 1. Apply two coats of blush polish to all nails; let dry. 2. Using a toothpick dipped in green polish, draw a curly line on each…