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Woodsmith Feb/Mar 2018

Every project featured in Woodsmith contains detailed, step-by-step illustrations and clearly written instructions to guide you through each stage of construction — whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned woodworker. Plus, you’ll get practical, hands-on information covering woodworking techniques, tools, and tips.

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I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a lot of woodworkers over the years. During those conversations, I often get to hear the stories of how people first got into woodworking. And I’ve noticed a common theme among them. Most of these woodworkers will tell you about a special person in their life who introduced them to the hobby and helped them learn as they got started. In some cases, it’s a parent, grandparent, or other relative. Sometimes it’s a shop teacher. And other times, it’s a neighbor or a friend. But the story is usually the same — that person took them under their wing and not only helped them with the technical aspects of woodworking, but also provided inspiration. I think it’s that face-to-face, one-on-one connection that really makes the…

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tips & techniques

Hardware Sorting Tray Every woodworker has that can. You know, the one that sits on your shelf and collects miscellaneous hardware and fasteners. Inevitably, I end up dumping out the entire can to fish out the odd piece that I need for a project. It was during one of these “fishing trips” that I decided to build the tray you see above. This tray was inspired by a trip to the drugstore where I saw the pharmacist sorting pills on a similar tray. This allows me to easily sort through and pick out what I need. Best of all, the rest of the hardware can be then dumped back into the can using the “funnel” on the end. CONSTRUCTION. The construction of the tray is straightforward. The sides of the tray are attached…

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quick tips

At a Glance. Dennis Volz of Des Moines, IA uses dry erase tape and markers to quickly identify set-ups on certain tools. For example, Dennis marks his brad nailer with what length of brad is loaded, and also marks what grit of sandpaper is on his sander. Band Saw Stop Block. Roger Rayburn of Colorado Springs, CO uses a switched magnetic block on his band saw as a stop block. To quickly change the length of each cut, simply turn the switch to disengage the magnet and reposition. The block can be stored underneath the table for easy access.…

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digital woodsmith

SUBMIT TIPS ONLINE If you have an original shop tip, we would like to hear from you and consider publishing your tip in one or more of our publications. Jump online and go to: SubmitWoodsmithTips.com You’ll be able to tell us all about your tip and upload your photos and drawings. You can also mail your tips to “Woodsmith Tips” at the editorial address shown on page 2. We will pay up to $200 if we publish your tip. RECEIVE FREE ETIPS BY EMAIL Now you can have the best time-saving secrets, solutions, and techniques sent directly to your email inbox. Just go to: Woodsmith.com and click on, “Woodsmith eTips” You’ll receive one of our favorite tips by email each and every week.…

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quick tips

Sander Dust Collection. Charles Mak, of Calgary, Alberta upgraded the dust collection on his random orbit sander. Using a reducer, a coupling and a few hose clamps, he can now hook up his shop vacuum to the sander instead of using the original filter. Parts Keeper. Howard E. Moody from Upper Jay, NY has a useful trick for keeping parts in order while disassembling and cleaning tools. He simply reaches for a sheet of paper and folds it into an accordion. The folds keep the parts in order and allows them to dry after cleaning.…

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heavy-duty bed rail hardware

Beds are about as simple as furniture can get. Generally, a headboard and footboard are connected by a pair of rails. The only mechanical connection is between the bed rails and the headboard (or footboard). This connection is important for two reasons. First, it obviously holds the bed together. More importantly, it allows the bed to be taken apart. Beds are big. So having the ability to easily take them apart to move them is imperative. When you start looking at bed hardware, the choices can be overwhelming. But with a little research, you can select bed hardware that will meet your needs. RECESSED-BED RAIL FASTNERS. The first type of bed fastener that you may come across when looking at bed hardware is the recessed bed rail fasteners. (Left photo and drawing.…